Friday, April 18, 2014

April 21st to April 27th, 2014

Monday: Capricorn Moon, Uranus square Pluto

Uranus square Pluto and if there's a cycle you're just plain tired and done with, this is probably one of the trigger points. It's been active for days and peaks today, waning as April ends. This is about a larger cycle, not just one day or week. For about 11 more months, we experience this upheaval of a square. This is why your circumstances keep changing and once you think you've made the appropriate move or decision, there's something else to face. The next time it rears it's influence is during the holidays, December particularly, and then in March next year. My advice is try to find the message as in what do you need to face within yourself and what are you attempting to control that you can't change. And also to find the humor or bring some laughter and lightness in because that is in fact always available even if only through the irony or through a related memory. Find something to smile about. Capricorn Moon is playing well with Venus and Saturn. Don't let power struggles and control issues get the best of you. This can be a very productive, confident day. Be cautious with things like contracts or orders than need to be carried out. Make sure you understand the directions. Mercury in Aries squares the Moon this evening meaning more action in the hot spots, Capricorn, Aries, Cancer and Libra. Family, career obligations or changes, fairness and legalities and how to grow and prosper are all issues for discussion, debate and consideration.  The Moon is void of course from 7:21 pm on and details are more likely to be lost and forgotten then. Today's color is white.

Tuesday: Aquarius Moon, Mars square Jupiter

Mars square Jupiter is part of the picture painted in last night's forecast and is also in the opposite signs of the Uranus/Pluto square at work this week. Take a deep breath. Mars is retrograde until May 19th. Justice may not be easy to find and action not as effectively taken before then. Still, there are things to be dealt with. Do as much as you can without expecting full results quite yet. Fairness and equality are key issues. Cancer, home or family need to be a priority though career related things are keeping you busy and also ever changing this season. Gemini, be careful where money is concerned and don't overextend yourself. Libra, step back a bit and see if you can be objective or get a broader perspective. Aquarius Moon helps us all with that more global, less centric point of view. Aquarius Moon also sheds light on ideas and today it might be about what's not really necessary. Is there something you can let go of or some idea you're  holding onto that's not worth your energy? Are you part of a social or work group that's too draining and can you change that? Be careful tonight! It's a social night on one hand, but on another Mars is opposite Uranus and that looks ominous and potentially unsafe.  Lots of unpredictable energy may create a feeling of being on edge or anxious. Surround yourself with trusted friends. Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Mercury in Taurus, Mars opposes Uranus and squares Pluto

Mars is opposite Uranus, continuing the influence of the cross in the cardinal signs. The Moon and Saturn also square off. These squares are challenges at best. Manage stress, anxiety, and reactivity in order not to add to whatever is throwing things off course. Some people will not be able to do that effectively and it's likely to be the biggest problem of all. From drama to outrage to grieving, anything is to be expected. Between eclipses, the universe is dealing some more wild cards that change the whole picture. Have your plans for maintaining composure or for stepping back from things for a while. As of 5:16 am EDT, Mercury in Taurus nudges us to think long term in all our decisions and commitments. Act on plans for more abundance and more security including business decisions and home or work upgrades. If you are fortunate not to be impacted much by the cardinal cross action, you can really take advantage of a super productive time to concentrate on grounding, better health habits, and building from the ground up literally or metaphorically. Today's color is turquoise

Thursday: Pisces Moon

This week needed a peace & love day. Pisces Moon helps with compassion, reconnection, and reminds us there is some greater purpose and spirit to life and even death. Pisces Moon stimulates intuition and the artist within. The Moon meets Neptune, ethereal and watery and good for a trip to the beach or lake. Boating and fishing are ruled by this Moon/Neptune meeting. The Sun and Mercury in Taurus give us some grounding, especially in satisfying work, projects and decisions. Heart to heart and sincere communication are favored today. Give yourself time to process. Connect with like minded people. Make progress in a steady, step by step manner. Tonight is good for romance, arts events, and music. Today's color is green.

Friday: Pisces Moon, Sun conjunct Mercury, Venus trine Saturn

Today is loaded with planetary, Sun & Moon aspects, mainly involving the signs Pisces and Taurus. The Sun meets Mercury in Taurus and in some cases final decisions and commitments will be made or announced.  Keep in mind, a Taurus eclipse next week may impact decisions with new developments or awareness, but otherwise this is a decent time to have your mind set in a direction with solid plans backing you up. Some very definitive things will be discussed and said as the weekend starts, tomorrow as well as today. Leo, this is a solid and strong career influence for you. Scorpio, this may come from your significant other and both Scorpio and Capricorn this relates to relationships and your commitment to them.  Taurus, all of the above can be influenced as the Sun and Mercury meet in your sign, and friends and allies play a part with the Pisces planets and Moon supporting. Pisces, expect family news and reasons for travel to be with people you care about.  Venus and Saturn align and we'll be trying to get a handle on anything unresolved in relationships as well as harness creative energies. Relax or do something creative after 4:03 pm when the Moon moves void until 6:01 am EDT. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Aries Moon, Mercury sextile Neptune

Just days before the eclipse in Taurus, it's a time for reevaluating, taking inventory, and forming a flexible plan for going forward. It's natural not to quite know what direction to go in right now, but at least try to define your vision. Aries Moon and sitting still do not go well together. Find something to do! Mercury and Neptune are still working that inspired, creative spirit. Art, gardening, music, and any kind of self expression and channeling of emotions into constructive work is favored. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Aries Moon 

There's a long void of course Moon in Aries from 7:02 am EDT until Monday at 10:23 am. Keep this day simple and especially non confrontational. The Moon and Uranus have a newsworthy conjunction overnight that can inspire a great idea or bring unanticipated news. As we build to a solar eclipse at 2:14 am EDT, we might welcome a "dull moment" yet not get one. Don't overexert in work or workouts, and wear safety gear and equipment for work or sports for sure! Take your time. Pressuring other people is a no no too. The Sun and Neptune are in harmony and enhance collaborative or solo projects that require imagination and expressiveness, color and design. Dream up something great and begin to work or play at it! Keep serious business to an absolute minimum. Today's color is gold.

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