Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 24th to 30th, 2014 (Next week's! for this week, see the post below!)

Monday: Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon motivates Monday. Mercury aligns from Pisces for a blend of creative and organizational thinking and work. The Moon and Jupiter oppose and there's reason to consider how big a deal to make or how far to go. This includes spending. Scale up or back depending on which extreme you've been going in. Ideas that seem improbably may not be. Uranus in Aries sparks insight and instead of assuming a roadblock in the way, open up to possibility. Capricorn Moon is a good time to figure out how something can work in a very tangible, real way. Think steps and method for achieving goals.  Notice the subtle influences too, and play off them if possible. What's implied could have a great deal of meaning. Sagittarius and Leo, notice that with work and routine. Virgo, love and friendship and a bit of luck are in your favor. Be willing to receive! For all, good work ethic is in order. This will not happen for you, without YOU involved.  Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Void of course Moon

The Moon is in harmony with Saturn and square to Mars and moves void of course at 8:35 am until 6:39 pm. Simplify and go with routine over anything new and untried.  Saturn and Mars add heaviness and possibly perfectionism. This is not the best time to go over fine details. Void Moon leans toward overlooking things. Do that sort of work after 6:39 pm EDT. "Maybe" could be a good word for the day. Think things over and wait on responses if possible. If not, leave room for a margin of error and adjustment.  It's an earth sign Moon and exercise is recommended! Capricorn is teeth, bones, and particularly knees. Protect them during your workout or play time. Aquarius Moon from 6:39 pm, 3:39 pm Pacific, initiates team efforts and it's a favorable night for a meeting or any type of group effort.  Aquarius is an architect's sign. Design a plan of any sort. Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Aquarius Moon

Jupiter and Mercury team up today in the water signs.  Things closest to our hearts and creative plans are stimulated. Making big things happen is the work of Jupiter and Mercury! There's a healing influence so find answers and ideas for improving health. Put plans in motion. Family business gets a boost too. Solutions, forgiveness, creative work, and health advice are all favored. Aquarius Moon aligns with fiery Sun and Uranus both in Aries. Ideas light up the mind! Write it all down since these insights can come and go quickly! Discuss possibilities, draw up plans and work together! Leo, relationship, studies and travel news all light your Sun sign chart! Aries, much of what transpires has to do with the people you're aligning with! Make friends and improve collegial relationships too. Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio, you're in your element with Jupiter and Mercury. Instincts are on and you may see barriers lift! Today's color is turquoise!

Thursday: Void of Course Moon

From 9:13 am to 8:10 pm ET the Moon is void of course. These hours are not designed for major decisions or shopping for anything other than simple necessities. Stick with familiar routines as much as possible. The Aquarius Moon is good for productive daydreaming though! Write down ideas. Venus brings the atmosphere for meaningful connections in love and friendship. Saturn in Scorpio and Mars in Libra are retrograde and may be slowing certain things down. Take your time with the big matters of life. Reevaluate and go over previous plans to identify flaws. Tonight's Pisces Moon is made for personal time, reconnecting, and sleeping on it before you decide.  Today's color is green.

Friday: Mercury conjunct the Moon in Pisces

Things fall together on days like this. Imagine what could be! Neptune lends imagination, but can also tempt us with an escape hatch. Don't be tempted. Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto are nicely lined up for expansion, healing, forgiveness and positive feelings. Ask for advice, get insights from others, and spend time with close, trusted friends.  In many ways, you may feel you're dealing with the past and recurrences. This can be a time of deeper healing, emotionally or physically. Sentimental or melancholy feelings are likely, but we're well set up to get a handle on those emotions.  Arts, performance and musical events are favored socially.  It's also a good movie night.  Today's color is light blue. (We've been deep in the blues and greens all week!)

Saturday: Venus square Saturn

Venus in Aquarius is square to Saturn. Difficult decisions related to people and groups we're involved with must be made. Venus in Aquarius helps detach from the emotional part and do what makes sense. In some cases, ties will be severed or collaborative relationships changed. Another effect is serious decisions being made as a result of group efforts.  The Moon is void of course from 9:44 am to 9:54 pm ET. Avoid major expenses. Venus and Mars align helping with the most personal and close relationships. In Aquarius and Libra, these planets also encourage new connections, like minded collaborations, and logical thinking and decision making.  Mars is retrograde and some of this may seem long overdue.  Act thoughtfully, not rashly. Clear out the old and make way for a New Moon tomorrow. Aries Moon arrives at 9:54 pm. Today's color is red.

Sunday: Aries Moon

The 2nd New Moon this month is highly charged with the Sun and Uranus acting like lightning. Quick changes, important insights, and an inventive nature, New Moon in Aries is exact at 2:45 pm. Clear out old ways of thinking and deal with people and other things that only block energy and action.  The month ahead, April, is eclipse time, and we need to be ready to act. Things that have been pending need sudden attention and response in the weeks ahead. The more you can clear the way, the better, especially if you have an idea of what might be triggered by Aries and Scorpio eclipses that relate back to October of 2013.  What is ready for the next step or what is ready to be torn down in favor of rebuilding something different? Jupiter and Pluto are involved with this New Moon, meaning family matters and/or behind the scenes action taking place.  Libra, Aries, Cancer, Capricorn are at the hot spots of this New Moon chart and any planets you have in those signs are clues to areas that must be paid attention to. Generally, this is personal to Aries and a time for changing things. Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, the way others see you, the relationship you take in family and love and also career are highlighted.  Pisces and Virgo, financial considerations and agreements are a priority. Gemini, news and getting up to speed and maybe the mail or something else in writing is important in the next few days. Wear white.

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