Sunday, December 13, 2015

Weekly Astrology December 14th to 20th, 2015

Monday: Aquarius Moon, Sun square Jupiter

Aquarius Moon time begins at 7:59 am. Hours before that are void of course and prone to mix ups or dreaming a bit extra. Set the alarm if you need to be somewhere.  The Sun square Jupiter in Sagittarius and Virgo and Mercury trine Neptune, for different reasons, indicate talks about how far to go and how big to dream. This is a day for sorting through personal goals and problems. With Aquarius Moon it's about moving beyond your own best interests to take into consideration the whole group, family, community or world interests. As you act on something that may seem individual or small, keep the whole picture, the ripple effect in mind.  Neptune could lead conversations and planning astray, and if you want to get past imagining and into making things happen you might benefit from letting go of a preconceived vision in favor of one that's more realistic and do-able.  Today's color is turquoise.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon is very busy contacting planets from Saturn to Uranus, Mars and Venus.  Mixed influences include serious decision making, responding quickly and intelligently to sudden changes or information, and seeking some yield or some kind of truce in a difficult relationship.  The final aspect is with Mars at 6:24 pm (and then with the Sun at 2:17 am ET). Mars in Libra wants justice and Aquarius has global health in mind. The phrase 'fair trade' is a good representation of what's going on with this trine.  Is there a place you could be more involved, take more of a giving role or step back and balance things by not shouldering so much so someone else can find their role and their way. If you've been enabling, this could be the day to step back with a more objective point of view.  The sextile coming up overnight, with the Sun, makes decisions easier and helps with our confidence.  It may also facilitate easy travels.  Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

The Moon is void of course from 2:17 am ET to 12:45 pm, after a sextile with the Sun. Pisces Moon moves in then. Moods brighten, burdens lessen, and sails are smooth with any luck! It's not the best morning for spending, dealing with detail or imparting important information. It is a good day to mix socializing with business, have a company breakfast, and gather with only good cheer in mind.  There are no other planetary aspects today.  Enjoy the company of others. Today's color is light green.

Thursday: Pisces Moon

Today is like the variety pack where you get a little sample of everything.  Emotional tone is present as the Moon visits one of our most sensitive signs. Notice intuition and sense of things we cannot see yet believe in. Mercury sextile Pluto offers time to look within, be your own guide and advisor, and gently converse about something that needs sorting out. It's a good day for self care, doing healthy things for your feet (ruled by Pisces), and buying new shoes or boots.  Go easy on yourself and others as much as possible. Today's color is black.

Friday: Pisces to Aries Moon

From 10:14 am to 4:26 pm ET, the Moon is in that transitional void of course time.  Less is more. Minimize your schedule. Clear some clutter, but carefully so you don't lost a paper or object you'll need later.  Have company parties or leisurely lunches. Expect that progress will be minimal. The important pieces of information or people may not be present.  It's a good day for time off, but not if you plan to do holiday shopping. Save all your receipts. It's another good day for self care, escaping the usual routine, and doing simple preparations or tasks you haven't had time for. Be creative and loose with expectations.  The Moon is opposite Jupiter. Don't go overboard with anything including emotional responses.  The Moon and Sun square in mutable signs and what you think may not be the outcome at all. Aries Moon comes at 4:26 pm and it could provide a wild night.  If you'd rather skip the madness, take the night to yourself with the Moon in the 1st sign, representing the individual. Today's color is red. 

Saturday: Aries Moon, Mercury conjunct Pluto

There's a very bold, fiery influence on the external side. People are likely to be rushing, act competitively or aggressively as Moon meets Uranus and prepares to oppose Mars on Sunday. Pluto is the quiet, more subtle influence from a more inner place. This prompts reflection, introspection and quiet, but important discussions.  Some will face things they've avoided, compartmentalized or hidden in order not to answer to or fully feel.  Some will make strong declarations of previously unspoken feelings or motives.  All aspects seem to have a trigger point for release, so keep those releases healthy and manageable.  It's not a good day to lose control of emotions, but rather to understand them better.  With all of these planetary aspects to the emotional Moon, most activities could go either way depending on the personalities and circumstances involved.  Remain calm and non-confrontational. Today's color is white.

Sunday: Aries to Taurus Moon, Mercury square Uranus

Mercury met Pluto and goes on to square Uranus today. The results of introspection, conversation, and interaction yesterday lead to decisions and announcements, complete with the after effects. News may not go over well at first. Some discussions will overheat and become arguments. People are likely to speak impulsively and say things defensively or insensitively.   Mars opposite the Moon does nothing to help. Passive aggression and other unproductive ways of dealing with interpersonal issues is the likely result.  At 5:01 pm to 7:13 pm ET, the Moon is void of course before entering Taurus.  How delicately and tactfully can you manage yourself in the face of stress or insanity today? Make sure whatever you undertake is worth it and that you're prepared to handle the results and people's reactions. This is the final evening of Sagittarius time.  Today's color is lavender.

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