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March 17th to 23rd, 2014

I'm at Freeport Yoga Company in Freeport, Maine on Saturday March 22nd for a RoZoYo Astrology and Yoga workshop. If you'd like to register, go to and all the info is at the workshops link! March 22 12:30-3 pm.

Monday: Mercury in Pisces, Libra Moon

Mercury scoots back into Pisces to finish unresolved business, especially the emotional or spiritually connected type of personal business. It's another chance at what you didn't quite solve this winter. The Full Moon is barely behind us, so this is an eventful start to the week and is likely to involved issues close to the heart. Mercury shifts at 6:24 pm. The Moon is in Libra all day with a variety of aspects to consider including fairness to one another, one on one relationships in general, changes of events that are not in our control and may need responses and willingness to shift plans, and health matters too. It's quite a bit so pick one and take a step toward resolution. Prioritizing and seeing things objectively is important and helpful. Venus in Aquarius fuels sensible thinking around relationship matters and team efforts. St. Pat's Day festivities may be impacted by bigger priorities that must be taken care of as the Full Moon time insists on what is due now and not a single day later.  If you're celebrating, do so with a best bud since Libra Moon favors the duo who has each other's back. Wear pink (with your green if that's the case!).

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Mars, Mercury sextile Uranus

This is a day of news.  Full Moon developments become public, and changes are announced. People may speak without thinking. React quietly at first and save face. The Moon and Mars can trigger old issues, particularly about partnership, legal matters, and what's fair and just. Mars in Libra retrograde can be passive aggressive or let things build up. This is one of those peak days where it's best to reserve judgement and speak calmly. List pros and cons in your decision making and look carefully at your list. Take in information and observe other people and notice your insights. Not everyone will behave well today. Acting out of character might be the extreme of this. Yesterday and today have some built up energy that can be released tactfully or could implode into something that will be regretted or rethought later. Tread lightly. Virgo, this could be about work and money. Leo, speak thoughtfully or mediate for others.  Cancer, home and family are the priority and you may be needed there. Libra, don't let hard feelings build up. Have a healthy outlet for emotional situations if they present themelves. Void of course Moon 9:07 pm EDT to 5:07 am Wednesday. Today's color is lavender.

Wednesday: Scorpio Moon

Scorpio Moon brings focus. Mercury in Pisces aligns to add some softness and creative mind for thinking things through and allowing solutions to come. Try not to push while seeking answers and problem solving. Keep the mind clear and listen. Seeing another point of view may help if you're being stubborn and fixed. Mercury in Pisces is a versatile influence on thinking and creating. Use the imagination. Neptune is in agreement with that and also helps with places we need to yield or surrender. It's a peaceful warrior's day. Wear maroon.

Thursday: Sun to Aries, Moon trine Jupiter, square Venus and conjunct Saturn

All these influences on the Scorpio Moon affect how we feel about things and also how we act on matters. Saturn assures it is all very important and not to be avoided or taken lightly. Expect agreements to be long term and to follow through. Venus and the Moon both relate to emotion and are in fixed signs, which means we'll tend to hold our ground. It might be hard to convince someone to change. Make sure the ideal you're hanging onto is worth it and that it's not just a battle of wills or a preconceived idea that is no longer useful. It might help to yield a bit in business or personal matters. At least, consider that. This is the Spring Equinox as the Sun moves to Aries at 12:57 pm EDT. The Moon is waning which is good for spring cleaning though today has a good deal of energy focused on hanging on rather than letting go. The Moon moves void of course, so no overnight online shopping or other uncertain action from 11:12 pm on. Today's color is red.

Friday: Sagittarius Moon

The Sagittarius Moon time begins at 11:39 am EDT. Before then, expect delays and changes of plans and maybe no-shows. Check and see where you should be or what you need to be doing. It's a spacey morning. After that, Sag Moon favors movement and travels. The Moon and Sun align for action, but Mercury and Neptune throw a bit of caution in for unfamiliar people or things.  Be curious without taking risks, especially with trust or with anything mind altering. Keep your feet on the ground. Today's color is orange.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon

Sagittarius is an active Moon time. Get physical energy out and avoid cabin fever or being stir crazy! Do something out of the ordinary that stimulates both body and mind! (This is why I chose today for my Yoga and Astrology workshop at Freeport yoga Company!). It is essential not to be bored or the mind may play tricks. Mercury and Neptune are intuitive and imaginative which is great! They also can be tricksters together and get our minds into misinterpreting or misunderstanding. Don't believe a story or tell yourself one that isn't real. Venus in Aquarius favors group and team activities and collaborations. Uranus is the wild card. Do be safe and avoid unnecessary risks. Don't overdo anything. Get the intuition flowing and see things honestly and truly. Today's color is purple.

Sunday: Sagittarius to Capricorn Moon

This is the 4th quarter Moon and it's a time to let go, clean out, and trim things back. You might get a haircut or clean closets out, for example. The void of course Moon is from 6:40 am EDT to 4:03 pm so it's not a great day to spend money or expect someone to remember what you discussed. It is a good day for relaxation, simple tasks, sorting things out, and problem solving especially after the Capricorn Moon moves in. Mars keeps us moving and thinking and maybe revisiting a topic more honestly. The Sun is square to the Moon in Capricorn and working on confidence about being in charge or willingness to let someone else be the authority are two effects. Control is an issue. Decide do you need to step back or step up. This is dependent on what's the norm. Capricorn and Aries, you go at life differently. Capricorn will get in for the physical work and organization in a step by step way. Aries might multi task, not do things in order and still get it done. All signs can focus on the details and make sure steps are not skipped completely tonight.  Today's color is gray.

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