Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 3rd to February 9th, 2014

Yoga Pose a day in February. Poses based on the astrology of the week with easy steps and photos to follow! Try it and share it!

Monday: Aries Moon

Some of you will say "here we go again!" And you'll be right on more than one count. Squares between Aries Moon and the monthly conjunction with Uranus make for fire, conflict, asserting opinions and willfulness. On the plus side, a turn of events you had little idea about could be very positive and energizing. Family and home related matters, business and authority figures at work, and deep feelings or memories are all activated. Venus is now direct and working through relationship disagreements or plain old decisions can be very productive and satisfying.  Tonight is active with love, romance, and possible debates between partners too, all in the name of progress. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Aries Moon

The Aries Moon is churning in the wake of last Thursday's New Moon and approaching Mercury retrograde time in Pisces/Aquarius. Be aware that starts and agreements now will be things you go over and maybe revise later. The urge to get going on things may be too strong to resist and in some cases will be a good thing. Aries Moon is motivating, so don't lose the moment. Make things reversible or easy to rework. The Sun from Aquarius adds to confidence and feelings of certainty. Mars opposite the Moon adds to differences. Road blocks may not stop the action though. We'll find ways to go around or run over what's in the way. Do this as judiciously as possible. The void of course Moon begins at 6:14 pm ET and tonight is prone to debate or conflicts.  Outspoken, reactive or too quick to judge may be results of this opposition. Try to take it easy in the evening especially. Today's color is yellow.

Wednesday: Taurus Moon

The Moon moves to Taurus at 4:47 am ET and aligns with both Neptune in Pisces and Mercury about to be retrograde in Pisces.  By now the past  is influencing in the form of returning visitors to our lives, old business, emotions based more in the past than in the present time, and more. While Taurus Moon puts emphasis on traits like perseverance and longevity, living truly in the moment might be best. Getting set on certain outcomes of our actions could be disappointing this close to Mercury retrograde. Taking realistic, sure steps to goals is favored.  The word illusion is relevant today. Try to break through that and see people, situations, and the past with clarity. Garden, cook, clean, invest wisely, and stay directly involved rather than delegate. Today's color is green.

Thursday: Taurus Moon, Mercury retrograde

Mercury starts the retrograde in Pisces: sensitive, creative, tuned into emotions and intuitions. Do be compassionate while keeping strong boundaries. Going back into an old, less than healthy situation could be a trend. If you know how it's going to turn out, and it's not a pretty vision, then stay away.  People who need a lot may resurface along with past patterns. You can break those patterns by making different decisions which may include saying no.  Still we can be empathetic and forgiving and in some cases that will be a beautiful thing. You know which way it will go. Trust that feeling. Mercury is about stories and a retrograde can be a chance to rewrite one. The Moon opposes Saturn and some things may come across harshly today. Choose words well with Mercury retrograde which is official at 4:43 pm ET. Late night void of course Moon adds to communication confusion at 11:49 pm until after 1 pm ET Friday. If in any doubt, do very little and say nothing that could be misinterpreted. And don't even be tempted to air things out by email or phone. Today's color is white.

Friday: Gemini Moon

The Moon is void of course until 1:44 pm ET and Mercury is retrograde in a mutable sign. Decisions may be best left until after that time. The earlier hours could bring scattered energy or miscommunication. Another effect is relaxation, which is great is not responsible for much until later in the day. Chill out, absolutely. Respond to messages cautiously with plenty of thought.  The Moon moves to Gemini at 1:44 pm and squares Mercury newly retrograde in Pisces.  This is a good time not to believe everything you hear. Gossip, misinformation and misunderstandings are likely. The upside is versatile thinking and ability to adapt. Today's color is light blue.

Saturday: Gemini Moon

The nature of Mercury retrograde is unpredictable, and today concentrates that theme as the Moon and Uranus act together. Changes, seemingly fated events, and returns to past business are all likely. Gemini Moon time sometimes adds to mental chatter and distraction. It might be hard to "think straight". It's a great day for meditation, naps, flexible schedules, social fun, writing and other creative pastimes.  Today's color is yellow.

Sunday: Gemini Moon

Fire and air meet as the Moon is fueled by Mars in Libra and the Sun in Aquarius. All of this action is in the air signs, meaning intellect, ideas, and the brain in general is fired up. This is a day for social times, meeting new people and connecting with old friends or family particularly as Mercury is retrograde.  Mixed feelings is one effect of this.  Mainly we'll gather, connect, work as teams or rally for other people (and teams!). Certain work activities like writing, inventive projects and collaborations are favored.  Today's color is blue.

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