Saturday, October 18, 2014

October 20th to 26th, 2014

Welcome to Robin's Zodiac Zone! These 4casts give you insight into each day's astrological energies! Ideas and thoughts in the 4casts are intended for your enjoyment and are not intended as recommendations for how to live your life.

This week features multiple turning points! Thursday, the Sun moves to Scorpio and a solar eclipse rocks the same sign! Venus moves to Scorpio bestowing all her beautiful traits at eclipse time! Saturday, Mercury stations direct in Libra. 
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Monday: Venus sextile Mars, Mercury sextile Jupiter 

If improving your love life is a priority, today is your day! Venus in Libra and Mars in Sagittarius activate long distance romances, travels with your lover, and excitement about romances blooming or refreshing with new energy. Venus and Mars are the chemistry planets when it comes to love. Ease relationship tension with pure fun, a spontaneous approach, and maybe a tiny adjustment in attitude or perspective. Mercury and Jupiter align for inspired brainstorming possibilities, activity around education and travels, and openness to meeting new people or former colleagues to see what might be brewing that you could be involved with in the months ahead.  The Virgo Moon aligns with Saturn and there are strong pulls to organize and be persistent with business that needs to be done.  Overall, this is a good day for most anything you have planned.  Tonight the Moon squares Mars at 11:30 pm and is then void of course until 7:12 am. Be where you're expected to be. Today's color is navy blue. 

Tuesday: Libra Moon

The Libra Moon sails freely from 7:12 am on. Tomorrow the Moon will meet Mercury retrograde one final time during this cycle, and old business is in the spotlight this week. Libra Moon is time to weigh pros and cons, engage in intelligent decision making or at least thinking about options. Decisions may be better made early next week. New Moon is Thursday. Today and tomorrow, reconsider and bring in some new ideas too.  The New Moon may get a delayed start in terms of bringing things together and starting fresh. Now is the time to set a flexible course of action, a simple adjustable plan. Listen well and observe today. File away your insights for the time when they are most valuable. Avoid gossip and speculation. Today's color is lavender. 

Wednesday: Mercury retrograde conjunct Libra Moon

Mercury stations direct on Saturday. Meanwhile, there's a solar eclipse New Moon tomorrow and Mercury touches base with the Moon, guardian of our emotions, childhood, and upbringing. This happens at 5:25 pm EDT to be exact. It's a happening day for rediscoveries, memories, and reversals. Some may go back on their word because they have to! Mercury retrograde results in introspection, connection with the past in a variety of ways, and therefore, changes our priorities or the way we see things. In Libra, this is likely to relate to what's fair, what's imbalanced, how to relate to another significant person and whether to move forward together or not. Legal justice is another Libra matter, so legal implications may be involved in some of this too. There are still a few days of Mercury retrograde, and the final day is notorious (Saturday), however you may feel like you're clarifying and seeing something important with new eyes by now. Some patience is probably a good thing. Hold on a little bit longer.  Today's color is white.

Thursday: Sun and Venus to Scorpio, Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

Hello Scorpio! This is the darkest part of the year, as the Sun shifts to Scorpio at 7:57 am (the actual end of Daylight Savings Time is November 2nd this year). Venus follows to Scorpio, where she is passionate and sometimes jealous, at 4:52 pm for about a 4 week stay. The Moon starts in Libra energized by Mars. Feeling fired up will be a common effect!  The void of course Moon is from 1:22 pm to 5:10 pm and the New Moon in Scorpio, a solar eclipse as well, is exact at 5:57 pm EDT. Venus is in perfect harmony with the Moon, and our love lives, and strong passions in other areas too, get a big jolt of solar energy! Feel it in your heart, you will not be able to deny where this eclipse leads. It's very positive having Venus's power at eclipse time. The planet of harmony, romance, beauty and art brings her goodness to many parts of life including romantic love for Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer, earthly goods like work and money for Libra and Aries, career and positive recognition for Aquarius, and a loving home life and shift for Leo. Today's color is pink.

Friday:  Scorpio Moon

Still in the aura of the solar eclipse, word of change makes it way in. Digest it all slowly, no matter how sudden or urgent it seems. Mercury is retrograde through Saturday. Let things process. Simmer. Even with the good things, maybe hold back just a little and let excitement bubble a bit, just to be sure things are the way they appear.  Pluto and Neptune engage with the Moon in supportive ways. An inner feeling that something is really good, an intuition that something is brewing, or an inspiration you can build on are some of the effects.  Intuition should be strong today. Do not doubt yourself. Listen carefully and let the rest absorb. Today's color is indigo blue.

Saturday: Mercury stations Direct, Sun conjunct Venus

The Sun meets Venus and Mercury is direct at 3:17 pm! Romance is in the air! Cancer and Scorpio are feeling the love, and Aquarius may be feeling the love from all directions in terms of public recognition and positive career attention, for example. Wherever Scorpio falls in your chart is where you're getting the best vibes. That's also the sign we had a New Moon/solar eclipse in on Thursday. To maximize the positive impact of this well intentioned wave, ride it rather than fight it. Change is part of what's going on here and it relates to some of our deepest emotions and what's dearest to us. Let something take hold in a new way rather than expecting things remain the same. Scorpio is a fixed sign and changes are for the long haul now. It's a new phase, and Venus the planet of love has supported this all week. Ideally, even in the midst of struggle, you feel cleansed, somehow detoxified and ready to move forth. On this last day where Mercury has retrograde hours, avoid the big announcements or complex discussions. Saturn and Jupiter are also players today, with messages about expansion versus constriction, and what creates stability and abundance both. Let this day be quiet and contemplative, however don't resist a date or night out with friends while the Sun and Venus inspire love and connection. Wear maroon.

Sunday: Mars to Capricorn, Sagittarius Moon

Mars moves to industrious, physical Capricorn. The planet that influences our energy level, sex drive, and fire brings it all back to earth in Capricorn. From exploring possibilities during October, we moves into action and take real steps with a grounded approach. Mars in Capricorn wants to make it a reality. With Mercury direct, still in pause mode though, we can start to initiate for results. Building, creating organizations, and deciding who's responsible for what and holding accountability is favored with Mars in Capricorn. Launching or restructuring a business makes sense now. Capricorn, you need to prevent overwork which manifests as fatigue.  Virgo you're feeling the physical chemistry in your love life and/or the urge to do manual labor that makes you happy, like renovating or painting before the holidays. Take on a project now. Pisces, your friendships may be shifting and social life amping up. Know who your true friends are though and try to stay out of disagreements you don't need to be involved in. Sagittarius Moon squares Neptune today. We may just feel like wandering without a destination. Choose your adventure or creative pastime. Today's color is red.

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