Thursday, September 18, 2014

September 22nd to 28th! 2014

I'm booking appointments for readings in the Portland area beginning November 7th at Full Moon time. A one hour reading will be $55 for the month of November! The effects of October eclipses and Mercury retrograde create flux and shifts, and as November moves in, intuitive Scorpio energy takes over! It's a beautiful time for a tarot reading, a look at your astrology chart, or some impartial coaching that may include readings, listening and suggesting alternatives, or guided meditation for just you! Team up with a friend and share a 90 minute session for $80. Restore & gather energy for the winter season! I look forward to doing these sessions in person. Email me to book Monday, Thursday, Friday and some weekend times in South Portland or a location convenient to you. 

Exciting times we're in! Let your session bring some focus & peace, a decision or affirmation. 

Happy Autumn!

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Monday: Autumnal Equinox, Virgo Moon

Earth energies infuse this day that ends with the Sun shift to Libra at 10:29 pm EDT, the start of fall. Therefore, the first true day of the season is tomorrow! (When everyone says today is the first day of fall, you can remind them it's still summer until 10:29 p, 7:29p Pacific, or adjust to your own time zone.) Pluto is direct at 8:36 pm as well. What have you been healing and now find yourself ready to move on from? Pluto in Capricorn is a healing influence now, and making an offering to the earth is a great way to celebrate the Solstice. It can be simple, like pumpkin seeds, or water with sea salt that's been absorbing any negative energy from your home or workplace.  Capricorn is an earth sign, and the Virgo Moon is also a time to honor and thank the earth for all it provides for us. Bury something you can do without now, literally or otherwise. This is a day to do simple rituals with personal meaning and a connection to the greater good as well. In your routine, ground in useful tasks and accomplish things that make a contribution and feed your soul. Today's color is black. 

Tuesday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon is void of course from 8:15 am until 11:59 pm EDT on this first full day of fall. Keep your focus simple and calendar flexible. If important meetings happen, leave plans somewhat adjustable and revisit them tomorrow. It's a good day or night to "sleep on it" and see how your mind bends around a plan or idea. Virgo is the sign of service to others and this is a favorable day for pitching in and getting cleaning, sorting, and home related things taken care of. It's a great day for walking, running, yoga and other activities that don't require competition or a partner. The Moon in harmony with Saturn and meeting Venus inspires us to sort things out in relationships in order to manage routines and responsibilities better together. That includes ex partners who share children, a business or property.  Venus is friendly and practical with the Virgo Moon today. Reconsider and get ready to step into new routines or revised plans. The New Moon arrives overnight. Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: New Moon in Libra

This New Moon is a rush of energy! Uranus is active from Aries, across from the Moon and in harmony with Jupiter in Leo. All that glitters really may turn to gold this week if Jupiter has his way! Uranus is the destroyer and re-creator. The phrase "all things are possible" comes to mind. Also these may be things you least thought could happen! I hope the New Moon brings wondrous surprises your way, today or in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, I encourage you to align with these Jupiter aspects, blessings, benefits, and learning, by seeking opportunities, alliances, and innovative ways of doing things. Now is better than later since Mercury retrograde is just ahead. What can you make happen and bring together now?! Invite in what you're hoping for, without urgency or a sense of one particular expectation. Just invite in friendship, love, abundance, solutions and let them unfold! Do contact people who can help you in the direction you seek! Libra New Moon is people oriented and above all, balanced and fair. Change a situation that's full of imbalance. Release a responsibility that's not really yours. Find new ways of dividing and sharing and living together happily.  White is today's color.

Thursday: Jupiter trine Uranus

The Libra Moon is in harmony with Jupiter in Leo and across from Uranus in Aries as the two form a trine. This is a "Wow" day with effects that last longer than just one moment or day, so if nothing spectacular graces your Thursday, rest assured, these planets are aligning for all of us in a time release way. Jupiter in Leo is creative and about birthing and growing anything from a child to a business to more opportunities for travel. Uranus has the speed of wildfire in Aries, and quick action, answers to longstanding questions or offers happen swiftly, whether you were prepared or not! Look for these kinds of things within a few days on either side of this and especially before October 4th when Mercury retrograde begins. As you manifest, give back as well. Keep fair exchanges in mind, whether it's money, friendship or energy. Justice wins. This may be the time to give up a behavior that's limiting or ego based, become more attuned to others, and see how the universe gives back! Today's color is red.

Friday: Moon conjunct Mercury in Libra, Scorpio Moon

This is a day for fair outcomes, dealing with legal situations and finding balance in partnership and love relationships. The Moon and Mercury give you this opportunity to have the discussion, negotiate a fair plan or agreement and move forward with it before Mercury retrograde. If something like this is pending for you, finish it and resolve by the end of the weekend. Otherwise know that your next best timing will be after October 25th. A short void of course Moon from 8:39 am to 10:29 am EDT is followed by Scorpio Moon until Sunday at 6:50 pm. Decisions take hold. The Moon and Neptune align for strong intuition, psychic hits, strong impressions, feelings and dreams. Today's color is indigo blue.

Saturday: Mercury in Scorpio

The Scorpio Moon is joined by Mercury at 6:39 pm EDT. Mercury in Scorpio is an investigator, researcher, and mystery writer. Interesting information surfaces and will be up for discussion in the weeks ahead, particularly since Mercury will be retrograde in a few days and we'll revisit these degrees of Mercury. When Mercury changes signs, perspective shifts. You may change your mind or be impacted as someone else sees a situation with different eyes now. Things are quite impermanent at this point so close to the retrograde, so patience helps. The Moon aligns with Pluto, recently direct in Capricorn. Deep and long held feelings come up. This is more about internally resolving something for yourself. Introspection is likely and you might even feel alone in a crowd.  Create some time for yourself today or tonight. We may need to be tolerant and put a shield on out there in the world. Today's color is black.

Sunday: Scorpio to Sagittarius Moon

Scorpio Moon meets Saturn and lines up with Venus in Virgo. Get a handle on relationship issues. Keep a good boundary even while being forgiving or more tolerant of someone.  There's a tendency to make decisions though with Mercury so close to retrograde it's best to build in the right to change your mind or alter things in a month. It's a good day to organize, prioritize, and attend to personal business even if that's just about cleaning your room or workspace. Creativity is stimulated, though Saturn's rules may be something you have to consider.  Take a plan and improvise with more color, detail, and heart. The void of course Moon is relatively short, from 4:31to 5:56 pm EDT. Tonight can be fun & competitive, though some will make it a study night under Sag Moon, sign of higher learning. Today's color is purple.

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