Friday, September 26, 2014

September 29th to October 5th, 2014

Monday: Venus in Libra, Sagittarius Moon

We're in a fire sign trend, and this is another day when the heat, enthusiasm, passion, and sometimes confrontational nature of fire is on! The Moon and Mars meet at 2:34 pm EDT. The Libra Sun, Uranus in Aries and Jupiter in Leo are feeding this Sagittarius fire. The message is get moving! Be in the world experiencing all life has to offer. It's a day of spontaneous action. Enter a learning program, join a group or class, get out of your usual environment and do something that opens your mind. Keep in mind that Mercury is near retrograde and take no unnecessary risks. High risk is a no-no, but stepping out and losing some fear and allowing yourself new experiences is a yes! Today is bold, fierce and strong minded.  Venus moves to Libra where she is so at home! Libra, your graces and charms are all activated now! This helps all of us be more agreeable and less critical with each other. The Moon moves v.o.c at 11:29 pm EDT until Wednesday at 12:41 am. Tomorrow it may be hard to track people down or get anything significant accomplished without confusion. Procrastination is out, taking charge of your life is in! Today's color is orange.

Tuesday: Void of course Moon

All day the Moon is void, waiting to move to Capricorn overnight. You might wait out a big decision, not have enough information or the right people in place. It's ok! Maybe it's best since tomorrow's energy is more organized. Take care of routine things, know that shopping today is not really recommended. Save receipts. Have backup plans. Expect no shows. Go out and have fun if you can manage it! Explore a topic of interest. Wander if you can take time away from the day's usual tasks or places. Let go of pressure-your own or expecting something or someone else. Things will take their sweet time today. Some will move fast and some will move barely. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon

Welcome to October! The Capricorn Moon time starts at 12:41 am EDT. The 2nd quarter Moon, between New and Full, is at 3:33 pm. Today is meant for progress and productivity. Mercury sets up meetings and talks this morning. Some of that will relate to using discretion and being part of plans that must be kept secret for a while. Do that. Use very strong judgement around information and privacy and all business dealings. Find creativity in plans and justice and good balance in partnerships. It's a no nonsense day. Venus in Libra is encouraging more equality in one on one relationships. Today's color is black.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon aligns with Saturn and squares Uranus. Keep your cool. Serious matters are up for trouble shooting, possible compromise, and solutions with built in defaults. Mercury retrograde begins Saturday. Take your time and make flexible plans. Finish or make good progress with a project. Uranus's element of instability may frazzle us today. Think of the solid, non negotiable core values, strategies or traits you have and rely on those as other things swirl around and there may be upsets.  Bring yourself back to the tried and true and remind others of that too. The Moon is void at 12:18 pm EDT. Best business is done in the morning or before that time in your zone. Today's color is navy blue. 

Friday: Aquarius Moon

At 4:00 am EDT, the Moon sails into Aquarius, an inventive and collaborative sign. Venus and the Sun in Libra align with, and Mercury is square to, the Moon. Negotiate and sort out the best ideas. Listen to each other fully. Consider alternative approaches. It's a social, people oriented day suited to conferences, events, and partnerships formed to get things done! Be part of a team or group if you have a chance. It's a good day or night to be with friends or attend a gathering. Though tonight it's best to play on the safe side as Mars and Uranus approach an overnight trine and things can happen unexpectedly and fast. Keep your head up tonight. Stay in the safety zone. Today's color is light blue.

Saturday: Sun square Pluto, Mercury retrograde

Beware of grandiose plans, taking on too much, and making promises you won't keep. The Sun square Pluto in Libra/Capricorn and Jupiter across from the Moon can both mean conflicts in plans or scale of things.  Mercury is retrograde officially at 1:02 pm EDT, and this first day is known for having all the symptoms including changes of mind, inability to follow through on a plan or schedule, technical difficulties, and unexpected visitors or interactions with people from the past. Even under different circumstances with Mercury, Saturn square to the Moon would mean stubborn opinions and roadblocks. Expect a detour one way or another today. Maybe it'll  be a pleasant one. Don't hold too tight to schedules or expectations, and it'll be easier on everyone.  The Moon is void of course at 2:32 pm. Know who your friends are, or at least who they were yesterday. Stay in the safe zone tonight. Today's color is black.

Sunday: Pisces Moon

The Moon is in Pisces as of 5:24 am EDT. Mercury is retrograde in Scorpio, and Mars is trine to Uranus. The Moon also meets Neptune today. Some pitfalls include deception including people who present differently than their true intent or nature.  That may be someone who reappears in your life now. Move very carefully and take your time, and above all trust that inner voice of discretion. Pisces Moon sometimes means we let boundaries down more easily. Just be careful. Literally. Mars is trine to Uranus and incidents happen very quickly and unexpectedly with those two in harmony.  Maybe it's an exciting adventure day, and that's best case scenario. It is not a good day to take obvious risks of any kind. No gambling, speeding, or other impulsive behavior. Take good care of pets and the kids.  Watch Disney movies (you know what I mean. Easy does it.) Today's color is green.

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