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April 14th to 20th, 2014

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Eclipses ahead! Stay centered as many things may go off balance & cause a domino effect!

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Monday: Full Moon in Libra, Lunar Eclipse

The Moon is in Libra and will be full overnight into Tuesday, at 3:42 am EDT, 12:42 am Pacific. Pluto also starts a Capricorn retrograde today. What a day it is! Planets involved in the cross between cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are all actively involved with each other. This is like hitting all pressure points simultaneously. Some themes are deconstruction (to reconstruct differently later), endings and finality, equality and justice, and breaking news. Be very cautious with any one and any situation that could get heated or violent, destructive or excessive in any way. Changes, movement, unexpected developments are all around us, not only today but for the last few days and also for two weeks ahead. Temperamental feelings cause mood changes, frustration and difficulty dealing in the moment. Try not to be reactive. Patience is required in order to see how things unfold. It might not be easy in the moment, but in the longer run, you'll see that non reactivity or a productive, drama free stance or action is beneficial. Do what you must and no more. Take your time. If you await a legal decision or final settlement, news may come now but go slowly and thoughtfully and make sure it's in your best interests since Mars and Saturn are retrograde. If you have time to hold off, Mars will be direct on May 19th in Libra, sign of justice.  If you need to settle now, make sure you truly feel okay with the terms.  Tonight, Mercury and Uranus activate in Aries and that can lead to great ideas being discussed, inventive instincts, and also word you did not expect. Answer calls, read email, information could be important and timely all week. Today's color is white.


Tuesday: Lunar Eclipse in Libra, Mercury square Pluto

Eclipses shed more light and Mercury squares Pluto, both contributing to long standing mysteries being solved or new information coming to light. Some of this could be sad or create very emotional responses. Be compassionate and/or try not to judge or gossip today. Status changes in relationship and business partnership may seem rampant and in some cases very unexpected. Libra and Aries Sun and rising signs are most impacted in relationship. Unusual news comes all the way around. Breaking down to rebuild later is in the spring forecast. Do the work and try not to cut corners. Keep May 19th and July 20th in your mind as ends of Mars and Saturn retrograde, in that order. Mars is connected more to partnerships, hard feelings, and forward movement while Saturn is related to depressions, obsessions, and halts because proper structure is not present. Both may relate to building. For the moment and the day, act fairly, respect your obligations and do your fair share, and reserve judgment and gossip. Let things unfold and observe, see things more clearly and take your time. Work to meet a deadline if that's beneficial to you. Capricorn may feel that in career and Virgo and Pisces may especially need to work within the financial and work due dates. The Moon is void of course from Full Moon time 3:42 am EDT to 12:20 pm and then to Scorpio for strong attention to one thing.  Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon

The Scorpio Moon following the eclipse can be a real challenge. However you can harness energy in one direction and make progress in a specific, defined area. Shut all else out if possible. Mercury is opposing Mars retrograde and it's terrible for conflicting agendas or feelings. I would not recommend a debate and even a healthy disagreement could amplify to something much more heated. Agree to disagree or don't even broach controversial topics.  Solitude and/or work with healers, medical professionals, or intuitive people is favored. These situations may go very well! Information can flow, decisions can be made. Intuition over reactive thinking is very important. Get into spiritual and deep processes. Hang a do not disturb sign and accomplish something you feel good about.  Privacy and alone time can go a long way today. Social distractions are not preferred. Today's color is maroon.

Thursday: Moon conjunct Saturn, Venus trine Jupiter

Scorpio Moon and Saturn meet at 3:09 am EDT and the Moon is then void until 5:44 pm. Saturn seems to put a strong word and influence in and then walk out the door leaving us to our own knowledge or resources. Activate other resources in the form of wise friends or colleagues, particularly those in a higher rank or elder position that you. Saturn relates to authorities, parents and older relatives and even bosses who are much more experienced and typically older. Ask for advice or support. Venus and Jupiter in Pisces/Cancer exert a healing, creative, and generous influence.  Put time into what's closest to your heart and soul today. Wear indigo blue.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon, Venus sextile Pluto

Sagittarius Moon encourages forward momentum. Moon and Venus square and Venus aligns with Pluto and really questioning anything regarding love or business partnerships comes after that Full Moon. Venus is the planet of relationship and harmony. In Pisces, she wants peace and love. The Sagittarius Moon states "Perhaps I want my independence and more freedom to move!" Venus in Pisces might retreat or sulk or write a great song of unrequited or lost love. Today has a melancholy quality and an exciting feeling as well. You may get more of one or an equal mix of both. In some cases, relationship things you thought were resolved crop up again now. Do you thing, be with friends, have an adventure and take your sweet time with emotional decisions and commitments. If it's worth it, it will still be there in a couple of weeks or days.  Today's color is pink.

Saturday: Sun to Taurus, Sagittarius Moon

The Moon is in harmony with Mercury and the Sun in Aries. It's a day of activity, confidence boosting, and things moving in positive directions. The Moon is waning and this is a good day to clear what you don't need, from negative thoughts to actual stuff that's just taking up space. A change of scene may feel good this weekend. The Moon is void of course only briefly 9:18 to 9:29 pm EDT, and then moves to Capricorn tonight. The Sun also changes signs, to Taurus before midnight at 11:56 pm EDT. Earth sign energy dominates the second half of the weekend and is good for grounding in tasks and enjoying or working outdoors. Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Sun in Taurus, Moon in Capricorn

The earth signs aim to build security and literally to construct and produce. The Moon and Sun both encourage this today. Jupiter is a force from Cancer, making aspects with Uranus, Pluto and the Moon, challenging old ways of operating in families, businesses, and thought patterns. Aim to go beyond your outworn methods, judgments, and possibly relationships. You could attempt to start again fresh in relationships, however, leaving the past where it belongs. Jupiter encourages family healing all year long while in Cancer until late July. Jupiter opposite Pluto and square to Uranus indicates that radical and out of the box thinking could lead you away from destructive, useless, or just plain outdated ways.  With so much April change and in some cases instability or confusion, this is a good day to change your mind and set it on what you really want. Then start building that vision from the foundation up. Today's color is green. 

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