Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 8th to 14th, 2015 Astrology

Monday: Pisces Moon

A variety of aspects influence us during this mutable Pisces Moon. The Sun sextile to Jupiter in Gemini/Leo stimulates our interactions with people including networking, the possibility of contracts and collaborations, and communication with large groups via blogging, websites, and other marketing methods.  Feed the need for positivity in the world and spread an optimistic message. News and interactions regarding siblings is likely, especially for Aries while Pisces is part of family decisions and news too. The Moon and Neptune meet and the Neptunian aspect can be sentimental but the imagination is triggered. Be sure you're not just telling yourself stories. Know what's real, and if not, ask questions and maintain skepticism. Mercury will no longer be retrograde on Friday. It might be worth some patience. Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Mars sextile Uranus

There's a sudden nature to events as Mars and Uranus connect.  Disputes could easily flare with Mars in Gemini, sign of words, and Uranus in Aries, the warrior sign.  It's a good time to avoid a debate. The more positive side of this sextile is a sense of excitement and spontaneity. Stay out of urgency. Mercury is still retrograde. Think out statements you're ready to make. Soften everything a bit as you edit. The Sun and Mars square the Moon and indicate challenge.  Getting our heads and hearts aligned with each other is part of today's work.  Try not to go overboard with anything.  Void of course Moon can add to confusion or help you check out of a situation you don't like. It starts at 2:08 pm EDT. Yellow is today's color. 

Wednesday: Aries Moon

These are days for reconsidering decisions, your path, and the schedule you set up weeks ago. Aries Moon arrives at 7:14 am EDT.  Planets play well together today, creating more ease or quickness. Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Leo favor social events and friendly reconnections. Leo and Libra see old friends or colleagues. Gemini may enjoy travels, especially back "home".  The Sun and Uranus act like wildfire, spreading something fast. This may be news since the Sun is in the messenger sign, Gemini. If it's a sudden opportunity, see if you can have until Monday to decide (though you don't want to miss a chance, at least Friday would be more reliable when Mercury is out of retrograde).  Excitement is in the air. Keep some control over emotions since drama could also take over. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Mercury Direct

The Moon is in Aries, void of course from 7:43 pm EDT until 10:16 am on Friday.  Combustible energy is still present. Read Monday and Wednesday forecasts for more about Gemini and Aries action this week. The Moon feeds all of that today, aligning with Mars and the Sun in Gemini and meeting Uranus. Wild is a good word to describe what's going on astrologically. Mercury is direct at 6:33 pm EDT. Pause along with Mercury. Don't move too quickly on decisions. Next week's New Moon Tuesday is better timing. But if you must do something fast, can you buy time until tomorrow? It's a active, event filled solar system right now. Stay centered and wait for your moment. Tune in to your intuition. Avoid angry or resentful responses. Games will be competitive. Tonight, stay aware and on top of your game. Orange is today's color. 

Friday: Taurus Moon

The Moon sails from Aries, where there's been quite a stir this week, to Taurus, grounding us in earth. The Moon squares Venus on this first day past Mercury retrograde. This relates to relationships and attempting to reach agreements or sort our misunderstandings in order to accomplish something.  Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio may notice this most, and may relate in career, home, and married/committed life.  Hold your ground with what's worthwhile, what you value most. Pink is today's color.

Saturday: Taurus Moon

The Moon in harmony with Neptune and Pluto helps us move from envisioning to realizing our hopes and dreams.  Neptune in Pisces provides a healthy belief in magic or miracles, while the Moon and Pluto in earth signs give form and life to ideas.  Channel emotions into art, music, building or even housework. Just past Mercury retrograde, you may like rearranging living or work space.  The Moon and Jupiter square in Taurus and Leo. This is stubborn, but in the name of finding the best plan. Expansion plans are a topic for consideration.  Today's color is green.

Sunday: Sun conjunct Mars

The Sun meets Mars in Gemini, the Moon meets Mercury and opposes Saturn just as Saturn prepares to move back into Scorpio. This is a day to be careful with anything that seems too fast, anyone who pushes too hard, and with old business that must be revisited. Give everything plenty of attention and thought. Fast talkers will be in full force.  This can activate our minds for problem solving too, and that's one of the upsides of this dynamic yet potentially overwhelming day.  Parties may be fun. You might have to overlook bad behavior though. Arguing is not likely to be productive.  Wear yellow.

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