Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 3rd to March 9th, 2014

Monday: Aries Moon

The business week begins with fresh perspective as the lens shifts to reflect Mars and Saturn retrograde, Mercury direct in Aquarius, and the New Moon we had on Saturday. The Sun and Pluto combine forces in Pisces and Capricorn and with a good handle on emotions and an objective way of looking at things, we can rouse enthusiasm, get something good accomplished, and do practical things without compromising heart and spirit.  Put your best talents to work today. Capricorn and Pisces may both be feeling popular and Gemini may be honored if recognition is due for jobs well done. Jupiter and Uranus are keeping the waters bubbling with reasons to change course and news to be responded to, but not too impulsively. Aries, there's plenty going on to keep you busy and hopefully enthusiastic and not overwhelmed. If so, use Mercury in Aquarius to gather a support team. Friends and collaborators will be in better positions to communicate more clearly. Today is a red day.

Tuesday: Aries to Taurus Moon

Moon sign shifts in the middle of the day, at 2:12 pm ET. Th early hours are more uncertain with the chance of too much change and things previously unannounced happening rapidly. If the morning is a whirlwind, for better or worse, the void of course Moon is prime time to slow down, take a break, put off answering a call or email and get the head together. Relationship matters Venus and Mars are activating could feel like a challenge. Reorganize or recharge 12:31 pm to 2:12. Taurus Moon time is best for working methodically, with a plan. Tonight, creative, hands on projects and work or time to completely relax and drift into a movie, music or dreamland are all favored by the Moon and Neptune. Preferably you do this with someone you'd like to drift through time with for a while. Invite a romantic partner to join you, even if work is on the agenda. Taurus, Scorpio, Pisces and Virgo, that goes especially for you. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Venus in Aquarius

Venus moves into Aquarius after a long while in Capricorn. Vision for what's next in our relationships may come with that Aquarian influence. Venus in Aquarius can also open the mind about love without attachment to one person or outcome. Do you need to rethink your love philosophy? Mercury is in Aquarius too, and getting perspective and initiating better communication and a less dramatic approach is one way to harness this energy. Today's Taurus Moon is very well supported by Pluto, the Sun and Jupiter for positive action and tangible results. Do the physical work. Enjoy the rewards of what  you've already done as well! Wear pink.

Thursday: Jupiter direct, Moon opposite Saturn

Expect stubborn people or problems to make an appearance. The best course may to just watch what happens and do nothing to aggravate it. Saturn across from the Moon in these signs rarely yields a compromise. It's more likely an ultimatum, if anything. If you must debate or negotiate have your side well thought out and present a very sensible plan you can live with long term. The Taurus Moon is void of course from 8:55 am ET until 9:37 pm and then in Gemini. The evening is set up for social plans or friendly phone calls. Keep today as light as possible. The heavy energy will feel like quicksand if you step into it. Jupiter direct in Cancer can only mean good things and relates very much to family, house and home, and health. Pursue these things with more resolve. Wear white.

Friday: Gemini Moon

Gemini is an entertaining sign, often relating to quick wit and storytelling. Write your blog today or get together with friends for lively conversations! Gemini Moon time in combination with Neptune in Pisces is imaginative but also potentially deceptive. If you think someone is telling you a fish story, a white lie, or leading you astray you're best off to pay attention to that feeling. Ideas and possibilities may come at us quickly today. Keep up with the important and file the rest to look over later. Build in fun time. Date night or party time is well timed unless you're a writer who must seize the moment and work with your muse. Today's color is yellow.

Saturday: Moon trine Mercury

If you have an important talk that's been pending, today can be the day. Air it out, share your plans and news, or broach a subject that makes you a little bit nervous. Instead of telling yourself stories and replaying that scene again and again, find your courage. If you have been holding onto happy news, find someone to celebrate it with! Gemini Moon squares Pisces Sun and moods are very changeable this weekend. You can sway someone's attitude or mood by just being light and easygoing. Take the positive approach. Tell your side of the story calmly. Keep mental chatter down to relieve some of that overactive Gemini brain if you tend in that direction.  The need to express is strong! Writers, take advantage! It's another social day and night too! Wear light blue.

Sunday: Cancer Moon

The void of course Moon in Gemini is 3:53 to 9:33 am ET. It's very uncertain and may create anxiety or increase the odds of mistakes so be aware if you travel, turn on the oven or light a candle (for examples) during those hours. Cancer Moon puts family obligations at the top of the list today. Also concentrate on health and taking care of yourself or others. Doing creative work is favored and so is improving the environment at home. Moods are very contagious this weekend. Try not to be grumpy. Find the silver lining or just do something that feels positive and producitve and ward off any potential blues. Today's color is white.

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