Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 20th to January 26th, 2014

 Monday: Virgo Moon 

During this Virgo Moon we'll want to take care of things. The Moon and Jupiter are closely aligned for taking care of the people and things dearest to us. Today, Venus retrograde in Capricorn forms a trine with Virgo Moon activating our compassionate, caring, helpful qualities. Forgiveness and genuine acts of kindness can be the result. Virgo and Cancer may feel very protective and loving in relationships. Capricorn is in line to experience that too and it's a good time for taking care of yourself as well, Capricorn. Acting with sensitivity and understanding will ease even situations that are "Saturn-like" as Saturn weighs in from Scorpio with words like should and must. Meet obligations with grace and a smile. It's a very good day to feel good about helping someone else out and going out of your way to do something kind.  The Moon is void of course from 3:55 pm ET until 7:43 am Tuesday. Today's color is brown.

Tuesday: Libra Moon

Libra Moon moves in and the next two days we'll revisit the theme of fairness, seeking justice and balance in situations that are out of whack. Christmas and New Years were similar times astrologically with the cardinal signs all activated. If you're working on a long term matter regarding balance of responsibilities, legal proceedings, or something even more oppressive, this is a challenging time though each revisiting is a chance to progress, resolve or break free. The Moon and Sun align today in Libra/Aquarius and a focus on community, like minded allies and friends, and confidence in dealing with people is enhanced.  It's a good day for team efforts, joining groups, and being objective about ideas. See another point of view. Today's color is blue.

Wednesday: Moon conjunct Mars in Libra

Dynamic squares, oppositions and even a meeting of the Moon and Mars make for an active day that could require plenty of stamina and mental energy. Cardinal signs, Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn host the planets and Moon at work. A goal is progress in all situations where logical and fair decisions are needed. This may not come easily and is a recurring theme especially for the first half of this year while Mars is in Libra! Resolving sooner than later could relieve you of the pattern although you want to agree, compromise and settle only under the most balanced and just circumstances. Otherwise, continue to persist and muddle through. Confrontations could escalate so be prepared to just walk away or have a plan B or a backup if you think that's a possibility. Family, business relationships and agreements, legal matters and unanticipated changes are all in the mix today.  Wear the color black. 

Thursday: Libra to Scorpio Moon

The Moon is void of course until 4:43 pm ET, 1:43 pm Pacific. The void Moon may help us relax though simultaneously can add to forgetfulness or a sense of not being focused or grounded. Move at a steady pace and try not to rush. That goes for decisions too. Buy yourself time until the Moon moves to Scorpio if you need to give an answer. Scorpio Moon has the fixed quality for longevity. Make sure you mean what you say or what you agree to since you will be held accountable.  The early hours are social and may included a long lunch, mixing business with pleasure and collaborating on projects. From 4:43 pm on, we may be more inwardly or personally focused, want some privacy or time away from the usual, and can get seriously into study or any activity that needs sustained attention. Organizing things is a good plan for the evening too.  Wear maroon today.

Friday: Mercury trine Mars

Could it be a day where things happen easily with cooperation? Quite possibly! The Scorpio Moon has support from Venus, Jupiter and Pluto. Going back to take care of something left undone or unresolved in relationships is a good idea with a week left of Venus retrograde. Mercury works with Mars in Aquarius and Libra, helping us step back and be objective and rational.  Scorpio Moon is also up for romance and passion. Clear the air and find forgiveness or a truce regarding a grudge or misunderstanding that's been long lasting and in the way. Get important business done too. Focus, organization and work ethic are favored along with personal interactions.  Today's color is red.

Saturday:  Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

The meeting of Moon and Saturn adds intensity to whatever is happening. It may help with concentration but also lead to obsessing in some cases. Do you need to take it down a notch? Ask yourself if you're being too hard on yourself or some aspect of your life. Saturn is also square to Mercury in the morning, in two fixed signs. This is unyielding, persistent energy that can be used to advantage if you must stick to a plan or could become a disadvantage if there are blocks from others or you're getting in your own way. Try to clear the mind with meditation or outdoor exercise or some other healthy practice that helps you release tension.  There's a tendency to be sarcastic or harsh with words. We could easily say things we don't mean or be taken the wrong way. Think as you verbalize and avoid that problem. Today is about clear, meaningful communication, putting actions behind your words and following through with what you promised.  The Moon is void of course. It's not a good day to buy big ticket items or shop in general. If you have no serious business, immersing in a creative project or even housecleaning could feel great! Simplify in whatever way you can. Tonight the Moon moves to Sagittarius at 10:13 pm ET for night time fun. Today's color is purple.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon

Take a little trip or do something spontaneous today. Stress release is in the forecast. Sagittarius Moon and Neptune urge us to break free of problems for a while.  The Sun in Aquarius aligns with the Moon for an outgoing, adventurous spirit.  Uranus is at work too, so things may not go quite as planned and instead take other turns. Be flexible and keep an open mind.  Get out of your usual routine. Today's color is light blue.

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