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Robin's Zodiac Zone Astrology September 21st to 27th, 2015

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Monday: Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

The void of course Moon is 4:59 am to 8:33 am EDT.  Capricorn Moon in harmony with Jupiter and Neptune boosts creative thinking and actual results.  Change is everywhere, and Capricorn Moon favors productivity. However, Mercury is retrograde and we're approaching the second eclipse of the month. As you settle one thing or finish another, reasons to go back, change the plan or edit due to new information appear again and again.  Still, this can be an industrious day. Allow room and time for future edits and revisions whether it's documents, building plans, or your personal calendar.  Jupiter and Neptune continue to inspire.  Light blue is today's color.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon, Venus trine Uranus

Two strong forces move through the day. Uranus, planet of destruction, re-creation, and awakenings dominates the day, squaring the Moon and harmonizing with Venus.  Love, passion and attraction are exhilarating.  Spontaneous, charming, and fun, Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries add spark to an otherwise intense day of business.  Mercury retrograde in Libra requests mediation and aims for consensus with a square to the Moon. Capricorn Moon leans toward detachment and Mercury in Libra wants things to "look good". Things presented with shiny, appealing surfaces should be further investigated.  Do the guts of an agreement match your intentions? Is there enough to back up a decision today or this week? Uranus also squares the Moon for an ever changing outlook, more progressive take, and sudden developments.  Some will scrap all business for a vacation type day. A conference or networking opportunity could be fun and still count as work.  Focusing on people versus systems and details is likely to be a happier, less frustrating path today. Wear green.

Wednesday: Autumnal Equinox

A quiet, contemplative mood seems right during void of course Capricorn Moon 12:00 am to 1:51 pm EDT. If the week has been full of burden and responsibility, take time to exercise, do simple errands, meditate or sort what's piling up.  In the midst of so much change, life can get stressful.  Step back and accomplish one thing you can feel good about, and that includes taking care of yourself.  At 4:21 am EDT, the Sun enters Libra and autumn begins. The Sun's first aspect in Libra is a sextile (favorable) to Saturn in Sagittarius.  Thoughts and conversations take on a philosophical tone. Taking responsibility for your self and your own actions is important and the reasons become obvious.  The Aquarius Moon arrives at 1:51 pm and is agreeable with all of the above.  Long term decisions will be made though they may be altered after Mercury retrograde. Leave room for improvement and revision, but know that this is one of the better and more likely days to take action during the retrograde.  Today's color is turquoise. 

Thursday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon aligns with Uranus and Mercury. New ideas are shared, and in some cases acted on quickly.  The retrograde is a fine time to revise as long as you can revisit again after October 9th, if necessary.  Experimentation is favored today. Hypothesize, change the variables and explore freely.  Try to keep decisions and projects flexible with room for improvements, additions or editing.  Get excited about something promising.  Socialize at festive or community oriented events. Mars moves to Virgo, and we'll create products during this next Mars' phase. It's also a time of addressing health concerns. Today's color is silver. 

Friday: Aquarius to Pisces Moon

Today offers challenges as planets square and the Moon is nearly Full. Sunday's lunar eclipse occurs in Aries.  Mars newly in Virgo squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Much ado about who's responsible and who is not fulfilling obligations as well as delays and unwelcome changes impact our experiences.  The urge to do something now contrasts Mercury retrograde's influence.  Frustration and urgency may be problematic. Attempt patience and bits of progress.  Full Moon brings deadlines, yet the eclipse prepares to shift things, in some cases dramatically.  Do the best you can, and try not to pressure others.  Pisces Moon arrives at 3:44 pm EDT after a void Moon since just after midnight.  Avoid oppositional people and situations. Find your calm place tonight. Today's color is blue. 

Saturday: Pisces Moon

It's natural to feel shaky, uncertain, or thrown off course this weekend. If you don't experience any of that, be the support person for someone else. Pisces Moon is highly sensitive and emotional. Lunar eclipse in Aries is tomorrow, yet events can be occurring already. They are generally life changing, or at least they change life for a period of time and require significant adjustments to mindset and/or routines.  Eclipse events are the things you cannot control or change.  What you choose is how to respond and what path to take. It may not be time to decide right away either.  Maintain calm and surround yourself with supportive people and clam environments.  Music, art, nature and other pleasant things can soothe the soul. Void Moon begins at 12:32 pm EDT. Today's color is light green. 

Sunday: Lunar Eclipse in Aries

The Full Moon in Aries is an eclipse happening tonight at 10:51 pm EDT (in some time zones it's on Monday technically). The eclipse affects much more than a day. Mercury retrograde is almost directly opposite, in Libra. Saturn in Sagittarius in harmony with the Full Moon lends some stability while also advising wise action only.  The eclipse signals completions, endings, relocations, and progressive change. All of this is slowed and perhaps complicated by Mercury retrograde. Discovering permanent solutions will be easier mid October and beyond.  The eclipse will prompt experimentation and possibly rash moves. Choice of words is extremely important if the situation calls for clarity and no question. We'll be going back in time to resolve things that need to be set right. But expect this to be a process, not a quick fix.  Uranus is close to the Full Moon, in the same sign, and gives a spontaneous or impulsive nature to eclipse activity.  Eclipse effects are not always predictable. That's part of the package.  Today's color is white. 

Here are some areas to watch for, sign by sign.

Aries: change in role and point of view, philosophical shift
Taurus: health and care of self or others
Gemini: friendship, mentorship, roles in groups
Cancer: career, talents, opportunities, public life
Leo: travel, education, contracts & legal documents
Virgo: shared finances/resources, legal partnerships & psychic experiences
Libra: relationship, roles, partnerships forming or dissolving
Scorpio: routines, health, situations at work & with colleagues
Sagittarius: friendships & fate
Capricorn: home, family/parents, changing living circumstances
Aquarius: communication, technology, travel 
Pisces:  personal developments from the solar eclipse on September 13th with added financial & employment aspect

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