Saturday, October 17, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology October 19th to 25th, 2015

Monday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon's monthly meeting with Pluto is supported by Mars, Venus and Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces.  Constructive for action and productive for meetings, this earth sign energy helps us get things done.  Mercury in Libra squares the Moon, and if you can sort out differing points of view calmly and rationally, this leads to progress with legal agreements and system changes, for example. Take initiative today. Many things are timed well from job interviews to breaking ground for a home or business.  Today's color is gray.

Tuesday: Capricorn to Aquarius Moon

It's 2nd quarter Moon time, a time for progress.  Keep things moving on projects, negotiations and other priorities.  Capricorn Moon is industrious. Today the Moon squares Uranus in Aries and the Sun in Libra. It's important to take your time with personal or business differences rather than judge rashly or act impulsively.  Power struggles can come with squares in these signs. Passion versus intellect versus tradition is an example of what presents during this part of the lunar cycle.  Finding common ground is the key.  At 4:31 pm the Moon moves void of course until 9:38 pm.  These hours are for unwinding and not very suitable for detailed work. Routine studies and tasks can be accomplished then. Aquarius Moon moves in at 9:38 EDT and is community oriented. Look up from your work and see who surrounds you or is trying to connect.  Wear blue today.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon aligns with Mercury and the Sun in Libra today.  Social, collaborative, and extroverted energy infuses the day. Make a good impression, show your willingness to contribute, or step into a new social situation.  Scientific, inventive thinking is also favored.  Today's color is turquoise.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon, Mercury square Pluto

Aquarius Moon in harmony with Uranus highlights creative, inventive thinking and opens unexpected doors.  Follow up on hypotheses or opportunities. We'll tend to be socially spontaneous.  Like minds attract each other.  Mercury square Pluto relates to solving mysteries, seeking information, and discovering underlying circumstances or feelings as you move through a process.  This could be in business, education or a matter like divorce or in forming or dissolving another type of partnership.  Today's color is silver. 

Friday: Pisces Moon, Sun in Scorpio, Venus trine Pluto

The Sun changes signs at 1:47 pm EDT, and Scorpio time begins. Venus trine Pluto is an interesting follow up to Mercury/Pluto square. Today agreements should come together more easily.  Venus in Virgo is particular and Pluto in Capricorn is not very forthcoming, but the subtleties of relationships and information appear to have a more positive influence with this trine, a favorable angle.  Pisces Moon begins at 1:18 am after less than an hour void of course.  The Moon squares Saturn, meets Neptune, and aligns with Pluto. Show your versatility, keep good boundaries where they're needed and learn from the past. These hours can be creative and romantic.  Connect beyond the surface.  Today's color is navy blue.

Saturday: Moon opposite Venus, Jupiter, Mars

This weekend the Pisces Moon is opposing planets in Virgo, and on Sunday Venus meets Jupiter directly. Love is the hot topic of the weekend, and friendship and other close relationships are also highlighted.  Venus and Jupiter strongly favor Virgo and accent Virgo qualities.  Look for interesting relationship developments including practical agreements for couples.  These Virgo planets are down to earth and lead to problem solving and better management of day to day life together. There is also a romantic aspect, and the Pisces Moon helps that along.  Under these oppositions, aim to peacefully end disagreements.  Opposites attract.  Debates could happen and are likely to center around one person being the pragmatic while one is the escapist or the romantic.  Blend points of view and have it all. Today's color is green.

Sunday: Venus conjunct Jupiter, Mercury opposite Uranus

Today has entirely different aspects, and one is loving and giving while the other could cause harm or hurt feelings.  Be mindful with words as Mercury opposes Uranus. If we speak too quickly, the sharpness of the opposition may come through stronger than necessary.  On the other hand, that opposition as an inventive quality that grand ideas can grow out of.  Plans can suddenly change on days like this.  The Moon is in fast moving Aries from 2:22 am on.  Make sure you're paying attention to the right things as attention shifts quickly today.  The Venus/Jupiter influence is much more reliable, forgiving and yielding.  Emotional connections grow and resolving issues is favored. To go with Venus's vibe, wear pink.

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