Friday, April 4, 2014

April 7th to April 13th, 2014

The Libra/Aries eclipse of April 15th is full of instability. This week is a warmup and some of the pre-eclipse rumbles arrive early this week. Navigate life's changes with a reading or coaching session by appointment or by email. More info here. Wishing you all the luck & alignment of the planets!


 Monday: Mercury in Aries

The Cancer Moon squares Sun & Mars, fueling the fire of cardinal sign action. The eclipse on the 15th is a peak and today could hint at what's to come. With eclipses it's rarely the way you think or expect things will develop. Themes include balance in relationships and partnerships, family business, passive aggression, and legal matters. Extremes, opposing forces, and unresolved business and pending decisions come up for some effort and attention now. Mercury adds to the picture, moving into Aries at 11:35 am. Initiating, pushing for answers and information, and trying to make final decisions is in the forecast this week, but much of the "weather" is unstable. It's like trying to travel during a major storm. Go for some progress without pushing for everything at once. Many situations will shift in the next two weeks and month. The Moon is void of course from 2:14 pm EDT until Tuesday morning. Cancer and Capricorn, there's a big tug between family, home and your more public persona and responsibilities such as career. Aries, relationship decisions you make with a partner may be at a standstill. Patience is a good thought for all signs. Be cautious tonight. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Leo Moon
Leo Moon starts at 5:50 am EDT. Socially it's a vibrant day as the Moon and Mercury newly in Aries ignite exchanges of ideas and interest in people. There's an urge for action and to be expressive and inventive. Get out of your shell and see who's interesting! Aries Sun is opposite Mars and this is quite heated! Things could get exciting or out of hand. Arguments could start without warning, mainly in situations where things have built to volcano  level and can no longer be held in. As the NASA site explains, "Mars rises in the east at sunset, and soars almost overhead at midnight, shining burnt-orange almost 10 times brighter than a 1st magnitude star."  Mars will be easy to see in the sky. The warrior planet's influence is usually motivation, action & assertiveness. However, Mars is retrograde right now and not in his usual element so all things Mars ruled and also legal matters and relationship issues are suppressed, making it all extra challenging and less than smooth. Today's color is orange.

Wednesday: Leo Moon

This is a true fire sign day with the Moon aspecting the Sun and Uranus in Aries and hot planet Mars in Libra. Extroversion, boldness, courage, and inspired ideas and action are some effects.  Do watch out for people with flaring tempers or unpredictable natures. Fun is bubbling up and kids may need to be watched carefully and kept busy with creative pastimes and learning. It's a good day for learning, rehearsing and performing. The only thing holding back today is Mars and you may see that in the form of brooding or stewing about things that are left unsaid for now. Today's color is gold.

Thursday: Moon square Saturn, Moon void of course

The Leo Moon squares retrograde Saturn and is then void of course from 2:26 am to 6:08 pm EDT. For Leo, long standing home and family matters are prioritized. For Scorpio, career and personal things on hold crop up for some work and attention. Taurus may be dealing with family and home related issues, and some of that may not be easy or quite clear yet. With the void of course Moon, reserve judgment as much as you can and take your sweet time giving answers. Reduce pressure any way you can today. Though serious matters are up for discussion, with Leo Moon remember your sense of fun or sense of humor and see the possibilities even if you're dealing with the roadblocks. The Moon is in Virgo tonight for those working overtime or committed to helping out friends or someone in the community.  Today's color is navy blue.

Friday: Venus conjunct Neptune

Venus and Neptune in Pisces are right across from the Virgo Moon. They meet for a romantic date night! Music and the arts and film are favored too. Healing practices, compassionate actions, and generosity will draw us in. The very practical and conservative or perfectionistic among us may conflict with the dreamers and those who want to just find the flow. Do plan something nice tonight. Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

The Moon and Saturn align and it's a taking care of business type day.  The Moon will be Full with a lunar eclipse on Tuesday at 3:42 am EDT, and Full Moon pressure is in the air. This comes in the form of requiring final drafts or products, reaching decisions that are important, and shedding light on big questions or mysteries. It's good to put effort in and make attempts, plan and prepare for what's scheduled, but also know that eclipses throw us strange curve balls that change everything. This is one of the times where those phrases about the best laid plans apply. It's possible what's just ahead will not turn out how you expect at all! That doesn't mean giving up is an option, and our work ethic is stimulated today. Otherwise, guilty or nagging feelings are likely to bear down. Help someone out, enjoy some positive aspects of good relationships and heartfelt connections while Venus is in Pisces. Pay attention to problems and things that need cleanup and refreshing too.  Make some order and define some structure, and then just see what happens in the next few days to two weeks, the peak of the eclipse in Libra. Fairness, shared responsibilities, the inner workings of relationship, and legalities are some of this Full Moon's news. Shop or discuss important topics before the void of course Moon at 1:12 pm EDT. Today's color is black.

Sunday: Libra Moon

The Moon moves to Libra at 4:33 am EDT, sign of Tuesday's overnight Full Moon. We are in the eye of the lunar eclipse now. Partnership matters and things that must be negotiated carefully are in the early week forecast. News will rattle people in some cases.  If you're waiting for a breakthrough, it may come, though not without a storm in most situations.  The Full Moon is near Mars, Mercury is with Uranus across the zodiac in Aries, and shake ups are the hallmark of this lunar eclipse. The status quo will be disturbed, ultimately because it must be or nothing would changed. Imbalanced relationships are due to crumble with this eclipse in the sign of partners. What you hear or experience could be very surprising. In general, this is Aries commitments to other people, Libra's personal plans and self, Virgo and Pisces financial resources, Gemini and Sagittarius social circles and alliances with friends and others. The Moon is approaching opposition to Mercury today so eclipse news may come early. Today's color is lavender.

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