Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 13th to 20th, 2014

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Monday: Gemini to Cancer Moon

Sun and Mercury in Libra align with Gemini Moon. Mars is across from the Moon, in Sagittarius. The past becomes relevant with Mercury retrograde. It's a peak day for revisiting places, people, and unresolved business. There's strong energy around collaboration, partnerships, legal matters and travel.  It's a day for choosing your team, at least for the moment, or you may be reconsidering who your supporting players are. Mercury retrograde is a time for trial periods or trial and error. Allow room to adjust any decisions you make. Give it a month or so, and then revisit and refine.  Friends or former colleagues get in touch and chance meetings with people you haven't seen in a long time happen on days like this.  The Moon is void of course from 1:58 to 7:30 pm. It's a homebody night with the Moon in Cancer. Today's color is silver.

Tuesday: Venus sextile Jupiter, Moon square Uranus

What a mixed day! Cancer Moon squares Uranus in Aries and opposes Pluto and this recurring pattern is not usually welcome since it stirs up feelings and resurrects fears and things that are hard to let go of. There's a sudden nature to Uranus's influence and Cancer Moon leans toward defensive reactions or melancholy blues. On the bright and beautiful side though, Venus in Libra harmonizes with Jupiter in Leo, and this is a song of love, joy, and opportunity! This angle is wildly social, friendly and enthusiastic. Love and partnerships are favored. Surround yourself with true friends or enjoy time with the love of your life. Along with Libra and Leo, Aries and Gemini really resonate with Jupiter and Venus this season. Today's color is light blue.

Wednesday: Sun sextile Mars

The Sun/Mars team in Libra and Sagittarius energizes this morning's wake up with ideas, collaborations and places to be! Travels refresh our perspective now. It's a good time to be on vacation as long as your schedule is flexible. In fact, today the less planned the more you're likely to enjoy it. The Moon is in Cancer, void of course at 7:27 pm EDT. The Sun and Moon square in Cancer and Libra, and we can sort out feelings and arrive at solutions if we put in the effort, caring and earn trust. It's delicate, but possible today with the 4th quarter Moon and Mercury retrograde bringing up topics that need attention and honest discussion. The Moon is void for the entire overnight until 6:29 am EDT. Avoid online shopping and late night messages that might be misread.  Today's color is red.

Thursday: Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde/sextile Mars

The Sun, Mercury, Mars action continues. It's mainly optimistic and initiates movement rather than the usual Mercury retro slow downs. As you make decisions just leave room to change your mind or alter the course later. Agree to temporary things rather than permanent-schedule changes or responsibilities, for example. Adventures & spontaneity, as well as reconnections with people you used to know, dominate today and tonight. A chance meeting might lead to a dinner date and a new start with old friend, for Libra, Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius in particular. Cancer may enjoy a visit back home or time with family. Capricorn, you may find yourself interested in what's happening where you used to work or feel led in a different career direction. The Moon is in Leo from 6:29 am on. Today's color is yellow.

Friday: Leo Moon conjunct Jupiter, Mercury conjunct Venus

This is a sweet day with two exciting conjunctions. If there's a downside it would likely be the reappearance of an interested ex you don't want to get back together with. Otherwise, enjoy the Jupiter in Leo vibes which expand opportunities and creativity. If you're an Aries or Leo hoping for good news about pregnancy or children you already have, maybe this is your day! Mercury and Venus in Libra favor better communication in partnership and boost love lives and romance generally. Libra, Aries, and Gemini are some of the benefactors today. Realize why you love your life! Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Leo to Virgo Moon

The Leo Moon aligns with the Sun, Mercury and Venus in Libra and also Mars in Sagittarius, filling the day with energy. Social events are charged with enthusiasm and friendliness, perhaps with a bit of competitive nature thrown in. You may see people dressing to impress and relaying stories of their travels and accomplishments. Yet most of this is likely to be friendly and open. Mars in Sagittarius is planting or activating the travel bug this season, so  it may feel great to take a trip, even just a short drive away. Act on educational plans during these weeks too, though actual applications are best sent after Mercury retrograde ends on the 25th.  If you send materials earlier, make sure they are well backed up, copied, and confirm that they arrived in the right place.  Mercury retro in harmony with the Moon makes it likely we run into old friends that we still like and are happy to hear from if they call! Void of course Moon is 9:10 am to 7:08 pm so it's not the best day to spend your hard earned dollars. Save shopping for night or better yet for after the 25th. Virgo Moon tonight. Today's color is purple.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

Catch up on projects once abandoned or unfinished. Virgo Moon favors simple tasks and clean up today. The Moon and Pluto can help you organize your stuff or your ideas and thoughts. Neptune adds a flow and a creative influence. No need to rush, no need to feel or exert pressure. Ease your way through the activities that call for your attention. That includes friends who may be in need of a hand. Today's color is brown. 

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