Saturday, June 13, 2015

Robin's Zodiac Zone Week of June 15th to 21st, 2015

Monday: Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio

The Moon in Gemini lines up beautifully with Jupiter and Venus in Leo. Social events, networking for business, writing and marketing endeavors are favored. Negotiations, contracts, and decisions come more easily now. Things delayed may suddenly get the go ahead.  It's a friendly day overall. Aquarius, Leo and Aries, love and social times benefit from lively, fun aspects. Communication is very important today and simple heart to heart talks improve relationships, lead to decisions, and help deepen and expand your connection.  Saturn retrograde stepped back into Scorpio on Sunday, and in some cases unfinished business from early winter (December 2014) comes up for resolution or deeper healing in the next few weeks.  Rethinking and preparing for a different path is natural before tomorrow's New Moon. Today's color is turquoise.

Tuesday: New Moon in Gemini

Mars is conjunct this New Moon at 10:05 am EDT. Mars, the Sun and Moon together stimulate the mind in a big way. This is good for planning and problem solving, but hopefully it doesn't keep you awake at night. Agreements, decisions and words come quickly. With Mars involved, try not to be sharp with words. Sarcasm, humor and possibly debates are activated. The Moon is void of course 10:05 am to 6:51 pm EDT and then in Cancer. Nurture a plan or someone dear to you tonight.  Today's color is white.

Wednesday: Cancer Moon

This week is about beginnings and restarts. Cancer Moon in harmony with Neptune and across from Pluto relates to family and home related things, as well as relationship for Cancer and Capricorn, and creative energy for all signs.  Gemini may be able to get creative with career and manifesting resources. Sagittarius rearranging your schedule and living space is a way to refresh your routine.  Virgo, a secret or undercurrent in a friendship or relationship becomes obvious and you get a chance to clear things up one way or another.  Uranus squares the Moon Thursday at 7:24 am EDT and has a surprising impact. We're likely to hear of changes that seem sudden.  Today's color is gray.

Thursday: Cancer Moon

The Moon and Uranus square and quick responses are called for. Aries may confront a family matter while Taurus needs to respond to communications initiated early or overnight. It's the kind of day you get called into work when you thought it was a day off, or something similar.  Cancer is the sign of home and family, mothers and nurturing.  In the almanacs, you'll see this as a good day for fishing and planting. Consider how that relates to what you're doing, such as fishing for information or needed resources or planting anything that could grow into a source of comfort or income.  Today's color is blue.

Friday: Leo Moon

Cancer Moon is void of course from 1:52 am to 2:23 am EDT. Leo Moon arrives in time for weekend plans. This is a festive time as Venus and Jupiter bring love and blessings, knowledge and pleasure.  They line up exactly with the Leo Moon tomorrow. Today, Mercury and Saturn are in  harmony with the Moon for long term decisions, resolving of old business, wisdom and heart in taking care of things. This is a good day for solving problems, clearing the air and speaking your mind with a good blend of passion and reason.  Aim to be practical and creative, not dramatic or overbearing.  Today could result in a great accomplishment, even where serious business is concerned.  Gold is today's color.

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Saturday: Leo Moon

Parties, openings, weddings and special events of all kinds are nicely timed as the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter converge in Leo. Bring some extra sparkle, magnificence and even outrageousness to whatever you do. We'll tend to "go big or go home". Love, art, learning and growth are favored. Some will experience this as abundance, like Cancer, and others will lean into commitment and follow their passions, like Leo and Aquarius. Much attention is bestowed on Leo and Scorpio. All of us may experience generosity on the giving or receiving side.  Today's color is purple. 

Sunday: Solstice, Sun in Cancer

The Moon moves from Leo to Virgo after a short void of course time from 12:09 to 12:59 pm EDT. The Sun moves to Cancer at 12:38 pm and summer officially begins. It's Father's Day in the USA and the Sun is "the father" in the zodiac. Today's longest hours of daylight bring the Moon and Mars in harmony at 8:54 am and a square to Saturn at 12:09 pm while the Moon is still in Leo. It's interesting that the early hours feature masculine energy and then as the Sun and Moon change signs, feminine energy takes over.  This is a day to consider living up to a responsibility. Expectations may be high or challenging, especially early. Virgo Moon and Cancer Sun have a nurturing influence as the day goes on. Water sports and outside activities are favored. Today's color is navy blue.

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