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February 24th to March 2nd, 2014

RoZoYo Yoga & Astrology Workshop is coming to Freeport Yoga Company on Bow Street in Freeport, Maine on March 22nd to celebrate the change of season. Learn postures that relate to each sign of the zodiac and get a gallery style reading for spring's eclipses, Saturn retrograde, and a peek ahead at summer! All are welcome, even if you've never taken a yoga class, you can participate fully! 

I am looking forward to returning to FYC where I did this workshop last July!

Register as soon as possible at 

Monday: Capricorn Moon, Venus sextile Saturn

Capricorn energy in the air as the Moon moves to the goat's sign at 8:50 am ET after a few void of course hours. 4:25 am to 8:50 am ET (adjust accordingly for time zone) are spacey hours and the morning may be groggy causing missed appointments or alarms that don't wake you. Have a back up. Our dreams and daydreams can lead to something tangible on days like this. Follow an interesting idea with a bit of construction and see if it can be built on. Neptune provides imagination and the Sun gives optimism, both from versatile Pisces. Venus, planet of relationships and harmony, works with Saturn in Scorpio taking off some of the heavy influence and leading to potential agreements and solutions. With less than a week of Mercury retrograde, form a plan you can start after Friday! Or begin now with a trial run and review how you and a partner are doing, in work, love, or cohabitation, once the retrograde is done, perhaps in two weeks.  Today looks like a window of opportunity. Use Capricorn ethic and reorganize to make things fit or function better. They may even look more visually appealing in the process. Today's color is green.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon opposes Jupiter

The Moon meets Pluto every month and this is that day! Facing fears is one effect. Dealing with deeply rooted feelings and also undercurrents are two more! As you do this, know that Saturn is at work again today, with the Moon, continuing work on relationships and partnerships with a serious sense of what's right and even "grown up". It might be useful to ask what your father or grandmother or other wise counsel would say and then decide what you think about that. Or actually ask an elder or authority for some guidance. Jupiter in Cancer is a healing force bouncing energy over to the Moon in Capricorn and even those of us less tuned in to emotions may have feelings come up that can't be denied or easily detached from.  It's a giving opposition in the sense that compassion and nurturing may increase where it's lacking or latent.  Another effect is noticing where we are overcompensating or need to scale back on anything that's getting too large, from our food consumption to "the drama" or spending habits.  Cancer is rooted in home. Capricorn is rooted in career. Do they need to be brought into better balance? Aries and Libra may especially know that this is the year for that.  The Moon & Venus favor both romance and the practical aspects of relationship tonight. Wear blue today.

Wednesday: Moon conjunct Venus, Jupiter square Uranus

Jupiter square Uranus leads to a sense of urgency. These two very different planets in radically different signs create tension that could result in sudden inspiration or strong intuition with a feeling that taking immediate action is necessary. Keep Mercury retrograde in mind and take a breath or several before you rush into anything.  Mars in Libra is also exerting influence with a square to the Moon. If you're trapped by idealism and unable to make a decision because conditions haven't been exactly right, Jupiter and Uranus do create breakthroughs though they may be chaotic at first. Whatever feels urgent, make sure you have reasoned and are on a balanced path. The chance of creating more problems than you want is present, so take care with judgment and reasoning. Capricorn and Cancer, the Moon and Venus are favoring your relationship this week. Take positive steps around commitment and also how you feel about yourself, which also positively impacts your relationship life.  Expect tension between what creates accomplishment and success and what fosters good health and strong relationships. They don't have to be in conflict, though sometimes it seems so. Think out of the box, avoid being defensive or impulsive. Did I mention the Moon moves to Aquarius at 9:55 am? Today's color is turquoise.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon

