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Robin's Zodiac Zone Weekly Astrology October 5th to 11th, 2015

Happy Halloween. Song a day in R-October. Feel free to steal this playlist.

Monday: Cancer Moon

Moods take over and even the most centered are tested as Cancer Moon and Uranus square. Adding to the frustration of retrograde Mercury delays and confusion, Uranus often throws in a new glitch. Necessity is the mother of invention though, and brilliance can be the result of revisions.  The Void of course Moon from 7:04 am to 4:31 am EDT tomorrow is good reason to consult an editor and triple check anything requiring facts, figures or the final word. Autumn cleaning is a great plan for today, just don't throw away something you'll later need. Cooking is favored, but set a timer.  It's an unpredictable time, and schedules and changes of plan will be rampant.  Watch your step.  Cozy time at home may be just the thing tonight. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Leo Moon, Sun square Pluto, Mars opposite Neptune

The Moon moves to Leo at 4:31 am EDT. Usually Leo Moon provides an optimistic boost and a boatload of fun, however on this Tuesday, planetary energies are all over the place and could be quite challenging.  The Moon and Mercury retro align for chance or planned encounters and contact with old friends. Mercury also contacts Saturn, requesting decisions and information of a serious nature.  Big life stuff will stare us in the face looking for answers. Meanwhile, the Sun and Pluto stir up fairness issues and mess with agreements that seemed solid.  Pluto brings up fears that may get in the way of progress. The Sun is all about justice and beauty in Libra, while Pluto in Capricorn comes from a darker place that could feel like cynicism or fatalism today. Let's just say pessimism and lack of belief in one self or the system may create problems in partnership, legal matters, and even in the arts.  Mars in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces instigating issues with traitors, con artists and deception generally.  Looking for an upside to the opposition, it could be highly creative and bring a dream to reality. Tell yourself the truth and be discriminating with who or what you believe this week.  It's kind of a complex day. Wear gold.

Wednesday: Leo Moon

Now this is more of a typical Leo Moon day. The Moon is happily powered by the Sun in Libra, providing brighter outlooks, more energy and promise.  Uranus forms a trine to the Moon for enlightened ideas and spontaneous gatherings. Brainstorming is favored and inventive, original plans can result.  Venus has one final night of a long stay in Leo, which could be likened to a last night of vacation or a long running performance. Celebrate something. It's an exciting night out, though with Uranus at play, be grounded and aware of your surroundings.  Void of course Moon is from 5:10 pm to 3:50 pm Thursday. Today's color is orange.

Thursday: Leo to Virgo Moon

Void of course Moon in Leo is meant for fun.  Combine work with socializing or games.  The Moon meets Venus just as she moves into Virgo, a place that's a little bit less fun for the planet of love.  Still, it's a great time for a lunch date and flirting. Emotional connections and feelings of connectedness abound. Even business hinges on the one to one relationship today. Venus changes signs at 1:29 pm EDT. The Moon moves to Virgo at 3:50 pm, and these two meet just after 4 pm EDT. Moon and Saturn square puts emphasis on meeting obligations and hammering out potential plans and agreements. Keep travel plans to a minimum now, or keep dates and times flexible, with Mercury retrograde. If you find something is in the way of booking a flight for example, be aware that Mercury retro will be over tomorrow and by Monday, conditions may seem more favorable to you. Venus rules the day, and so today's color is pink.

Friday: Mercury Direct in Libra

The Virgo Moon meets both Jupiter and Mars today. Count your blessings and feel more energized. A physical workout or a walk in nature is called for.  Avoid overindulging. Feel lighter. Business transactions are still under the influence of Mercury retro and also an opposition to foggy Neptune, so tread lightly, but routine things may go really well today.  Mercury stations at 0 degrees of Libra at 10:57 am EDT. Give a little time for adjustments before you go on a spending rampage or book a flight, but know that within a few days more balance will be present. Bring things closer to balance and establish a foundation to build on. Be more organized and have vision today. It's a simple, but sociable, evening with void of course Moon starting at 6:12 pm EDT. Wear brown.

Saturday: Mercury square Saturn

It seems a bit soon, post Mercury retrograde, to push for a decision or certain terms of agreement. Add to that, a long void of course Moon time in Virgo. However Saturn pushes that button today, and even grudgingly in some circumstances, final decisions will be made soon. If you can hold off a couple of more days there are better conditions. But if you've been delaying and putting someone off and know you'll never really get exactly what you want, maybe it's time to act. Saturn is shifting ways of thinking over a long period in Sagittarius, encouraging serious restructuring in life and in thought process and belief systems.  Mercury in Libra is all about creating more fairness and balance.  Try to get through until tomorrow or Monday before committing to a long range course of action. Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Libra Moon

At 4:45 am EDT, the Moon breaks out of the twilight zone known as void of course time, and shifts to Libra.  Weighing things out is Libra's work, continuing previously mentioned processes as Mercury and Saturn line up with the Moon.  Announcements and final decisions become even more likely. It's a Sunday, but this sets things up for resolving legal matters or receiving news with anything pending.  Jupiter trine Pluto helps us get beyond cycles of fear. Action comes easier now. Order and organization are priorities. The Sun in Libra is opposite Uranus, accenting self expression and individuality. Also though, unexpected actions can create chaos or be very unsettling.  The zodiac is quite interesting and mixed right now.  Tact is called for and may help you avoid strong opposition, resentment or confrontation.  New Moon is on Monday, and favorable if you're planning fresh starts. Today's color is black.

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