Saturday, November 14, 2015

Weekly Astrology November 16th to 23rd, 2015

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Monday: Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon signals progress. Construct anything from a building to a statement in an orderly way as Mercury assists from Scorpio. There's a meticulous aspect to what we do as Jupiter aligns with the Moon from Virgo.  Take care without going over the line to perfectionism (which will only cause frustration).  Celebrate the results of your efforts and contributions. About a third of the way between New and Full Moon, this is a good day to gain momentum and keep the ball rolling, so to speak.  Renew your enthusiasm and work ethic.  We may not like to be invaded or disturbed by irrelevant things today.  Be persistent with what matters to you most now.  It's meant to be a no drama day though Uranus in Aries indicates some last minute problem solving earlier in the day.  Check  messages right away in the morning in case that's true.  Void of course Moon starts at 3:53 pm ET.  Business, including important conversations, is best taken care of before then. Our color today is green.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon, Sun conjunct Mercury

Planet Mercury is a key player early this week. Today, the Sun and Mercury meet in Scorpio for sharp senses, strong statements, investigating to resolve problems or mysteries, and an orderly way of being.  Focused energy and purposefulness also comes from Aquarius Moon beginning at 2:24 am ET, and from Saturn aligning with the Moon.  There's a lean toward education, training, opening the mind and using mental processes to figure things out and put systems in place.  Take actions that you hope will bring long term results.  Commitment strengthens, and if you're not feeling that, be honest since promises made now are meant to be kept.  Today's color is indigo blue.

Wednesday: Neptune Direct, Aquarius Moon

Neptune direct in Pisces 11:31 am  ET could help reverse delusional behavior and denial. Depending upon how Neptune is placed in one's chart, this may or may not be noticeable in the months ahead. It's likely to impact Pisces and those with planets or Moon in Pisces most.  We don't pay quite as much attention to the planets more distant from earth and the Sun when it comes to retrogrades.  If you need to face reality, perhaps Neptune direct is more helpful.  Also, creative processes and projects may go forward more smoothly.  Aquarius Moon aligns with Uranus for big ideas, sudden enlightenments, and in some cases the answer you've been looking for.   Today's color is turquoise blue. 

Thursday: 2nd Quarter Moon

The Moon shifts from Aquarius to Pisces at 7:21 am ET after a few hours void of course beginning at 3:19 am.  2nd quarter Moon in Aquarius is a time to show the results of what you've been focused on, from changes in health habits to projects and plans in the making.  Review, begin to revise a first draft, and check the status of anything that's due soon.  Moon squares a handful of planets indicating stubborn challenges and effort to get past obstacles and stuck points.  It's not an easy time to convince or sway someone's strong opinion. Today's color is blue.

Friday: Mercury in Sagittarius, Pisces Moon

It's a day for versatile thinking and adapting as Mercury moves to Sagittarius at 2:43 pm ET and the Moon is in Pisces, a sister sign in the mutable family.  When Mercury changes signs it can feel a bit like Mercury retrograde. Factors and minds change. Different perspectives contribute to changes of course.  Today is especially like that as the Moon moves through Pisces, opposes Jupiter in mutable Virgo. Flowing is preferable to wishy washy, and both are possible effects.  Try not to change plans if someone's feelings will be impacted.  Check schedules and if you can't follow through, let the other party know.  The uncertainty of a day like this can contribute to sensitivity and a let down feeling.  Venus squares Pluto for facing the realities of relationship. That could feel a bit dark though it may also lead to sorting out and clearing confusion. If you're willing to confront it fairly and honestly, have the deep, intimate conversations. Today's color is black. 

Saturday: Pisces to Aries Moon

Void of course Moon is 8:23 am to 10:12 am ET. Shopping may best be saved until after 10:12. The Sun, Mercury and Saturn are in harmony with the Moon while Mars is opposing.  With Mars in Libra at odds with Aries Moon, problems could be quite contentious and competition aggressive. Saturn and Mercury aim to bring order to chaos and structure to indefinite plans.  Today's color is yellow. 

Sunday: Sun in Sagittarius

The Sun moves to Sagittarius at 10:25 am. Aries Moon opposes Venus in Libra and meets Uranus.  With all this fire, anything could accelerate quickly, including disagreements.  Know where you're going and have alternate options available in case situations change with little notice.  Mercury is newly in Sagittarius too, for new focus on truth, higher level thinking, and long distance travels. Void of course Moon is from 2:16 pm to 11:26 am on Monday. Those hours are unreliable and if you're spending money, save receipts. Major contracts or agreements are not recommended during those hours which are prone to forgetfulness, lack of follow through and unclear information or directions. Full Moon ahead, and the warmup begins eventfully. Today's color is red.

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