Saturday, September 5, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Astrology September 7th to September 13th, 2015

Monday: Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon time promotes growth and fertility. Feelings are Cancer's domain and it's natural to be sensitive. That can manifest as moody, caring, nurturing, or feeling the need to retreat. Be kind to yourself today. Fishing and outdoor activities are favored. Appreciate for nature, food, and all the resources available to you. There's an abundance theme as the Moon forms a sextile to Jupiter in Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo is not excessive, but enjoys the comforts of having enough. Open your eyes to sources you may sometimes overlook. If possible, use the foods, flowers, and other commodities that grow on your land or are available nearby, and see how good it feels to support your self with what's local and plentiful. Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon, Mars trine Uranus

The Moon engages with Jupiter, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Uranus and the Sun. Quite a few possibilities and variables grow from this. Be creative and resourceful as you find what you need. Scheduling changes, communication issues and things from the past that must be faced will cause tension and possibly disagreements. Mars and Uranus are a fiery, volatile combination. Be aware that anything from an argument to actual fire ignites rapidly and unexpectedly with this combination.  Leo and Aries, the signs hosting these two planets, are leaders pushing to the forefront and beyond the established limits.  The Moon and Sun encourage decisiveness and getting logic and emotion to sync as you sort things out.  The Moon is void of course from 9:28 to 10:36 pm EDT, then moves to Leo. Today's color is black.

Wednesday: Mercury square Pluto

Mars/Uranus continue to influence a burst of activity, inspiration, movement and also reactions and possible unpleasantness. Growth challenges and sudden action may not be taken well by others or may not be wise. Try to slow down and not leap too quickly into anything you'll regret later. Mercury retrograde is closing in, and there will be rethinking about some things initiated or "finalized" now.  Mercury squares Pluto today in Libra/Capricorn. Questions of what is fair come up and include being fair and responsible to your self. Negotiate something internal and process information before acting on it. Leo Moon provides optimism and the ability to go with the flow and give yourself more time if things are unclear. Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: Leo Moon conjunct Venus and Mars

The glamour, passion and generous nature of Leo is magnified as the Moon meets Venus, now direct, and Mars in the lion's sign. Feminine and masculine energies balance with the yin of the Moon in the yang of the Sun's sign.  If chemistry has been off or you've been out of sorts with your partner or suspect some flirtatious goings on, get back to focusing on each other and the entity that is your partnership, the two as one.  This is a great day for a party or celebration of success or love.  Loyalty and heart characterize this 3 way Leo conjunction.  Mercury is supportive from Libra for balance and justice, and Uranus lends energy from Aries for excitement and drive.  Today's color is red.  

Friday: Virgo Moon

After a short void of course Moon, Virgo Moon time begins at 9:56 am and we're heading into the solar eclipse weekend. The New Moon eclipse is Sunday at 2:41 am EDT.  Jupiter influences the Virgo Moon now, pushing for growth, opportunities, and focus on health and teamwork that supports the bigger picture.  Contribute to something and feel good about your role today.  Be practical with decisions and changes. Know that the eclipse is a significant shift and related news may come as soon as today. Wear rich shades of brown. 

Saturday: Virgo Moon

The solar eclipse forms as Moon and Sun align in Virgo. New Moon in Virgo is amplified by an eclipse this time around. Virgo and Pisces Sun, Moon, and rising sign individuals experience this most personally and profoundly.  Reconsideration comes just before New Moon, though eclipses bring surprises beyond what you expect. Therefore, it may not be a matter of deciding something so much as seeing how events play out through the next several days. As you prepare to initiate things, remember Mercury retrograde is about to begin. Conserve energy today. Do what needs to be done, and take the simplest route.  Today's color is black.

Sunday: Virgo Solar Eclipse

At 2:41 am the solar eclipse is exact. Beginnings, even unanticipated reasons for change, are in the forecast for days ahead. This may begin with unrest, something unwelcome at least at first, but Virgo eclipse is in the name of growth and higher vibration. Health, service to others and determining your role and purpose are some topics of the push this eclipse gives.  It's a good day/night to clean and set some flexible priorities. Virgo Moon is void from 10:08 to 10:41 pm EDT. Today's color is white.  

Eclipse impacts:
Aries: health and routines
Taurus: friendships and fate
Gemini: living arrangements and place
Cancer: communication and learning
Leo: earning and employment
Virgo: self and relationship
Libra: planning and health
Scorpio: friendships and alliances with groups
Sagittarius: career and life purpose
Capricorn: expanding horizons and learning
Aquarius: finances and partnering
Pisces: love, relationship and collaborating


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