Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 27th to February 2nd, 2014

New Moon in Aquarius this week! Mercury retrograde on deck for February 6th!

Monday: Sagittarius Moon

The Sagittarius Moon today is suited to many things including learning, traveling and exploring ideas. We are setting up for a New Moon this Thursday, and if you have options, get informed about what you could start later this week. Mars and Mercury are both acting with the Moon from Libra and Aquarius. Air feeds fire and there's plenty of energy to fuel original ideas and plans that take you out of your usual surroundings or comfort zone.  Apply to colleges before Mercury retrograde complicates February. Put a bit of a push on for what you really want. Have an open mind and try not to judge or speak too bluntly.  The Moon is void of course from 5:02 pm ET til after midnight. Have fun but make no promises tonight. Today's color is orange.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon

Getting things in oder, finding out the rules or boundaries, and the how to or best approach is today's mission. Capricorn Moon is prime time to accomplish. Hands on training, direct experience and very good planning are favored. With a significant New Moon for long term plans coming on Thursday, line up the rest of the week's work and maybe next week's plans too. The Moon meets Venus retrograde for revisiting and refining decisions in our love relationships and business partnerships. Prepare for new starts together and figure out who will be in charge of what from February 1st on. February is mostly Mercury retrograde so what can you finalize today or by the end of the week? Make sure progress is part of your plan. Today's color is gray. 

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon

Some of this mid week Capricorn Moon time is about rules, boundaries, traditional ways of doing things, and figuring out the best method in any situation or project. Be practical, stay involved and if you delegate check up on things.  Planning worth a lot these days before New Moon Thursday afternoon. Outline your next steps. Take some action with tangible results. Scale back a little if things are exaggerated, dramatic or extravagant. Don't think too far ahead. What can you get done now? What will you need for later this week and next. Beyond that, you might be taking things out of proportion.  Jupiter is opposite Pluto and if you can leave an old feeling ,idea or grudge behind, you may be lighter and move quicker.  Also let go of unrealistic expectations and focus on what IS manageable and good.
The Moon is void of course from 11:47 am ET until 11:33 pm. Today's color is blue.

Thursday: New Moon in Aquarius

The Moon and Sun meet at 4:39 pm ET and Uranus throws in Aries enthusiasm and an invitation to change things up. This New Moon in the sign of friendship, community, and technology makes it likely support comes from unexpected people or places, maybe even far away or previously unknown to you. Draw up plans or start the ones you've been holding onto for a while. Architects, designers, engineers, groups that work for causes, and those who blend art and science share energy with this New Moon. Metaphorically too, act as designer of your own life, path, and grow your web of connections. With Aquarian energy, acting as teams and collaborators is the way to go. Being inventive, original, and free up for creative thinking is favored.  Today's color is white.

New Moon Keywords by sign:
Aquarius: self expression, partners    Pisces: vision, planning         Aries:  community
Taurus: opportunity         Gemini: studies, travel           Cancer: shared resources, publicity
Leo: relationship, travel    Virgo: refresh routines           Libra: love, fortune
Scorpio: home life, family  Sagittarius: news, relatives   Capricorn: finances, work, home    

Friday: Mercury to Pisces, Venus Direct

This is a busy day in the zodiac with multiple priorities and changes. Mercury moves to Pisces for compassion, sensitivity in thought and word, and creative expression. Days ahead of Mercury retrograde, finalize business sooner than later and rather now than in February. The retrograde begins on the 6th officially. Venus is direct in Capricorn and couples may finalize decisions that have been pending.  Venus will remain in Capricorn until March, an extended time in one sign for the planet of love and partnership. Capricorn this is good for manifesting and attracting what you need.  Jupiter is opposite Pluto and it's a good day for conversation about scale of things, extremes that can be brought more into balance, and growing past old hurts or events. Healing a piece of the past may be well timed with the New Moon as well. Mercury and Mars urge action and communication which can take several forms, one being compromise, another being extroversion. It's a favorable time to join a group of like minded people.  The Moon is void of course after 11:45 am ET. Plan light or fun schedules following that time. It's a changeable day and serious meetings are better timed for pre- noon time as well. Moon and Mercury meet once the Moon moves to Pisces at 10:45 pm. It'a a good night for socializing, dates, music, writing and art. Today's color is green. 

Saturday: Pisces Moon

February 1st arrives with Pisces Moon and harmony amongst Moon and planets. Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter and Venus take part in supporting artisitic, soulful Pisces Moon. Spiritual practices and pursuits may draw us in and news or talks about faith, mysteries, churches, and what we believe or do not believe in become topics of thought or discussion. Intuition may feel strong and obvious. It's a good day for romance and not a bad day for business though we are now very close to Mercury's retrograde and Pisces is a changeable sign so it might be hard to settle on any decision now.  Today's color is light blue.

Sunday: Void of Course Moon

The Moon is void of course from 11:38 am to 11:55 pm ET. On a "big game" day in the USA, void of course Moon may contribute to schedule changes, people being late to the party, or even to errors in judgment by players. Void of course Moon tends to make us less grounded and contributes to that feeling of things being "up in the air". Saturn and the Moon are in harmony early in the day. If you have an important talk or meeting scheduled, do what you can to make sure the details are remembered and the message is crystal clear. Details may be overlooked later on. The Moon moves to Aries at 11:55 pm. This sign can be overly ambitious or quick to react. Take your time and act thoughtfully. If it has to be fast, make sure there's not much risk involved. Today's color is black.

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