Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 31st to April 6th, 2014

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Monday: New Moon in Aries, Moon opposes Mars

The New Moon was Sunday in Aries. As the first business day of the week, today is fueled by fire which can mean initiative or irritation. It's worth being careful with volatile people or situations. Mars is retrograde opposite the Moon. There's a tendency to be passive aggressive now and let things build up. Find that balance between expressing frustration or anger in healthy ways without going to the extreme. Also know it may not be good for you to stay quiet to keep the peace. Aries and Mars are warrior energy, and Libra is the diplomat, but Mars is retrograde and a theme emerges regarding how we deal with anger, temperament, explosive people and our own frustrations. There's also an independent and inventive streak at work today. Venus and the Moon are in harmony for collaborative relationships. Aquarius and Aries will want to take ideas and move forward. The Moon is void of course from 4:07 pm EDT on and hours after that are social both for friendship and team work. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Taurus Moon, Sun square Jupiter

The Moon is in constructive, physical Taurus. Neptune and Jupiter are in harmony with the Moon and this can certainly be a time of growth. Planting, producing, building, expansion and growth are favored. Healing, physical, emotional and spiritual is worth pursuing through massage, physical therapy, yoga and other approaches. Actively work on what you need to improve. The Sun also squares Jupiter and, with effort, family and home related matters may progress. This is about working through, not instant resolution or answers. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Sun conjunct Uranus, Moon opposes Saturn

The Sun and Uranus in Aries are the spark of creation. Yet sometimes we must break down to build up, and Uranus can also be the destroyer. News of reconstruction and deconstruction may come. It's also a day of quick thinking, brilliance, and ingenius ideas. Along with that, the Moon is opposite Saturn retrograde which is never likely to be easy and is a precursor to the solar eclipse a month from now. Stubborn people or problems will be as unyielding as usual. This is not the best day to debate or try to mediate. It is a day when new solutions may come to light for further investigation or experimentation. Finding yourself both drained and excited, enthusiastic and discouraged and other such oppositions may be all too common. Fire and air signs immerse in thoughts or activity around travel and important communications and news. Earth and water signs may feel the opposition in terms of stubborn problems with no ready answers. Some of us will get a bit of both, like Aquarius who may find home and career matters playing tug o' war or Aries who may feel financial strain along with exuberance over other personal things. Anxiety is a common feeling on a day like this so breathe consciously and try to be in the moment without letting your brain get on the hamster wheel and wear you out. Today's color is white.

Thursday: Sun square Pluto, Gemini Moon

The Moon is void from 2:43 to 7:48 am EDT and then in versatile Gemini. Gemini is a quick thinker, fast talker and imaginative writer. The Moon brings out similar traits and forms squares with Venus and Neptune. Trust issues come up as we're not sure what to believe. Do question what seems too good to be true. Follow your intuition and reserve judgment with people or businesses if you get a funny feeling not all is being revealed or obvious. Communication may be a bit of challenge between people who "speak different languages" even if it's all in English. Perspective will differ from one mind to another. Ask questions, be curious, use careful judgement. The Sun square to Pluto increases the likelihood we'll want to go about things in different ways and conflict in our thinking and plans. This can also lead to authority issues, like who should be in charge or which plan is most suitable. Today's color is violet.

Friday: Gemini Moon

Uranus in Aries keep the news and newness in the forecast. The Aries New Moon of last Sunday is in effect as the Sun and Uranus contact the Moon in Gemini. Keeping the mind calm and attending to one thing at a time is the challenge! Today could feel fast or frenetic. Build some down time in for regrouping. Get your head together before reacting or writing anything. The idea is to keep up while not letting everything get the best of you. Be methodical on a day when energy is likely to be scattered. Step by step will help you to be productive rather than trying to do things all at once and having nothing completed to specifications. Gemini Moon brings energy around our cars, computers and phones, travel, and siblings. Leaving on a short trip, for the weekend or a day, is favored. Just don't be tempted to get there fast. Enjoy the ride instead. Those who are argumentative or very opinionated will be in full force tonight. So will humourists and storytellers. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Venus in Pisces, Void of course Moon

The Moon is void of course in Gemini, an air sign. It's easier to lose your grounding and focus especially from 10:55 am to 5:40 pm EDT. Take care of simple things and socialize. Mercury squares the Moon from Pisces. Avoid pointless disagreements, expect plans may change, and try not to get upset about differences of opinion. Gemini is intellect and Pisces is emotion and so different personalities may not see eye to eye, early in the day at least. At 5:40 the Moon moves to Cancer and plays well with Venus, brand newly in Pisces as of 4:31 pm EDT. It's a romantic date night and also a good night at home. Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Cancer Moon conjunct Jupiter

Jupiter has a beneficial and healing influence and has been supporting growth in many ways, forgiveness and reunions in families, and home related plans for about 9 months now. We'll have 4 more Jupiter in Cancer months ahead. As the Moon meets up with the planet of blessings and expansion, consider how you can make home and family improvements. Our intuition is strengthened and supporting players tend to emerge on days like this. There are other influences tugging too. Pluto across the zodiac in Capricorn and Uranus at a square in Aries makes for tension between comfort and freedom found outside the comfort zone. Whether to stay or go and some of the influences regarding that are prominent today. Capricorn is favored in partnership yet may be struggling with family or home related issues in an ongoing way. Aries may be feeling the benefits of home. Today's color is blue

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