Friday, September 5, 2014

September 8th (Full Moon in Pisces) to September 14th, 2014

Monday: Full Moon in Pisces

The Moon is full at 9:38 pm EDT. Venus and the Sun oppose the Moon from Virgo while Neptune & Moon light up Pisces and Pluto is in harmony from Capricorn. Let's explore some ideas and areas of those heavenly bodies for insight! Neptune has a strong influence and is romantic and artistic. The god of the sea is Neptune, and he's also known to create illusions around things. The romance and imagination is beautiful when it's real and true. If you have doubts or tugs of intuition that something, or more likely someone, is not being real with you, ask questions, take care of your own interests, and be smart. Venus in Virgo also puts the lens of love and relationship on during this Full Moon. Step back and look realistically at boundaries and what's good for you. This Full Moon is highly emotional and sensitive and I see that as beneficial because you will be able to feel your way through, use your instincts, ask for the intuition of trusted friends or "counselors". Have an intuitive reading, meditate, and ask whatever oracle or spirits you invoke for guidance. Include the voice of nature which will be powerful now too, and visit a favorite spot during this Harvest Moon. Your answer or what you need to say may just appear in thought or in physical form! Pluto is about facing things deep within, and in harmony with the Pisces Moon, Pluto says don't be afraid. Let the Full Moon light up dark places since once light reflects there, they lose the power to hold you back. Expect to feel, release what you can, be lighter, support each other from a true place, and engage your creative self! This could be renamed the Cathartic Moon. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Pisces to Aries Moon

The Pisces Moon is still Full and with the influence of Scorpio based Saturn and Mars, it's serious business and no excuses. Get things in order, resolve, make a solid decision, and without banning emotions, keep them in check. Saturn is authorities, elders, and also may relate to health. Mars activates and confronts.  Face things rather than shy away. Hold your ground if it comes from an honest place. If you're in a position of authority, you may deal with sensitive issues or employees. Most of this has come due at Full Moon time for a reason. Think of the phrase once and for all. From 3:10 to 7:33 pm EDT, the Moon is void of course waiting to jump to Aries. In Aries, courage and resilience come from the reserves. You may need both and a strong voice too as Mercury and Pluto square. The revelations of this Full Moon may come in it's wake. Tonight especially, people will speak their truth and some of it may not been pretty or anticipated.  The catharsis of the Full Moon continues.  Today's color is gold.

Wednesday: Aries Moon, Venus opposite Neptune

A whirl of astrological energy as Venus opposes Neptune picking up where the Pisces Moon left off (if it did!), and romance is in the air. Ideally, relationships work out for the best because you belong together, not because you're lured back in by mere charm or need. It's all about intentions. This can be quite the romantic day or evening if the conditions are right. Mercury, meanwhile, aligns with Jupiter in Libra/Leo, and is expressive and newsworthy. People around you may make announcements especially about growth or expansion  in their lives.  It's a good time to meet potential collaborators and people who can back you up or become partners in your endeavors. The Moon is also in harmony with Jupiter, and Aries, Leo and Libra may feel quite lucky! At 8:58 pm void of course Moon begins and lasts for most of tomorrow. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Void Moon, Sun trine Saturn

The void of course Moon is a listening, waiting, routine time where new action on things might be wasted since a shift will occur in hours.  If you clean and sort things, have a system so you can find or remember later! The Sun sextile to Saturn makes it difficult to put a decision off though, if one is pending.  These two in Virgo and Scorpio practically insist that plans and goals are in motion asap. Order is a key word for the day, and you can take that either way in terms of meaning! The Moon will move to Taurus tonight, and that may be the time to commit to a goal, a plan or a person, if you can wait out the void of course hours successfully. Taurus Moon begins at 9:17 pm. Today's color is green.

Friday: Taurus Moon

The Moon squares Jupiter in Leo. Get out of a stuck place and brighten your life. This might be a day to give to yourself more. Another way to align with this square is to listen and be less fixed in your ideas or ways. Consider how you could open up options. It's a career day for Leo and a home and family influence for Taurus. Taurus Moon is in harmony with Venus in Virgo, Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. This is positive for both accomplishing and enjoying people and relationships, and includes doing creative things that involve physical effort, like building, making, yoga, dancing, and landscaping or gardening.  Taking action makes us feel good, generally. It's a great date night, especially for Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus and Scorpio. Today's color
is pink.

Saturday: Mars in Sagittarius, Mercury opposite Uranus

The Taurus Moon is void of course from 9:31 am until Sunday at 2:26 am. Time to take it easy and slow. Mercury opposite Uranus can mean lots of last minute changes, things or appear who appear unexpectedly, and strange or sudden news. Try to find your calm, cool, collected zone early and maintain it. It's not a good day to make big spending decisions. Mars moves to Sagittarius, a place of movement and change, at 5:57 pm EDT for a 6 week stay. Mars encourages us to learn from experience now. Get involved, go new places, work the body and mind both.  At the same time, use some caution to avoid injury, especially to the hips, and all the surrounding muscles, which are ruled by Sagittarius.  Wear appropriate shoes. Maybe tomorrow is a hiking boot or sneaker shopping day. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Gemini Moon, Mercury trine Pluto

At 2:26 am EDT, the Moon moves to Gemini, opposes Mars newly n Sagittarius and squares Pluto hours later.  Confrontations during the opposition could be extra challenging and get out of hand easily. With this action in Gemini and Sagittarius. people will say things they don't really mean and go far in trying to prove a point. Philosophical differences will be obvious today, but the message and real truth may not be clear at all. Avoid an argument. Trust your instinct over anyone's words. Neptune can further confuse, from Pisces. Mercury is in harmony with Pluto, in Virgo and Capricorn. That will help keep things real and can involve divulging important information. Talk with people you trust who can help you sort things out and maybe get a lead you need as well. It's a good day for writing and studies. Today's color is yellow.

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