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Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology November 2nd to November 8th, 2015

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Monday: Mercury in Scorpio, Mars conjunct Venus in Virgo

The Moon moves from Cancer to Leo at 10:48 am. Leo Moon squares Mercury newly in Scorpio. This square leads to fierce determination, particularly in search of answers.  We'll notice and experience persistence and strong will. It's a tough square if you need to debate a point, convince others, or find willingness and cooperation. The Moon also engages with Saturn in Sagittarius. This harmonious trine may help agreements, though certain conditions will have to be met.  It's a good day to act on educational plans, like applications. Moon trine Saturn may also help us do the responsible thing.  Mars and Venus meet in Virgo. This blend of masculine and feminine, warrior and muse, sparks love, romance, and also the practical aspect of getting along and managing a happy life together.  Do something kind, nurturing, or unexpected for the one you love.  Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces this favors your relationships most directly. Sagittarius, Venus and Mars favor your career and public life including successful partnerships forming.  Wear pink today.

Tuesday: Leo Moon

The Moon squares the Sun on this 4th quarter Moon day. Uranus plays along with Leo Moon, from Aries. Take initiative today. Act with good, strong intention. It's prime time to clear away what you don't need, from clutter to unhealthy relationships.  Uranus in Aries is a "firestarter" so light that spark under what's been stagnant and won't change without your determination.  The void of course Moon is long, beginning at 8:46 pm and lasting all through Wednesday until 9:22 pm ET. The lingering effect during v.o.c. time is the element of surprise.  It could be a fun night out or day in the making.  Wear red.

Wednesday: Leo to Virgo Moon

Today has no aspects as the Moon is void of course until 9:22 pm and then shifts to Virgo. A spontaneous attitude and open schedule is best. Fun, original, irreverent, and out of the ordinary describe today's energy.  Do watch your step since Uranus had the last word with the Moon and some may move, drive, or act too fast.  Today's color is brown.

Thursday: Virgo Moon, Sun sextile Pluto

Virgo Moon contacts 4 planets with a variety of influences, so the key is flexibility. Many situations arise, and thinking quickly and in versatile ways will help with judgement, problem solving, and knowing your own limits.  Information is important today. Is it useful, honest, and well supported with facts? Ask questions today.  The Sun and Pluto align in Scorpio/Capricorn. Both are introspective, skeptical signs.  Calculated moves leading to progressive change are favored. Business tends toward shrewd and serious.  Take agreements and your own word very seriously. Today's color is navy blue. 

Friday: Virgo Moon

Similar to yesterday, the Sun and Pluto align with the Moon.  If it's been tough to settle something this week, Mercury and Neptune help with creative problem solving today.  Adapt, add or change a variable, and find the point that makes the difference in someone's opinion.  It may be easier to influence a situation or yield to a circumstance.  The Moon meets Jupiter and will go on to meet Venus and Mars, also in Virgo, in the next 24 hours.  All this Virgo action leads to hands on work, creating, helping your neighbors or providing service in community settings.  Pitch in, see results.  Today's color is green.

Saturday: Libra Moon

From 7:47 to 10:14 am the Moon is void of course, then in Libra. Moon meets Venus and Mars in Virgo before changing signs.  This creates harmony and flexibility.  Work on improving relationships. Libra Moon aligns with Saturn in Sagittarius. Justice and responsibility to each other are highlighted.  Teaming up will feel good as long as each of you is contributing. Otherwise it could feel lonely or detached, even as part of a duo or group.  Speak up about what you need to make a situation work. Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Venus to Libra

Venus follows the Moon to Libra at 10:31 am ET. Today's Moon square Pluto and Uranus brings up challenging patterns. Old frustrations could become very present.  Inability to connect, act in fairness or face reality are some potential issues. Try to be real with yourself and avoid complications.  Minimize drama and calm anxieties.  Today's color is lavender. 

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