Aquarius is the sign of technology and progress, ruled by Uranus the rebel planet.  We are about to leave the Mercury retrograde zone and great ideas are in the air. Take your time with them. There's a New Moon on Saturday for fresh starts and moving forward. Work with plans and ideas flexibly and creatively, with an eye toward what's original, colorful, and extends beyond the norm. Just don't rush anything or put the final details in place. Leave room and a bit of time to refine.  Mercury is sparking energy for projects or plans once left behind. Mercury retrograde's inventive quality in Aquarius can be an advantage to engineers, designers, and those who work in sciences and technology. Ideas for improving on a system or design may just come as flashes of inspiration now! Do invent a new way to communicate. Do not buy gadgets that you think will help with communication. That's the difference between using Mercury retro to an advantage or creating Mercury retrograde frustration. Leave the  purchases for another time. Soon.  One final note: Opinions will be very stubborn, especially tonight. A debate is probably not worthwhile. Today's color is silver.

Friday: Mercury Direct 9:00 am ET, Sun trine Jupiter, Pisces Moon

There's much good fortune, optimism, and potential for health and home help and upgrades as the Sun and Jupiter align in Pisces and Cancer. Your ship could come in! All signs benefit. Seek support, health advice and other solutions. It is the last day of Mercury retrograde, in fact that's done with at 9 am, and considering other aspects, this may be a more favorable last day than usual. There's a New Moon tomorrow to really make the assist in things coming together. The stars are aligning, as the phrase goes! Intuition will be very strong. If it sends you a red flag, do wait things out and play it safe. If the green light feels right, go! A bit of caution won't hurt, but do not  let opportunity pass by. This is especially true with money and work for Aquarius and Gemini, other financial matters for Leo and Sagittarius, personal decisions for Pisces, career and recognition possibilities for Libra, and health matters for all. Another void of course Moon, during similar hours to those earlier in the week, is in effect from 5:55 am to 9:53 am when Pisces Moon lands until Sunday morning. This is a Moon of forgiveness, compassion, adaptability and artistic sense. Tonight, attend music and art events, be the performer, find relaxation, and foster peace within. Wear green today.

Saturday: New Moon in Pisces

The New Moon times nicely now that Mercury retrograde is over. At 11:23 am ET, Moon and Sun together are supported by Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn for a wide range of positives. Health is one area to really focus on improvement and getting answers if you need them. Saturn in Scorpio and Pisces New Moon relate to mental health and reproductive health and anything related to the feet.  It's a better time to schedule appointments and get clear information all the way around.  Mars retrograde begins so soon after Mercury direct, but it doesn't affect life the same way so don't panic! Communication is better now and technical issues are not as likely. How we handle strong emotions like anger is up for review. Have an outlet if you are prone to temper flares and might regress. Mars in Libra is sort of passive and passive aggression may become evident. Mars is retrograde until May 19th. It's not good to let things build up now. Try to have someone you can vent to when the going gets tough this season. Today's New Moon is very inspired, creative, giving, spiritual and healing. For Virgo, relationship benefits and for Scorpio it may mean budding romance. Taurus, new friends become close friends and friends play an important role this month in particular. Gemini, this is a career Moon for you to take advantage of and seek the job or role you desire.  Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Venus square Mars

Mars is retrograde, joined by Saturn retrograde today. Oh goodie, you may be saying! Indeed some things will move slowly for a period of time. This is not about communication glitches and misunderstandings so much as halts and holds on things like building and legal proceedings. Mars is square to Venus in Capricorn. Expect power issues in close relationships to come to the forefront. Venus in Capricorn likes to direct decisions and movement forth in partnerships while Mars is indecisive or impartial and could be keeping score in the sign Libra. The tug between thinking things over for a while versus getting right into action on partnerships matters is strong today. You'll notice how differently you and a partner think if this is impacting you, Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn especially. Pisces Moon is void of course from6:04 to 10:40 am ET, and then the impetuous Aries Moon takes over. On the heels of yesterday's New Moon, the urge and reason to get things in motion is strong, from exercise plans to business plans.  With Saturn retrograde one issue can be a loss of boundaries so don't say yes if the answer is really maybe or should be no since you will be expected to follow through. Saturn is retrograde until July 2nd. Today's color is white.

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