Friday, June 19, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Week of June 22nd to 28th, 2015

Monday: Jupiter trine Uranus

The Virgo Moon is quiet compared to a dramatic trine between Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo. The two combine for growth spurts and significant developments, some of which seem to happen overnight.  Go into this day with a very open mind, consider an opportunity that's out of the ordinary, and be mentally prepared to act in the moment when something is too intriguing to pass up. Mercury and Neptune weigh in today and tomorrow, both helping and hindering with the truth, the details, and the sorting out of what's real vs. a pipe dream. Ask lots of questions, but in the end go with your gut. Jupiter provides enthusiasm, willingness to try, and the wisdom and ability to pull things off in grand style.  Naysayers may throw in reasons not to leap, but those words will pale in comparison to the Jupiter in Leo roar.  Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon

Virgo Moon is free of aspects. Monday's forecast is still in action. As Mercury squares Neptune, pull yourself from daydreams or stories you're using as excuses. This is a powerful time to move on what you've been delaying.  Lose your tendency to procrastinate. Use Virgo Moon to consider facts and realities, but let go of assumptions and negative thinking. See the difference between being pessimistic and being practical and informed.  Open your possibilities by networking, asking for support and pitching in to help too. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: 2nd Quarter Moon in Libra

This is the lunar cycle time for measuring progress. With a great New Moon one week behind us and a Full Moon the same distance in the future, consider how you're acting on things that matter to you. Mars and the Sun in Cancer square Libra Moon encouraging us to balance intellect and emotion. One will challenge the other, and if you tend to lean toward facts or only toward feelings, see if you can inch a bit in the other direction and get more perspective.  Libra Moon starts at 1:41 am EDT after just a 29 minute void of course Moon. Mars shifts to Cancer at 9:33 am. It's a diminished place for Mars, the warrior. How can you bring bravery and courage into family situations without overpowering others? Could you be a more gentle warrior and recognize feelings through processes that might be challenging or require you to be in a nurturing role if it's not your usual style? Today's color is light blue.

Thursday: Libra Moon

Five planets influence the Libra Moon, and equally as many priorities, decisions and possibilities are likely to fill our earthly time. The sweetest and happiest vibes come from Venus and Jupiter in Leo, favoring friendships, collaborations and things to get excited about.  Mercury leans in for those of us negotiating contracts and plans.  Uranus is opposite the Moon, and that's the unpredictable one.  Just when you think something is set and decided, a new or unusual event can change things.  Be willing to rearrange and use flexible thinking when necessary, but don't think you have to scrap a plan completely. Try not to be easily flustered since that's today's achilles heel. Calm, positive energy will get you best outcomes. Void of course Moon 7:22 pm to 1:57 pm EDT on Friday. Wear lavender. 

Friday: Libra to Scorpio Moon

The Moon is void in the earlier hours. Focus on routine things and avoid major decisions or purchases. Plan a social breakfast or meeting instead of something more formal.  At 1:57 pm the Moon
crosses to Scorpio and forms a trine to Mars in Cancer a few hours later.  This is harmonious water sign energy, and if there's a downside it's too much emotion and a possibility of aggravating feelings that belong in the past.  It's wonderful for channeling emotion into art, song, and even other work. Dive into a project and lose track of time.  Create something beautiful. Recognize your feelings without letting them rule or overcome you. Today's color is maroon.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

If you're looking for a quieter weekend day or hoping for a more intimate conversation or evening, this Scorpio Moon in harmony with Sun, Pluto and Neptune provides the setting.  The aspects are gentle, thoughtful, creative, and meaningful.  Gardening and water related activities are also favored.  Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Scorpio Moon conjunct Saturn

Saturn retrograde is at work these days, and today meets the Moon. There's a serious influence toward unfinished business, possibly bringing up feelings of jealousy or vengeance. Do settle disputes that have lingered too long and consider how to do that with integrity.  Long standing problems may be resolved, for example you may sell the property that's been on the market for an extended time or finalize a divorce or division of property or business successfully during this retrograde.  Be methodical and avoid too much sentiment or drama that could get in the way.  Jupiter and Venus are square to this action, reminding us of loyalty, courage and taking the high road.  Seek peaceful, lasting solutions. Void Moon 9:50 pm to 11:21 pm EDT when Sagittarius Moon take over. Today's color is black.  

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