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Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology October 12th to 18th, 2015

Happy Halloween. Song a day in R-October. Radio DJ relapse time. Feel free to steal this playlist.

Monday: Libra New Moon

The New Moon is at 8:06 pm EDT. Now that Mercury is out of retrograde and the lunar cycle restarts, refresh your routine or make bigger changes with brighter aspects. There could be some bumps along the way earlier this week, related to untraditional courses of action, startling news received or delivered, and legalities and partnership negotiations that must be taken care of. With Mercury and Saturn meeting tomorrow, believe it can be done and develop a solid stance or plan to initiate sometime this week, perhaps tomorrow. Keep things fair and balanced in one on one relationships under this Libra Moon. Go beyond rethinking to actually devising a course of action to follow. Get off the fence, so to speak. Void Moon begins at New Moon time, 8:06 pm.Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Void of Course Moon to Scorpio

In the USA, business hours are void Moon hours for the most part. Keep to routine tasks. Have a conversation you're hoping will go simply and well. Things may be brushed off more easily so ask forgiveness or admit an error and hope for the best.  Detail oriented work is not favored. Go back and edit later when the Moon changes signs.  This appears to be a transitional sort of day following the New Moon. Move slowly into changes. Mercury and Saturn align for major decisions and commitments. Later is preferable for announcing such things or signing off, once the Moon hits Scorpio at 5:36 pm EDT.  Concentration strengthens then. It's a good night for a date or important meeting as the Moon moves toward sextile with Venus in Virgo (3:13 am Wednesday). Today's color is indigo.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon

The Moon harmonizes with several planets in Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces. Go for long term commitments. Give the final word. Sign agreements. Feel your will and passion activate.  All sorts of things come together more easily on days like this.   Know your own mind. Have good reason if you yield to someone else's agenda. Void Moon starts at 8:58 pm EDT. Today's color is dark red/maroon, a Scorpio color. 

Thursday: Mars trine Pluto

Under the influence of Mars in Virgo trine Pluto in Capricorn, get things done. This trine impacts the whole week, really, but is exact at 11:36 pm EDT.  Put fears and lack of confidence aside.  Act on well thought out plans, sort out information to find solutions, improve physical health and habits, and change a system that's not working well. The Moon is void of course in Scorpio. Many things can be taken care of though. Just be thoughtful and ignore urgent feelings in favor of practical, productive moods and deeds.  This can be a very enjoyable day for getting into a project that's been just sitting there waiting for your attention.  Today's color is black.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius Moon moves in at 5:18 am, meets Saturn and aligns with Mercury in Libra. Expect activity regarding legal agreements, mission statements and other things to be put in writing and or published.  Philosophy, education and merging of priorities or businesses become important on days like this.  Address questions of personal freedom and other responsibilities and what all of that entails, in order to find some balance and consensus.  Neptune is in play, squaring the Moon and opposing Venus in Virgo. Relationships may feel the impact most. Honesty or trust can become an issue, and we can easily lose sight of what's practical during this opposition.  On the other hand, opposites attract is in effect and it can be a romantic date night. Just keep things honest. Today's color is light blue.

Saturday: Mars conjunct Jupiter

Mars meets Jupiter in Virgo and both square the Sagittarius Moon. Strengthening health is favored.  Organize and clean.  Sagittarius Moon trine to Uranus indicates quickness and spontaneity.  A pull to go out, have fun, and forget responsibility is balanced with urge to be productive.  Ideally, you can do both.  Pitch it and do big projects as a group.  Mars and Jupiter activate us for physical work or activities.  Today's color is red. 

Sunday: Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

The Moon is void of course from 4:48 am to 2:52 pm EDT.  It's best not to have a strict schedule. This time is lax and good for relaxing or being active, so long as you're not restricted. Rules may be broken as will timetables.  The Moon is in harmony with the Sun early on, creating confidence and ease in relating with other people. It's also a great day to get lost in an engaging book. Capricorn Moon from 2:52 pm on is a good time for study, repairing, building and organizing.  Today's color is green.

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