Saturday, June 27, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone June 29th to July 5th, 2015: Full Moon in Capricorn

Hear more about Full Moon themes of structure and pleasure, opposition of Mars, and lineup of Venus and Jupiter on youtube

Monday: Venus trine Uranus

Venus, planet of beauty, pleasure and relationship, is active in Leo. Today, Uranus aligns with Venus for sudden news about partnerships forming or dissolving.  This could also trigger love at first sight. Happening in the fire signs, Aries and Leo, passion and impulse rule our love lives at least for the moment. So close to Full Moon, when Venus and Jupiter meet, this week is likely to bring announcements of engagement and marriage.  Last week's Supreme Court ruling is interestingly timed and may add to this astrological energy.  Sagittarius Moon will align directly with these planets tomorrow. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon is nearly Full so this is a time of completions, due dates, and news.  Sag Moon is dynamic in harmony with Venus, Uranus, and Jupiter. The wheels are in motion! Sagittarius relates to movement, travel, and a worldly perspective.  This is a very fortunate day, especially for the fire signs, Leo, Aries and Sag. Great aspects for career changes, financial investments and other upgrades for all signs including Cancer and Scorpio who are favored for positive outcomes in those areas.  Mercury is opposite the Moon for ability to compromise and see another point of view. That helps with cooperative decision making. Today's color is purple. 

Wednesday: Capricorn Full Moon, Venus conjunct Jupiter 

The Moon moves to Capricorn at 5:11 am and is Full at 10:20 pm EDT. It's an auspicious day as Venus and Jupiter meet in Leo, favoring creativity, partnership and children. A Full Moon of celebrations, this one is also about structure and finalizing things related to career (Scorpio, Aries), personal goals and partnership (Capricorn, Cancer), and stability through employment and housing (Libra, Sagittarius). The suggested signs are not the only ones who may experience any of the above.  Dual themes of structure and pleasure run through this entire week.  Act on things that can provide stability and security while enjoying all life has to offer, the love, growth, and awakening moments that Jupiter and Venus set up. Watch the video above for some other commentary on this unique Full Moon. Today's color is gold.

Thursday: Full Moon in Capricorn

The Moon meets Pluto. Mercury and Uranus align in Gemini/Aries. This is a newsworthy and eventful day. Pluto is more about the enlightenment that comes from the inside, very personal and deep. Insights of extraordinary nature and impact come with the Full Moon we're in the midst of. Taking those awakenings and recreating reality accordingly is next.  Mercury and Uranus are a whirlwind of air and fire, fueling spontaneous action and communication. Word spreads like wildfire today and it'll be hard to keep anything secret or quiet.  The Moon squares Uranus and our emotional responses set in. That might be to try and block feelings we're not comfortable with or don't know what to do with. Moon in Capricorn is reserved with emotion, but try not to compress feelings too much or they'll come back to haunt you. Respond with thought and wisdom. Today's color is yellow. 

Friday: Aquarius Moon

From 6:38 to 8:21 am EDT the Moon is void of course. Aquarius Moon arrives for weekend events where people gather. Mercury and Jupiter align in Gemini/Leo, favoring friendly interactions and also business expansion or contracts.  The Moon in the sign of friendship and planets in extroverted signs makes it a good day to socialize, network, and converse.  Today's color is turquoise. 

Saturday: Aquarius Moon

Jupiter and Uranus have both played significant roles this week. The trend continues as these two, in fire signs Leo and Aries, form aspects to Aquarius Moon. Have an open mind and don't be thrown off by changes of plans. Some things may turn out better. Have some flexibility. Creativity and growth are themes during these final weeks of Jupiter in Leo. Aquarius Moon is well suited to community events. Wear blue today.

Sunday: Pisces Moon, Mercury trine Venus

From 8:32 am to 10:23 am EDT the Moon is void of course. Aquarius Moon squares Saturn. Necessary change may be a struggle or create fear. This happens in fixed signs, and authority figures, elders and strong opinions may not yield easily. Mercury and Venus ease some of that, favoring positive communication. In some cases, very good news will be cause for festivity.  There are a couple of opposing themes as you can see! Mercury and Venus favor friendship, romance, parties and lively conversation.  Show respect where it's due. Today's color is light green.

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