Friday, May 2, 2014

May 5th to 11th, 2014

Monday: Leo Moon

The void of course Moon time is 4:46 to 1:55 pm EDT. Move easy into Monday. Home and family matters will preoccupy some while others will just have trouble waking up during Cancer Moon which tends to be sensitive and protective. Leo Moon is ready to roll this afternoon and night with happy Venus connection that assists with our own interactions including creative endeavors, love life, and networking for business or friendship. This Monday may have the attitude of a Thursday or Friday socially. Venus in Aries and the Leo Moon both ask that we come out of our shells, seek love and friendship, recognize beauty and find fun! Today's color is purple for Leo energy.

Tuesday: Leo Moon, Sun sextile Jupiter

The Sun is today's prominent player, in Taurus, contacting expansive Jupiter in Cancer. The caution is about going too far. It could be with spending, talking too much, or consuming. Positive effects include healing, forgiving, growing and constructing! Take care of health and do things that nurture your body or spirit. The Sun is also Leo's star, and we have a Leo Moon working with Mars retrograde so we might revisit action around a pending issue, maybe with a partner. Mars retrograde ends May 19th and some solutions that are a little out of reach now may come once Mars is in forward motion again. Lay the groundwork for a good, fair, reasonable agreement with your significant other, ex, or another party you must negotiate with now. The Moon and Sun are square to each other so this will require effort, equal expressing and listening and give and take with willingness to yield or see the other point of view. Breakthroughs in thinking and ability to accomplish something can be made on a day like this. Have some patience, but keep working on it! Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Mercury in Gemini
The Moon is void of course in Leo all day, from 6:50 am EDT until 2:24 am tomorrow. It's a good time to catch up on simple things, clean up, review, or take time for yourself. Mercury is moving to Gemini and when Mercury moves things can seem undecided, a bit unstable or uncertain feeling, so give it time to settle in before making any important move. Mercury changes signs and moves "home" to Gemini at 10:57 am EDT. In June Mercury will be retrograde in Cancer and Gemini. These May weeks are a good time to decide and finalize, sign and commit, especially when Mars is direct May 19th on. Laying groundwork might be a good plan if you're not quite sure how to direct your energy today. Sociable, explorative and not very focused are descriptors for today's atmosphere. Wear yellow.

Thursday: Virgo Moon

If you really need to put some time and effort into business or important personal work, these two days are your time. Some potentially challenging negotiating is in the forecast with Moon and Mercury newly in Gemini saying "let's do this" and really get at the crux of the problem or goal. Virgo, pay attention in career and your roles. Gemini, don't lose track of what needs to be done at home or taken care of with family or where you live. Cancer, communicate ideas now. Holding things in will not get you where you want to be. Aries, both Virgo and Gemini forecast may apply to you. Work, routine changes, and communicating well are the main ideas while Mercury is in Gemini and the Moon is in Virgo the rest of the work week. Today Neptune is across from the Moon. Be versatile and flexible, but don't be a pushover or believe everything you're told. Use your instincts and work ethic together. Today's color is brown.

Friday: Virgo Moon trine the Sun & Pluto

Today is meant to be very productive, optimistic and realistic. Set out to accomplish. Ask for the help or expertise you need. Organize and be methodical. The Moon is in harmony with Saturn in Scorpio for wisdom and mature understanding, Jupiter for family, growth, and health, the Sun for the ability to express and commit, and Pluto for facing fears or past issues courageously and productively. It's an all around good day to deal with whatever needs versatile thinking and clear communication or analysis. Today's color is navy blue.

Saturday: Libra Moon, Sun opposite Saturn

The Moon moves to Libra in the afternoon and the weekend is people oriented and nice for meeting old or new friends. We travel in pairs during Libra Moon. Bring a buddy along. The Sun is opposing Saturn retrograde in Scorpio. Sun opposite Saturn shows willingness to try and solve a problem or resolve an issue, but with the retrograde it's just not full steam and solutions may require more research, effort or time. Much of this relates to security and having structures in place with the Sun and Saturn in Taurus and Scorpio. Do deal with obligations in some way rather than look for escape. Mars is opposite Venus overnight tonight and relationship matters are a big deal and will lean to one extreme or the other! Much of this relates to unfinished business since Mars is retrograde. Expect to revisit topics or feelings, hear about separations and engagements both. Today's color is pink.

Sunday: Mars opposite Venus, Libra Moon

Happy Mother's Day! Tread carefully in family and other relationships that are uncertain. This day is full of activity including oppositions and squares and action in the cardinal sign hot spots, Aries, Libra, Capricorn and Cancer. This means repeating patterns, revisiting consistent issues, and trying to maintain balance and clear thinking. The Moon meets Mars bringing up old or unfinished work. With Venus opposite, this is most likely with love, marriage, and partnerships of all kinds. Mercury in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces and little or bigger lies may be told. This could be to soften or protect feelings or it may be outright dishonesty. If you have a funny feeling it's not the truth, go with that instinct. Investigate.  It's a social day to a certain extent while there are also many preoccupations just below the surface. The Moon is void of course from 6:51 pm EDT all the way through Monday evennig past 9 pm. Today's color is light blue.

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