Saturday, November 28, 2015

Weekly Astrology November 30th to December 6th, 2015

Monday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon is in harmony with the Sun, Saturn and Mars.  This fixed Moon sign can help us regain balance and focus our attention after a holiday weekend.  If you need to make a good decision or get something finalized, aspects are pretty decent. Saturn and the Sun in Sagittarius bring philosophy of life, questions of freedom vs responsibilities, and an educated point of view to whatever needs to be dealt with.  Mars in Libra adds extroversion and reflects the social and active energy of Leo Moon.  Connect with each other. Use wisdom in decision making. Today's color is purple. 

Tuesday: Mercury  trine Uranus

Leo Moon, Mercury in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries stimulate fire energy. The Moon also aligns with Venus in Libra.  Suffice to say there's a LOT going on. Uranus adds to the quickness and in some cases shocking or unanticipated nature of events.  As Uranus and Mercury align, surprising announcements come. Be careful with travels, either long or short distance, and stay very aware and focused on the road.  Some things fall together quickly and more easily on days like this. Other unexpected things could throw off balance and require fast thinking and responses. Be intuitive. Today has a playful aspect, though competition may tend toward forceful and dominating rather than fun. Void of course Moon starts at 10:09 pm ET and last until 5:09 am Wednesday. Today's color is orange.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon from 5:09 am ET opposes Neptune in Pisces and squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Different approaches will be obvious and may come across as extreme.  Practical versus frivolous and emotional versus rational are two of the extremes.  Moon and Saturn bring up selectiveness, make us choosy and finicky.  That square brings out philosophical differences.  Things that don't look, feel or seem quite right drive us crazy under this influence.  If today feels unsettled, see if reading or cleaning are calming influences since both can be enjoyable and therapeutic under the circumstances.  Today's color is navy blue.

Thursday: Virgo Moon

4th quarter Moon in Virgo gives us a chance to reconsider details and do some problem solving.  The Moon is active with Sun, Pluto and Mercury and finally meets Jupiter at 11:59 pm and moves void of course.  Finer points, talking points, analysis, and bringing things to proper scale are some of today's preferred activities. Don't skim the details.  There's a bit of perfectionism in the air.  Moon and Jupiter bless Virgo, Pisces' relationships, and Leo financial dealings.  Sagittarius has multiple things to solve and hope for and today includes negotiating and possibly a positive career event or recognition. Void Moon begins at 11:59 pm ET. Today's color is brown.

Friday: Void of course Moon, Venus to Scorpio

Void of course Moon lasts until 5:34 pm ET. Venus changes signs and has a passionate, committed while also jealous and vengeful influence for the next 4 weeks.  Venus in Scorpio is a good time to show loyalty and renew strong feelings while keeping a handle on negative emotions and obsessions.  Mercury squares Jupiter for more negotiations especially for Virgo and Sagittarius. There's much to be discussed and sorted. Look for agreeable outcomes after the effort has been put in. Differences of opinion will come up and need to be reconciled if anything is to move forward.  Libra Moon makes for a social evening. Today's color is pink.

Saturday:  Libra Moon

Libra Moon lines up with Saturn & the Sun, meets Mars, and squares Pluto. There's a mix of ease and effort in the forecast. Avoid passive aggressive actions. Honest, direct approaches are favored. Moon and Pluto can bring up fears and insecurities, and that aspect continues tomorrow.  During Libra Moon, aim for faired, balanced interactions and sharing of tasks and responsibilities.  Today's color is black.

Sunday: Sun sextile Mars

Libra Moon lasts through the weekend. The Sagittarius Sun forms a sextile to Mars in Libra. This is considered an easy aspect and news that's been delayed may come through. Many things happen with less effort and more speed. However, Mars squares Pluto in Capricorn and power struggles ensue. The power play can be two parts of yourself as well as competition or threats from others. Calming influences help and keeping up exercise, meditation, outdoor walks and spiritual practices to stay centered is a good idea. Have a healthy outlet, or a friends to talk with, as emotions or problems may overflow.  One example of this whole day/weekend playing  out is sudden action on something like a separation or divorce that you expected to take much longer. Then blame, anxiety or lack of control take over. It's much better to go running, lift some weights, clean the garage out, or have a long talk and vent to an understanding friend than to stuff the emotions or do vengeful things or live with the fear or negativity. The Moon is void of course from 9:03 pm to 6:26 am ET on Monday.  Today's color is red.

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