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October 21st to 27th, 2013

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Monday: Mercury retrograde in Scorpio

The day begins with a void of course Moon in Taurus and Mercury now retrograde in Scorpio at 6:29 am ET. It's a difficult day to change plans since we'll be fixed on how things were supposed to be and the order of operations. However, all indicators point to changes of plans and doubts that may prevent things from going forward. Take your time. Avoid major decisions and above all, major spending especially  on things that run on battery, electric, or other power sources. Yes, that includes cars and cell phones! If you have to enter an agreement, try a temporary plan. One of the potentially nice things about Mercury retrograde is reconnection with people and places from our pasts. Cancer, Capricorn, Scorpio and Virgo, all aligns for this happening in your world in the next 3 weeks. Be careful with travel planning. You might want to buy that insurance or buy the ticket you can change more easily. The retrograde ends November 10th.  The Moon is in social Gemini from 12:14 on, and though energy is scattered today, the Gemini Moon now waning helps us let go and forget. It could be argumentative though. Choose battles only if absolutely necessary as Mars squares the Moon. Try not to be a perfectionist today. It will only be frustrating.  Do some writing, download some music, find something intellectual to delve into. A good book or conversation could go a long way tonight. Reminisce about happy things! Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Moon opposes Venus

Gemini Moon is opposite Venus, planet of love in free thinking Sagittarius. Exploring and relationship may sometimes seem like opposite forces, yet this is a reminder that love doesn't have to limit or tie you down! Find a great place to revisit with your significant other or best friend. If Tuesday is not the day you can, explore options for this weekend or next! Doing new, out of the ordinary things together helps duos get in sync with the opposition. Discussing new ideas and also going back to revisit old plans you didn't follow through with is favored for couples and other partners too.  Bounce thoughts around. Leave things flexible and open ended. This is not the time to get fixed on one goal or plan.  Trial basis of any kind is the way to go now with Mercury retrograde. That goes for work too, and Aries or Libra might enjoy a short term assignment or job change, such as filling in.  Cancer is back up for an overdue recognition or promotion. Show strong ability now, Cancer. Taurus, you are prime for revisiting relationship discussions, issues, or even considering getting back together with a former partner.  In general, the surprise factor is high today after the Aries/Libra eclipse Friday and Uranus at work with the Moon from the sign Aries. Think fast. Think temporary. The Moon is void of course from 8:35 pm ET through tomorrow. Today's color is pink.

Wednesday: Sun in Scorpio

A milestone in the fall season arrives as the Sun moves to Scorpio at 2:10 am ET. The Moon is void of course and there is not a single connection between Moon, Sun and planets. In a way this is a free and clear day. With Mercury retrograde, proceed slowly and cautiously. Research and gather information. Scorpio has a concentration of activity with Saturn and the Sun, Mercury retrograde and an upcoming eclipse on November 3rd so Scorpio and Scorpio rising signs, you may know or feel that much is pending.  Leo, this is about your home and family as well as whom ever you live with. Pay attention to relationships now and go easy on each other. Real estate is also part of that story and it may be time to make a change in where you live. If so, take your time.  This is not an ideal time for any of us to sign a lease or purchase. If you must, make sure you understand and have the right advisement, like an attorney or experienced, trusted person to go over things.  Aquarius, privacy and  money should be a top priority. Don't allow someone to take advantage of you.  It's not a good idea for any of us to lend money or mix friendship and business now, especially if that's a new possibility rather than a business agreement that already exists. The Cancer Moon moves in at 11:36 pm ET. Happy Birthdays, Scorpios! Today's color is blue.

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Thursday: Cancer Moon

Several aspects impact us today as the Cancer Moon engages with Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Virgo, Sun in Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and Uranus in Aries! As you can imagine, all these influences can have different results and result in different priorities. Aries, home or family news is likely. This may be a new development on an existing situation or a recurrence.  Capricorn, your focus is on quiet, calm talks with a partner. Virgo, friendship and enjoyment may be your focus today! Lucky you! Creative souls may take advantage of all the water sign energy instigating imagination and emotion from which art, music, film, poetry and stories are born! Prioritize and keep business simple.  Keep new material or changes in systems to a bare minimum if at all.  Cancer is an emotional sign and there's plenty going on under the surface today. Wear black.

Friday: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer

This is an optimistic day full of positive and easy aspects. The Cancer Moon meets Jupiter and has a healing effect along with opening opportunities and hearts, both! Forgiveness, reconciliations, reunions, breakthroughs, and personal connections are favored.  Cancer gets the best of this! Pisces, find reasons to have fun and enjoy life to the fullest. You may have reason to travel and really expand your horizons soon! The news could come right now! This is a lucky sort of day for Pisces, and Virgo may feel very blessed by the people in his/her life now!  The Scorpio Sun connects with Neptune enhancing the creative and bringing romance and passion to love lives. It's a great date night and a good night to get cozy at home too! Reunion is in the air! Void Moon begins at 4:31 pm ET and all business should be done by then! Today's color is light blue.

Saturday: Leo Moon

The Moon moves to Leo at 12:12 pm ET. The Moon and Sun square beginning a streak that lasts through the weekend. Though things may not be easy to work through, it may be worth it to try. Tomorrow's aspects are even more challenging IF you have troubles or major concerns. If you're in the clear,  you can probably make this a fun day or night. Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius are most likely to be facing a big concern.  Temporary solutions are favored.  Wear gold today.

Sunday: Leo Moon squares Mercury retrograde and Saturn

This could be a tough day or just a stubborn day for getting anything done.  Keep life simple! Past issues, people you use to know, home and family things that need resolving, and business with a complex aspect are some possibilities.  Leo Moon is usually optimistic and resilient. Uranus is throwing in changes and chance events.  Tread lightly and plan something fun.  Today's color is purple.

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