Saturday, October 4, 2014

October 6th to 12th, 2014 (Eclipse time begins!)

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I'm spending my Mercury retrograde with my last weeks in Tampa, teaching my final classes, saying goodbyes, getting a little sun, planning yoga for you, scheduling readings, and counting the number of sleeps left til Portland. 
See you soon, Maine.


Monday: Full Moon warming up, Pisces Moon

The Moon will be full with a lunar eclipse on Wednesday morning, in Aries. This will continue a 2 year cycle of Aries and Libra eclipses, and it will not pass through quietly. Aries is the warrior, and the individual. Get ready to lead your own charge fearlessly as everything whirls with change and potentially confusion. Confrontations will be easily triggered this week.  Allow for change. With an eclipse, we have to give up control and adjust to events that are quicker than anticipated or totally unexpected. You may see some rash action or judgment. Being in a healthy routine and surrounded by supportive people is the antidote for any other madness that may or may not impact your world.  Today the Moon is in sensitive Pisces squaring Mars in Sagittarius. I usually find these two signs get along well together and appreciate each other's tendency to fluctuate, both being mutable signs. However, Mars in Sagittarius is much too overbearing for Pisces Moon. People will be easily injured by words or harsh actions today. It may seem like compassion and understanding is hard to come by. Mars in Sagittarius is adventurous, but very pushy and outspoken. If you're a quieter or more sensitive soul, you may feel the need to dodge someone or hide out.  Void of course Moon is 3:38 pm on. Do something that feeds your soul this afternoon. Tea with grandma or grandpa might be just the thing. Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Aries Moon

The Moon is void until 6:07 am EDT. The Sun opposes Uranus in Aries, our Full Moon sign, and the Moon opposes Venus. The lunar eclipse will peak at 6:51 am tomorrow and is pushing the agenda now. If you're not in a relationship going through a change/make or break time, you probably know someone who is. Libra and Aries are the obvious choices, however rising sign has lots to do with it so any sign could be involved. Long, drawn out relationship issues may finally reach their breaking point so things have to go one way or another now. Aries is the self, and Libra is the sign that brings two together. I suspect we'll hear lots about breakups, partner decisions, and changes that seem to come from out of the blue as well as ones that don't surprise anyone.  The Full Moon is tomorrow, but today is event filled with eclipse activity.  During a lunar eclipse, we tend to complete cycles and have endings.  Avoid acting rashly or harshly. Tempers and feelings may be on edge all around.  Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: Lunar Eclipse in Aries, Full Moon

Lunar eclipses are always at Full Moon time.  Aries is the initiator, brave warrior, child, and individual as far as archetypes go. This eclipse could bring out any of that. When things get rocky, some act like children or want someone else to take care of things while some step up and become fierce, maybe even too much so. In relationships, a final break would be  more likely than a reconciliation now. Mercury retrograde is a factor too, but with an eclipse changes tend to be permanent with less room to change your mind later. Tread lightly through whatever events you're navigating. With a tendency toward fast and furious, maybe go extra slow and with lots of thought and care.  Balance the energy out. There are too many to mention, so suffice to say all signs are touched by the planetary aspects of the day itself.  Aries personally, Pisces employment wise, Leo with travels and communication, Cancer with career, money and home life. The Moon is Full at 6:51 am and void of course starting at 10:20 am for the rest of the day. Give yourself extra time for everything today and build in some relaxation or quiet.  Wear white.

Thursday: Taurus Moon

At 7:44 am the Moon shifts to Taurus, a sign that would love to come in and stabilize, simplify and fix everything. There's a tendency to be controlling today, partly due to lunar eclipse whipping certain things into a frenzy. Neptune tones it down a little bit, with room for imagination and creativity. The Moon is across from Mercury and misunderstandings are highly likely. Try not to guess or assume. Some of use will operate with the wrong set of directions in place. Ask questions. Save yourself some frustration by clarifying anything from where and when to the steps you need to follow. Do physical work, get lost in a project you that can't really go wrong based on someone else's expectation. Soften the edges around a situation or lend an ear to a friend having difficulty. Today's color is light blue. 

Friday: Mercury Retrograde to Libra

Mercury retrograde shifts into Libra at 1:26 pm. When Mercury changes signs, wait things out, expect your mind may change, and speak thoughtfully. Saturn across from the Moon can feel like a task master or bring out the critics. If you must give feedback or speak with authority, do so with a tone that won't trigger extreme responses. The Sun in Libra trine to Jupiter in Leo brings optimism, extroversion, & joy to the surface. That's where you want your focus and attitude to be! Laying low a bit may help ease tension or Mercury retrograde communication issues.  Lighten someone's burden or keep things light on yourself. The Taurus Moon moves void of course at 8:49 pm EDT, not interfering with the traditional business day. Reconnecting you unexpectedly with friends is one of Mercury's jobs while retrograde and you might enjoy (or avoid?) that tonight. Wear yellow.

Saturday: Gemini Moon

The Moon is void until 11:51 am and then in Gemini for the rest of the weekend including much of Monday, a holiday weekend in the USA. This morning, take your time and try not to overextend yourself. Venus is opposite Uranus and some relationships will be undergoing change, stress, excitement or unanticipated news. This might make it feel like Full Moon all over again and the eclipse is still impacting life events.  It takes time and processing to adjust when news isn't expected or even when a relationship is going to the next level.  Let yourself adjust and don't expect too much too fast.  Neptune also squares the Moon today. If you have lots of free time,  you might enjoy the floaty feeling of water and air signs interacting. Life might easily be compared to soaring through air or navigating at sea this week with the movement and energy of an eclipse and the fire sign grand trine simultaneous to the fluctuations of Mercury. This could be a day to go back over things, review or revise.  Make art, daydream or wander somewhere you used to go and don't make time for or live near now.  Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Gemini Moon

Yesterday looked a little tricky if anything important had to be dealt with. Today perhaps the Gemini social vibe will take over. Connections with people and even the surprises look more pleasant as Venus and Jupiter harmonize with the Moon. If possible, just enjoy the day. If you're going through a challenging time, it's a good day to talk, be with a best friend or contact an old friend you have an easy relationship with (not someone you left on bad terms with). Jupiter in Leo is about thinking expansively and acting the same, opening doors rather than limiting possibilities. Consider all the possible ways you can improve on life as you know it now.  Discussions may include forming partnerships, going forward together as a couple, engagements and other decisions you make together, with another.  Keep things somewhat flexible. Maybe put off setting a date or definite plan, but open up the possibilities. Enjoy a party or other gathering. Today's color is pink.

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