Friday, September 11, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Astrology September 14th to September 20th, 2015

Monday: Libra Moon

Libra Moon indicates partnership themes. Meanwhile Mercury is slowing down to begin a retrograde in Libra on Thursday.  It's best not to rush into things you can't easily change your mind about. This includes legal decisions, contracts, and commitments of a more personal nature.  Sunday's eclipse effects develop over the next several days, influencing some serious changes and awakenings.  If you're familiar with tarot cards, compare the Tower card to the effects of the eclipses.  There's a lunar to follow in two weeks so this month and October are significant transitional months.  Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Libra Moon conjunct Mercury

Libra Moon contacts several planets including Mercury, nearly retrograde. Situations develop rapidly post eclipse, and you may find yourself dealing with something you thought was far in the future or said and done a while back.  Partnership themes continue as spouses, associates, and duos of other sorts reach crossroads and must take one path or another. Some agreements will be finalized quickly on a day like this, but may be up for reconsideration and more discussion in a month or more.  Try not to rush things, though Uranus indicates quick responses and the solar eclipse can force decisions too. Venus is in harmony with Libra Moon for dates and social fun.  Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon

From 12:22 am to 11:43 am EDT, the Moon is void of course. Delays will be common and may be justified since we tend to be less sharp during these hours.  Turn it on at 11:43 with Scorpio Moon oriented to details and precision.  Focusing on the positive is important though since Scorpio Moon can also bring out obsessive tendencies.  If that's the case, try to lighten up and be less perfectionistic. Jupiter is opposite Neptune this week, exact tomorrow, with healing and heart opening effects. It's important not to believe everything you see and hear though. Listen to your gut.
Today's color is maroon.

Thursday: Mercury retrograde, Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter opposite Neptune

It's a very significant day of 2015 as Mercury begins a retrograde in Libra while Saturn shifts back into Sagittarius.  Jupiter opposes Neptune heightening creativity, healing, and compassion.  Jupiter was close to the Moon and Sun at eclipse time, so the effects grow and become more clear with this opposition.  Saturn will spend many months in Sagittarius, challenging rules and beliefs especially for those right around the 30 year old marker who experience Saturn's return. Mercury retro in Libra is a time to reflect, ponder questions without deciding for sure, and revisit old business especially things relating to partnership, justice and the law.  On the day Mercury stations retrograde it's best not to make major purchases or decisions.  Today's color is blue.

Friday: Moon conjunct Saturn & square Mars

Scorpio Moon is square to Saturn in fixed sign Leo. It's tough to find the weak spots or flexibility. The advantage is that we won't back down or yield too readily.  Compromise is possible only if it makes a great deal of sense so be prepared to state a strong case. Moon in harmony with Virgo Sun is sensible and meticulous, both. Do detail oriented work.  The void of course Moon is 3:49 to ll:32 pm EDT. Wrap important things up before then.  Move into the weekend with relaxation, simple errands, and exercise.  at 11:32 the Moon moves into active Sagittarius and then meets Saturn.  If you've let go of an important obligation it may stare you in the face, prompt a phone call or email, even if it's late evening.  Saturday is also a time to make good on what you promised, even to yourself.  Today's color is black.  

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon

This Moon sign is often ideal for adventures and getaways. However, this weekend with Mercury retrograde, Saturn in conjunction and Neptune and Jupiter square to the Moon, it's best to make sure you're not slacking too much.  Escapism could lead to other problems exacerbating.  During Mercury retro, past issues come up for reconsideration. What's fair is what's called for with Mercury in Libra.  Jupiter urges healthy decisions and actions without too much "fluff". Sagittarius Moon is toned down by all of the above. If you're off on a great adventure, make sure things are well taken care of at work or home.  Today's color is navy blue.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon aligns with Mercury retrograde, Venus in Leo and Uranus in Aries. There are spontaneous and friendly aspects here and most things fall together more easily.  Traveling back to places you've loved, seeing old friends, and taking a spur of the moment adventure is more in favor than on Saturday.  If you've dealt successfully with an obligation or two, celebrate.  Today's color is purple. 

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