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October 28th to November 3rd, 2013

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Thank you for being here, and enjoy your Halloween week and the anticipation of the Scorpio solar eclipse on the way. Invite change because it's coming anyway!


Monday: Void of course Moon in Leo

The Moon and Venus form a fire sign trine at 8:26 am ET as the Leo Moon moves void of course until 11:45 pm. Venus in Sagittarius and Moon in Leo are optimistic, active and dynamic by nature.  Take a road trip, break out of the usual 4 walls, open your mind to a different way of doing things, and surround yourself with enthusiastic people.  We will tend toward distraction, and it may be in the happy form like something that takes you away from work, news arriving between eclipses, or a reason to go out and socialize.  Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo and Aquarius are favored in relationship and romance today.  It's a great day for an adventure. Timing may not be reliable and people will need reminders in general. Today's color is orange.

Tuesday: Virgo Moon conjunct Mars, Mercury conjunct Saturn

The Moon in Virgo meets Mars and Mercury retrograde meets Saturn today.  We may be picky, critical or work hard to meet up to certain standards.  Old business becomes relevant again. The Sun in Scorpio aligns with the Moon and organization and confidence become important.  The key is to stay up to speed, get something productive done, and be able to show some results or have good explanations for lack thereof.  You might be harder on yourself than the boss, your parent or anyone you need to answer to, especially if you're a Virgo or Aries perhaps, feeling the pressure is on. However, with the Moon and Mars in Virgo we also have to focus on not tearing each other down out of frustration. Minimize criticism with Mercury retrograde adding to sensitivity or misinterpretation.  Do get your work done and try to honor due dates and be on time. Today's color brown.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon

The Virgo Moon flows a bit more easily today with Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter in harmony. These sextiles with water sign planets ease feelings. Work and productivity and other serious issues still remain important, but there's less of an edge. Be willing to work on something and figure out a temporary plan. Keep long term agreements to a minimum or build in flexibility. Trouble shoot and be constructive under this earth sign Moon. Hands on and direct involvement is favored over delegation right now.  Jupiter adds a healing force from Cancer. Let an old grudge or wound go while the Moon is waning.  The Moon squares Venus tonight and relationships require work. Collaborating requires compromise. Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius and Gemini are likely to experience this. The Moon is void of course for the entire overnight from 10:48 pm ET on. Today's color is navy blue.

Thursday: Libra Moon, Happy Halloween!

The Moon moves into Libra at 8:20 am. Mars and Pluto, in earth signs, form a trine and are working in harmony. Mars is the activator and Pluto is deep, powerful forces. Tomorrow is full of squares that further deepen the impact of Libra Moon, Mars and Pluto today. Cardinal sign activity tomorrow will instigate, aggravate or trigger reactions. With that information, proceed to make a potential agreement, compromise or plan before different moods and attitudes set in. Libra is about justice and equal responsibility and seeing the other point of view.  You might be able to convince someone of your plan today, especially if you make a concession. As far as Halloween, complementary, couple and best friend costumes rule, so team up! Today's color is red.

Friday: Uranus square Pluto, Sun conjunct Mercury retrograde

It's a wild, unpredictable Friday, just 2 days before the eclipse, with an active Mercury retrograde, and Uranus and Pluto pushing every button available.  Imagine what happens when you push every button and that's what we have today! Keeping secrets and revealing information both, working for progress and putting a hold on simultaneously.  The urge to get back in touch and the questioning of what will happen if you do, the willingness to work something out and the inability to settle on a plan.  Eclipse news may break this early and includes word of people leaving or returning, changes with Scorpio or Taurus and possibly Leo on the home and family front and Aquarius with career and leadership. Saturn makes sure we're plenty challenged to step up, act "grown up", take things seriously, and not try to escape.  Today's color is black.

Saturday: Scorpio Moon

On the eve of the Scorpio eclipse and New Moon, do you find yourself questioning or changing your mind? Try to wait out the eclipse and another week before you make a final decision. Everything is so changeable right now! Today it's natural to rethink. Old information becoming public, people from the past back in your midst, and the uncertainties that come with breaking news are all in effect.  This can be a very creative, romantic, plain old nice day and evening so try not to over think or make a big deal where there may not be one. At least not yet.  Venus and Neptune work with the Moon. It's an especially good night for a date or time with an long time friend.  Movies, music, simple pleasures should be enjoyed and concerns can be put aside if they're not urgent. New things are coming that will shift your changing mind yet again, so hold on. Today's color is indigo blue.

Sunday: Moon, Saturn & the Sun conjunct in Scorpio, Solar Eclipse

 Daylight Savings time ends at 2 am. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse is exact at 7:50 am ET. It's a hurry up and wait type eclipse near Mercury retrograde. Change is practically demanded, yet all the pieces may not seem to be in place.  For this reason it may be frustrating or confusing to adjust to or know how to take news we receive now.  Saturn is in a challenging and dominating position in complex Scorpio. Resist the temptation to react too quickly to anything sudden. Virgo, this is about communication and maybe family. Taurus, your primary relationships are involved and a partner could be experiencing or creating strain for you.  The Sun and Mars are working together and can be actively instigating positive solutions, but Mercury is retrograde so take your time, put a band aid on it, hang in and make sure all the information, truth, and possibilities are out in the open and on the 11th Mercury will be direct.  Breathe. Find something to focus energy and attention on, and keep tempers in check.  Today's color is yellow.

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