Friday, September 12, 2014

September 15th to 21st, 2014

On Monday morning get your audio at The phone/ ipad app is free too. Download and click follow on my page! Happy September! It's an active, interesting week.


Monday: Gemini Moon

The Moon interacts with the Sun, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter and Venus. When the Moon is in Gemini, choose your words carefully both spoken and written. There's plenty to be discussed and business to be done. Jupiter in Leo encourages connecting with people who share your values or agenda. Mercury in Libra adds to this networking and negotiating influence.  Write a plan for marketing or get into the details of an event. Writing is generally favored for you Zodiac Zone author/readers! Decision making may not be easy though. Things happen fast and there's an unexpected element as Uranus in Aries makes contact with the Moon, changing situations and minds rapidly. Void of course Moon starts at 10:06 pm for study breaks and social calls. Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon

Early hours can be confusing or chaotic as the Gemini Moon is void of course and our minds race and become preoccupied. Check your calendar and avoid spacing on an appointment or meeting. Cancer Moon moves in at 11:24 am EDT and harmonizes with Neptune in Pisces. Conservative business with a creative aspect is favored. Be resourceful and sensitive to a client's wish list.  At home and with family, it's a cooking, gardening, cleaning and constructive time. Whip up a nice dinner or dessert to share! Get the garden ready for fall or for next spring. Fishing and farming are highlighted on the almanac calendar. That can be extended to other activities that create comfort and abundance! Today's color is light blue. 

Wednesday: Cancer Moon

Saturn in Scorpio requests, if not demands, action on major projects or decisions this week. Take responsibility and dig into tasks today. Learn or train others through experience and get beyond the instructions and into how things operate. Respect will be earned, not freely gifted. Show you care and can handle what needs taking care of. Pluto and Uranus are square to the Moon, and things pile up, mostly in the mind. Today and tomorrow's business could feel a bit overwhelming and include recurring patterns. The good news is Venus in harmony with the Moon is romantic for a date after the work day. Venus n Virgo also helps with order and attention  to detail and that agrees with Mars and Saturn's influences today and tomorrow. Wear green. 

Thursday: Cancer to Leo Moon

Yesterday's forecast holds true for another several hours. Saturn seeks permanence and meaningful interactions. Some of this may relate to family and elders. Put the wraps on something or find a long term solution once and for all, and with care.  Mercury in Libra emphasizes the importance of fairness and balance, with family members, in legal matters, and with business of all kinds. There may be a lot to negotiate and work through, but the Moon and Sun in harmony inspire confidence and decisions and careful consideration. Leave a little room for adjustment or improvement later on. It's great to get things handled and in writing before Mercury retrograde dominates October.  The Moon is v.o.c. from 2:38 to 11:10 pm. Use those hours to unwind or do routine things. At 11:10 pm EDT the Moon moves to optimistic, energetic Leo. Today's color is purple.

Friday: Leo Moon

The Leo Moon in tandem with Mars make this a day for adventure and activity. The Moon in the sign of children with Mars in Sagittarius indicates kids will need to be happily engaged  in learning or play or they're more likely to act out today. Honesty is a significant theme. Leo Moon needs loyalty and trust. Mars in Sagittarius instigates the truth. Anything less could create a permanent rift between friends or partners. Leo is a fixed sign and the Moon, our emotions. Take off for a fun, different scene today or tomorrow. Wear red.

Saturday: Leo Moon

Leo Moon and Jupiter meet, and the Moon forms a harmonious trine to Uranus in Aries. This is the building of a wave that breaks on the 25th, a very interesting and dynamic day as Jupiter trines Uranus. Jupiter and Uranus are like a big fireworks display, and breakthroughs, innovative plans, and big announcements are some of the possible highlights of the last third of the month. If something very good and seemingly sudden happens today, follow the lead. The more it involves recreating and growing something in your life, the more likely it is activity of these two planets. Whatever you do today, build in time to play and enjoy. Allow yourself to be surprised and believe in what's good, bountiful, and expansive. Brighten the dark spots with positivity, and with the Moon squaring Saturn, try not to be so stubborn, you miss the point or the opportunity. Often we must give up a stubborn ideal or idea to let something else better take hold. Today's color is gold.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

From 12:33 am to 11:54 am EDT the Moon is v.o.c in Leo. This is fine for pleasure and hanging out, and less favorable for big decisions or purchases.  The Moon then moves to Virgo for the two days preceding New Moon in Libra, Wednesday. This is a time of reconsidering and revising plans.  Put energy toward organizing and also managing responsibilities and agreements in relationships as Venus in Virgo harmonizes with Saturn in Scorpio. This may not be the fun stuff of love and romance, but it IS the glue that holds things together and contributes to smooth days and nights together. Sort out the things that irritate you by forming new plans for day to day life or shared work. Mars and Neptune contribute to creative tension from which great things can be born. Be careful in your travels of anything that could be deceptive. Walk with no illusions as this week begins. Virgo Moon is practical and close to the earth. Today's color is navy blue.

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