Monday, April 28, 2014

April 28th to May 4th, 2014

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I hope the eclipse brings you positive, happy changes!

Robin :)

Monday: Solar Eclipse Taurus

The Taurus Moon arrives at 10:23 am after a 27 hour void of course Moon. Get feet back on the ground as hands and mind need to get right to the business of the day. Any void of course Moon forgetfulness, slacking or purposeless anxiety must go! Taurus Moon values stability and resourcefulness. Preparations for openings, presentations and any kind of beginning take priority along with hands on work like construction or outdoor work. Taurus is a sign of landscapers, builders, and farmers. In these hours before New Moon, do what you can to plant seeds for growth and prosperity of any kind. Solar clipses mark strong sometimes sudden beginnings, and this one in Taurus brings news of what's moving in for the long haul.  It's not easy to reverse changes initiated during Taurus Moon. Be intentional and promise only what you can stand by. It's a good day to enjoy the fruits of labors, move into the next phase of a project, or ground in simple tasks. Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Solar Eclipse Taurus

The eclipse New Moon is at 2:14 am EDT near Mercury, supported by Pluto and Jupiter and approximately opposite Saturn. The opposition and involvement of Saturn retrograde is the stubborn aspect where blocks crop up in situations otherwise ripe for change and long term resolution. Even if there is still one thing holding up the works, consider the blessing of Jupiter in Cancer for healing and family matters as well as home related buildng and expansion and work with all the support that's available and offered in those areas especially. Also Pluto in Capricorn gives the word for letting go and leaving ghosts and shadows in the past.  Since Saturn is in Scorpio, matters involving sexuality, fertility, addiction, and emotions like jealousy or resentfulness may be the hardest to break through during this New Moon.  News is nearly always surprising with an eclipse. Some anticipated changes may suddenly have reason to go much more quickly. Think beyond the here and now since Taurus is all about follow through and loyalty and relying on your word.  Today's color is white

Wednesday: Taurus to Gemini Moon, Mercury sextile Jupiter
Mercury and Jupiter are ready to take action on ideas and things that have been discussed. Expansion plans, family relationships, and opening minds to change are Mercury and Jupiter's mission this week. Aries and Gemini may put this in a business context. The New Moon in Taurus is your impetus for a solid employment change, Aries. Gemini, yours may be more in the works and the learning and planning goes on now for a future shift regarding money and work. Leo, all this Taurus energy is fueling your career and opportunity may seem to come out of the blue though if you think about it, this is where everything has been leading. The eclipse puts a push on and Leo, you are the career star in your field. Cancer and Taurus, Mercury and Jupiter in your signs favor reliable collaborations, loyalty of friends, and good signs for communication, abundance and good news overall. A solar eclipse this week brings changes with Leos, Taurus, Scorpio, and boys and men in our lives, especially fathers who may be ready to move or announce other news of life changes. The Moon is void of course 11:53 am to 4:58 pm EDT. Check your calendar and prevent a missed meeting or appointment. The Gemini Moon tonight is social & scatters our focus as we're pulled in more than one direction. Today's color is yellow

Thursday: Gemini Moon

Today will be wildly creative for some and incredibly scattered in a way that makes others nervous. Gemini Moon squares Neptune and artistic differences might come up even within your own  mind! Seeing things two ways, the mind playing tricks, or trying to reconcile dualities is in the forecast with that energy in mutable signs that can't always settle on or be married to one way of seeing or doing.  The Moon also aligns with Uranus, rebellious and inventive, and with Mars in Libra somewhat held up and representing places we can't move forward especially in partnerships or legal situations.  It might be useful to find two things to concentrate on so if one is confusing or at a stalemate you can put your attention to the other. Being bored or stagnant is a huge challenge on a day like this. Find something you can solve, think out and talk about. Feel productive even if it's in small steps.  Collaboration over isolation, Gemini Moon is outgoing and intellectual too. Tonight the void of course Moon time starts at 7:32 pm EDT and lasts all the way through tomorrow. Today's color is blue.

Friday: Venus in Aries, Mercury opposes Neptune, Void of Course Moon

The Moon is void of course all day. If you can take the day off or at least do only routine work and skip any important decisions or expenses, do it. Mercury opposite Saturn is not easy for business or agreeing to anything important. Put off signing documents if possible. Repercussions from the eclipse may become evident today as Mercury and Saturn continue to work on Taurus/Scorpio. Saturn retrograde until July 20th will continue to hold up the process in some situations, so continue to show interest and effort while also having patience. For Leo, this may relate to home & any family situation. For Sagittarius or Gemini, this more likely relates to your health or changing routine for the better and the long term. Scorpio and Taurus, personal decisions and relationships are impacted. Libra, continue to be mindful with finances, legal matters and anything related to joint partner or ownership. Venus moves to Aries at 9:21 pm. Initiating new relationships is part of her mission, and feeling restless or fickle about new relationships may be natural as a case of spring fever sets in. New and shiny is appealing now. Today's color is red.

Saturday: Cancer Moon, Sun trine Pluto

Earth and water sign energies blend this weekend. Saturday's Sun/Pluto connection in Taurus and Capricorn reminds us to be practical and realistic in our expectations and endeavors. Speak up for what you need and people may step up to help. It's a good day to make a strong impression, public appearance or statement.  Progressive change is in the forecast post eclipses. A down to earth approach is the way to go this weekend. Cancer Moon all weekend long brings attention to what we care for most, both people and things like property, pets, gardens and anything related to ancestry or legacy. It's a good weekend for a house party and staying close to home or with family. Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Cancer Moon conjunct Jupiter 

The Moon meets Jupiter for a healing and expansive influence. Expansion plans at home get the go ahead. Make sure you know your budget since with Jupiter involved we sometimes lean toward more. Saturn in Scorpio is in contact with the Moon for a more restrictive influence and we may be reminded to follow the rules or stick with past methods even if they seem outdated. Negotiate new things carefully with the feelings of elders or anyone in authority in mind. Be respectful and you'll get further with your own ideas. Today is very much a continuation of yesterday's events and priorities. White is our Cancer Moon color.

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