Sunday, March 9, 2014

March 10th to March 16th, 2014

Monday: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer

Those cardinal sign energies are fully at play with the Moon and Jupiter pumping in all that is good, fertile, healing, and creates feelings of security. It's a good thing Jupiter is there to smooth the bumps of the Moon square Uranus, a monthly occurence that points out sharply the contrast between what is nurturing and what or who comes on strong and possibly scary! Uranus in Aries rattles that sense of security Cancer Moon craves. If it's time to shake things up and you're overly comfortable, maybe this is a welcome shift. However when it involves news you didn't anticipate and reasons to readjust or even scrap a plan completely, this square can be chaotic. Jupiter relates to growth and support, so go to your support systems if the going gets rocky. Jupiter near the Moon soothes the emotional fallout of whatever may be occurring. Reaching out may be necessary. It's best not to assume that people will know what you need unless you reach out and ask. Today even if you want to play it safe, there's likely to be a shift or challenge awaiting. Cancer, you are a central figure at the pivotal point and you have an influence or wisdom to share! Capricorn, you will recognize this pattern and have the chance to face a fear or help someone else close to you face their own. Libra, this is going on all around you yet you may not know what you can do or how you fit in. Be observant and step in if the right moment comes.  Gemini, work at prosperity or see if that alluring job can become yours now.  Today's color is blue.

Tuesday: Mercury square Saturn

Agreements and solutions that you could not find when Mercury was retrograde in February are up for discussion again. With effort and willingness to yield a bit, a long term plan or contract can be worked out today. Take it seriously and act thoughtfully with permanence in mind. Be permanence, I mean long term and for the foreseeable future or the agreed upon contract length. Things you negotiate today will not be easy to get out of or reverse. Mars in Libra urges acting in fairness to all parties. Go over the terms and contest anything that seems out of place rather than be quiet about it and suffer through problems you wish you'd pointed out. The Sun and Saturn align with the Moon providing some confidence and feelings of assurance and stability. At 3:50 pm ET the Moon moves void of course until 10:09 pm. If you feel like getting out tonight, gathering with friends or doing anything other than work, it's well set up! Leo Moon comes on at 10:09 pm for those who want to make it a later night. The Leo Moon tends to bring a burst of energy and in some cases, celebration. Today's color is gold.

Wednesday: Moon opposite Venus

The Moon in Leo and Venus in Aquarius are directly across the zodiac bouncing people oriented energy all around. Some questions we run into are how much to be independent versus how much to be a team player and part of a group. In relationships, Leo and Aquarius, in long term partnerships especially, may reach important decisions or crossroads. Aries and Libra, particularly in new relationships, experience excitement and plenty of social energy. Make sure the relationship is not too crowded with "friends" though. Uranus in Aries is adding eventfulness, possibly anxiety and also quick changes of status or plans. Our friendships, love lives, and ability to live harmoniously with each other are in the forefront during this part of the week. Today's color is red.

Thursday: Sun trine Saturn

The Sun and Saturn in harmony are all about wisdom. Sun in Pisces is wisdom in trusting the emotions and Saturn in Scorpio is the wisdom of ancestry and intuitions that come from deep within both the body and soul. Listen to what your instincts are telling you. If you're feeling heavy or depressed energy, look toward what is lighter and to who has experience and can be a teacher or counselor. Wisdom within and advice from external sources combine to move heavy energy and give perspective. Find your source. The Leo Moon is a resilient influence. Put effort into improving your circumstance or be the guide for someone else if you've been down that road and back. Today is favorable for dealing with people in positions of authority or for dealing with employees if you are the boss. It's that blend of clear and firm while being understanding that's easier to find, hopefully. The conditions are right. Full Moon is beginning to warm up for the weekend. Wear purple today. 

Friday: Mercury opposite the Moon, Mercury trine Mars

Ongoing talks and plans are highlighted today. Mercury the planet of communication, schedules and our commutes and short trips is the dominant force. We'll review and make adjustments, in some cases reaching the final resolution. Also, discussions of what is unjust or out of balance come into play. Mars is retrograde and this can lead to bottling up anger or dissatisfaction. Today Mercury encourages us to air it out and particularly to work together in groups and in communities to find workable solutions. Even if progress is slow, try to bring up the important points, give your perspective and allow for some time to process or go by if necessary. It's a good day to revisit something and put a timeline on it. From 3:24 am to 10:17 am the Moon is void of course (adjust by time zone, so that's until 7:17 am Pacific, etc...) The Virgo Moon then rules the late week business. Normally practical, this Virgo Moon is colored by Neptune in Pisces and creative ways are favored. It's a good movie to music night and might be low key for a Friday. More intimate gatherings are favored over the crowds. Today's color is indigo blue.

Saturday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon in harmony with Jupiter and Pluto helps with a well rounded day. You might be motivated for a work or home project, feel a strong connection to what you're doing or where you are, and be of help to someone else. Virgo likes to lend a helping hand and can be very generous with time. Jupiter lends the spiritual and philosophical approach to the weekend, from Cancer. This is grounded, domestic type energy good for healing work, physical improvement, and anything related to home including a big cleanup! When you clean you also clear the energy field for new things! It's not a bad day socially, but like Friday night, it's more about gathering those near and dear to us.  The Full Moon is here in case you missed the signs! Today's color is brown.

Sunday: Full Moon in Virgo

Next month at this time we'll have a lunar eclipse. The vibes are in the air now, and with this Full Moon, a final resolution or the rumblings of what's in store for the next month, are both possible. Virgo Full Moon ties up loose ends neatly and Saturn from Scorpio urges this too. Clean up the act, resolve a mess, clear away old dilemmas you don't need to bother with. A neater mind means less to get in the way of what's real and present. And a neater space means less to procrastinate or worry about. It all relates to feeling better about the state of things. Health matters should get priority now too. Don't put off something you really need to check with a professional about. The timing is right. News now relates to health and service. Virgo is an earth sign and getting back to outdoor practices and places may be part of this Full Moon. Think about what a clean sweep means to you, and get it done. Wear white.

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