Sunday, September 27, 2015

Aries Lunar Eclipse & September 28th to October 4th Weekly Astrology

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Aries Lunar Eclipse Sunday 10:51 pm energizes two weeks and means continuous readjustment with Mercury retrograde across the zodiac in Libra.   This repost gives a general idea of how the eclipse impacts your sign, but remember your rising sign and planets in your chart stimulated by the eclipse also count. Anything goes this week. Live in the moment as much as possible.

Sunday: Lunar Eclipse in Aries

The Full Moon in Aries is an eclipse happening tonight at 10:51 pm EDT (in some time zones it's on Monday technically). The eclipse affects much more than a day. Mercury retrograde is almost directly opposite, in Libra. Saturn in Sagittarius in harmony with the Full Moon lends some stability while also advising wise action only.  The eclipse signals completions, endings, relocations, and progressive change. All of this is slowed and perhaps complicated by Mercury retrograde. Discovering permanent solutions will be easier mid October and beyond.  The eclipse will prompt experimentation and possibly rash moves. Choice of words is extremely important if the situation calls for clarity and no question. We'll be going back in time to resolve things that need to be set right. But expect this to be a process, not a quick fix.  Uranus is close to the Full Moon, in the same sign, and gives a spontaneous or impulsive nature to eclipse activity.  Eclipse effects are not always predictable. That's part of the package.  Today's color is white. 

Here are some areas to watch for, sign by sign.

Aries: change in role & point of view, philosophical shift
Taurus: health & care of self or others
Gemini: friendship, mentorship, roles in groups
Cancer: career, talents, opportunities, public life
Leo: travel, education, contracts & legal documents
Virgo: shared finances/resources, legal partnerships & psychic experiences
Libra: relationship, roles, partnerships forming or dissolving
Scorpio: routines, health, situations at work & with colleagues
Sagittarius: friendships & fate
Capricorn: home, family/parents, changing living circumstances
Aquarius: communication, technology, travel 
Pisces:  personal developments from the solar eclipse on September 13th with added financial & employment aspect

Monday: Aries Moon opposite Mercury retrograde

With the Moon, freshly eclipsed, opposite Mercury retrograde in Libra and square to Pluto, ready to meet Uranus (the destroyer and re-creator), let struggles go, avoid forcing or trying too hard, and find a peaceful but productive way to spend the day. It's one of those days when you might be better off unplugged. Things are changing so rapidly, and with Mercury retro it's likely there's not enough correct information to act effectively with.  Don't be taken off guard or lose your cool. The upside to this day is the spontaneity, inventiveness, and freedom that the waning Aries Moon brings.  Not everyone will be ready for that kind of energy though. Realize others are struggling to catch their breath during this fiery eclipse time. Be compassionate.  Live without judgment. Find middle ground or allow a brief stalemate, a neutral time, in one on one relationships experiencing conflict. Orange is today's color.

Tuesday: Aries to Taurus Moon

Void of course Moon in Aries from 3:45 am to 2:57 pm EDT is not the time to hammer out an agreement or tackle a long term problem or a sensitive conversation. The exception is a peaceful talk where you have to make an excuse or apology without making too big a deal of it. Avoid any drama. Confusion is characteristic for the void Moon hours, and even more-so than usual today.  Moon in Taurus from 2:57 pm changes the game, meets Mars, and results in burst of productive energy. Create, cook, work outdoors, and enjoy the company of another, even if you're just listening to music or reading side by side. A quiet night might be called for since there's an abundance of wild energy, excitement, and eclipse related news. Today's color is brown.

Wednesday: Sun conjunct Mercury retro, Moon trine Jupiter/Pluto

A trine in the earth signs is constructive. Projects, building, growing, and taking small steps to resolve things are all favored. Break problems down into small pieces. Find satisfaction in getting one thing done well.  Don't expect or ask for a long term decision. It's not time yet. The Sun meets Mercury for socializing, and more deeply for forgiveness and reunions. This can happen randomly, the result of a chance meeting, or intentionally as you reach out to someone.  It's a nice day to travel to a place you always enjoy and take in the sights, smells, and feelings of being there.  Live life fully under this Taurus Moon. See the potential for growth. Today's color is lavender. 

Thursday: Gemini Moon opposes Saturn, squares Mars

The Moon is void of course from 6:44 am to 4:03 pm EDT. Void Moon impacts judgment, the conditions for getting things done, and sense of time. Today may feel like a waiting game. The key is to not expect answers during these hours, and instead do simple tasks that require only your innate skill.  It's a good vacation day.  The Moon moves to Gemini and goes on to square Mars and oppose Saturn in Sagittarius. These are tough conditions for settling arguments or anything oppositional. If you do make an agreement, Saturn's involvement makes the terms very serious. Saturn is kneading the way we look at the whole world, the bigger picture and our individual life philosophies and plans. Freedom and communication rights come into questions during this part of the week. Wear yellow

Friday: Gemini Moon

People will tend to be talkative and sociable. Gemini Moon squares Neptune so avoid gossip and engaging in tales that may or may not be true since this Moon/planet combination involves duplicity.  The Moon harmonizes with mercury retro and the Sun for more good reason to reconnect with friends or former colleagues. Versatile thinking is recommended when problem solving as the Moon squares Jupiter in Virgo. Think beyond the usual, ordinary possibilities and strive to expand your alternatives.  The Moon sextile Uranus is a reason to stay aware and careful tonight. Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Gemini Moon

Overnight hours look precarious with the Moon/Uranus sextile. Things can happen fast, without warning.  It could also lead to social excitement and fun, but keep it within limits.  The Moon and Venus align as Venus spends her last days in festive, glamorous Leo.  Creative thinking is favored as well as dressing up for occasions and doing things up in style. The Moon switches void of course at 1:18 pm, and Cancer Moon arrives at 8:22 pm. Get business and shopping done in the earliest hours of the day. Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Cancer Moon

Of the many Moon aspects today, the opposition to Pluto appears most dominant and is also the last one, at 8:14 pm EDT. On Monday, Cancer Moon will have one more engagement before void of course time and that is with Uranus in Aries. These are strong, challenging angles reflective of last weekend's Aries lunar eclipse. Continuing developments, news and reasons to deal with or problem solve come up. Pluto is about deeper feelings, mysteries, and what's been lying dormant. Old feelings, wounds, or sentiments come up readily today regardless of how other aspects from Mars in Virgo, the Libra Sun and Jupiter in Virgo (to name a few) play out.  Recognize how others are acting and reacting and also allow yourself to feel, without blame or anger if possible. Today's color is black.


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