Monday, November 9, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology November 9th to November 15th, 2015

Monday: Libra Moon void of course

Monday void of course Moon lasts until 11:02 pm ET in Libra. Randomness of events and thoughts will be common. Lack of focus and flitting from one thing to another or multitasking characterize a void Moon in air sign Libra.  Distractions can lead to errors or loss of balance. Watch your steps. It's a good day to wear sensible shoes and drive very reasonably. There are no aspects between the Moon and planets today.  It's time for preparation and considering all perspectives and options for a significant, decisive New Moon on the 11th. Today's color is maroon.

Tuesday: Scorpio Moon, Sun sextile Jupiter, Mercury sextile Pluto

Three harmonious angles grace this day before New Moon. Decisions with long lasting impact are due, and Mercury aligns with Pluto for organizing the information and sequence of events. The Moon will meet Mercury tomorrow and this is a productive, useful precursor. Determine your own fate today. If you've been avoiding the inevitable, resign yourself to taking action very soon. The Sun in harmony with Jupiter is positive for growth in relationships and business propositions, both. Though Sun and Jupiter are bubbly and optimistic, inclined to promises and magnificent plans, their sign placements now add sensible, serious tone to agreements and opportunities. Try to be sure of what you want right now. Define your terms and expect to follow all the way through with any piece involving time, expectations and responsibilities to be fulfilled.  This is true beyond today, through the next two weeks. Thirdly, the Moon and Neptune form a water sign trine in Scorpio/Pisces. Add elements of order and organization to creative pursuits.  Love and romance are enhanced, especially for the water and earth signs.  Today's color is indigo blue.

Wednesday: New Moon in Scorpio, Moon conjunct Mercury

The Moon meets Mercury for important conversations and agreements. It's time to solidify and move forward with a plan. Announcements change the landscape, perhaps at work for Libra or Gemini, in long term relationship for Taurus and in family matters for Leo.  New Moon at 12:47 pm, always conjunct the Sun, is also strongly influenced by Jupiter in Virgo. Health is a huge area for decisiveness and positive action.  All of yesterday's forecast can be reread as Jupiter, the Sun, Pluto and Mercury set things up for final decisions. The Moon aligns with Pluto today as well.  This New Moon is significant for promises, even to yourself.  Things put in place and acted on now are considered binding and difficult to reverse. Commitments will be made this week. If you move, buy property, become engaged, accept a new position (possible examples), expect to be with your new situation long term. Today's color is white. 

Thursday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon, Mars in Libra

First of all, reread Tuesday and Wednesday since all of those aspects are relevant and in  motion now.  Add to that as the Moon moves to Sagittarius and meets Saturn, the ruler of maturity, seniority and wisdom.  The Moon is only void from 9:54 to 10:14 am ET. Scorpio Moon aligns with Mars then, just before Mars shifts to Libra at 4:41 pm ET. Mars in Virgo is directly involved and good for doing, building and problem solving this morning.  Mars will not be quite comfortable in Libra, as Mars is the warrior and Libra the neutral, non confrontational sign.  Venus, happy in Libra, aligns with the Sagittarius Moon for love and adventure combined.  Today's color is red. 

Friday: Venus sextile Saturn, Mercury sextile Jupiter

Many things come together easily as planets align. The Venus/Saturn combination favors relationship agreements and coming to certain terms you will abide by.  There's both justice and freedom in this equation. Doing what's responsible as part of a partnership requires commitment, yet frees you from worry or the stress of trying to find consensus.  Mercury is also about contracts and terms, aligned with Jupiter in Virgo for the "how to" of the matter. Figure out the steps to take and outlining a sequence or flow chart under these aspects.  Venus is less romantic and more practical today.  Fairness is key throughout discussions and decisions.  The Moon also aligns with Uranus and squares Jupiter. Don't push things too far too fast.  Today's rhythm and attitude is open minded but steady, and problem solving is favored.  Void of course Moon, a time to act with extra thought and awareness, begins at 10:19 pm ET. Today's color is turquoise. 

Saturday: Capricorn Moon square Mars in Libra

The Moon is void of course until 7:21 pm ET and then in Capricorn. Take care of routine tasks and communications rather than the "big stuff. Adventures and weekend type fun are favored too.  Capricorn Moon and Mars indicate challenges in situations where work or responsibilities are not yet sorted out fairly. The result may be passive aggressive and plenty of complaining but perhaps not to the right person.  Deal with authority issues where something needs to be resolved, if you can handle it calmly that is.  Today's color is brown.

Sunday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon is in ambitious Capricorn. If you're not feeling successful right now, you could come down quite hard on yourself.  There's a need for leadership this weekend and if that's lacking, the workplace, family or group might be feeling down.  If leadership is in place, Neptune adds to the flair and creativity of being in charge. Try not to flee a situation that could benefit from your abilities and skills. Contribution is important to how we all feel a few days into the lunar cycle.  Did you get excited, then disappointed or burned out quickly? See if you can revive a good, solid plan if you're job hunting or trying to pull a  purposeful group together.  Moon squares Venus and meets Pluto. Face the shadows and come out on the brighter side or at least know where you're at and acknowledge that.  Today's color is black.

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