Saturday, November 2, 2013

November 4th to 10th, 2013

Monday: Scorpio Solar Eclipse/New Moon

The eclipse occurred yesterday morning and you might start the day with news and new developments. Eclipse events are not always anticipated and this one will have permanent, long term effects.  These things will also take time to sort out. Make agreements very cautiously with Mercury retrograde for another week.  The Moon is void of course and today is likely to be confusing or even misleading in terms of what to do. Hang on. Stick with routine thinking and tasks.  Don't take on anything out of the ordinary. Tell people that timing is better a week or two from now and search for answers and get better information before giving an answer. At 3:14 pm ET, the Moon moves to Sagittarius and squares Neptune, yet another reason to be wary about trust. Question even your own intuition and distract yourself from things that are compelling you or taking up too much space in your brain.  Do work on creative things, read, discuss philosophy of life in a general way and avoid communicating anything that could be misinterpreted. This is Venus's last evening in Sagittarius and it's suited to exotic or adventure based dates and flirtations. Purple is today's color.

Tuesday: Venus to Capricorn

Venus moves to Capricorn at 3:43 am and will spend a good deal of time in this sign due to a retrograde in December. Venus will encourage a practical, business oriented way of being in relationship that may include discussions about and decisions based on things like property, real estate, career plans, financial and insurance matters. More than just about being in love, it's about how we handle things in relation to the person we're with. This includes business partnerships too and how we approach our agreements and obligations to each other. Venus in Capricorn is traditional and will move relationships toward settling down, nesting and making financial decisions. Cancer, Venus is in your sign of marriage, and Virgo, Venus is in your sign of romantic love.  Capricorn may end and begin the year very focused on partnership and also appearance and being attractive in any way.  The Sagittarius Moon  moves void of course at 11:48 am ET until late tomorrow afternoon, as if to say "you're not going to get much permanent done this week anyway, so go out and find something interesting to explore." It's a good field trip day. The eventfulness of the eclipse and news of the week may make you want to get away for a while anyway. Today could be too fiery for our own good. This could make some excitable and others very nervous or agitated.  The Moon and Mars are not cooperating on anything except for change being the constant. Today's color is green.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon, Sun conjunct Saturn

The Sun meets Saturn in Scorpio. Though this may lead to a breakthrough and seem to give word of energy breaking up making it more possible to communicate, act, and do business, be careful. Mercury is still retrograde and it's important to do nothing on impulse. However, organizing around a good possibility and lining up some good advice and supportive people could be a very good effect of this meeting! The Moon is void of course until 4:44 pm. This can make us forgetful, speak without thinking, not take feelings into consideration, and add to other possible blunders.  It's good to be "out of the office" or behind a closed door. Tonight the Capricorn Moon is more pragmatic and grounded, meets Venus for relationship harmony and practical discussions, and works with Neptune and Mercury retrograde which may smooth things over if need be. The probability for forgiveness and workable plans is there, but move slowly. Today's color is yellow.

Thursday: Capricorn Moon conjunct Pluto

The Capricorn Moon and Pluto have us working through themes that keep resurfacing. Some of this could be painful, complex or often put to the back of the priority list or our brains. Post eclipse, is some of this worth trying to work through once and for all now? If you're a Capricorn you may be asking yourself very personal questions. Cancer you may be posed with these questions and motives in your primary relationship. Pisces, do you know who  your friends and allies really are? There are many aspects and potentially many demands or priorities in this day. Our thoughts may be ongoing even if there's nothing to be done on this particular day. Let your mind steep those ideas like tea. Take your time. Next week is better for any long term plan or announcement. Tonight, Venus and Neptune say it's love, music, art and romance or nothing! Take advantage of that and be with people you love being with. Today's color is black.

Friday: Mercury sextile Venus, Aquarius Moon

The Moon is void of course and Mercury & Venus are conspiring in Scorpio and Capricorn. This could bring couples back together or get some talking and thinking about it. A try or trial period is best while Mercury is still retrograde for a few days (until Sunday at 4:12 pm). Other unfinished business also comes up for discussion. Brainstorming possibilities is good, while committing to a plan is not recommended now. The void of course Moon adds to the other reasons not to spend freely or buy technical things including cars, phones, phone plans, or other transportation or media. If you can wait until next week, things will be looking ore promising.  The Aquarius Moon moves in at 6:30 pm ET for gatherings of all kinds. The Moon squares Mercury tonight and it may be noted in unwillingness to change plans, too much uncertainty, or people from the past you're not sure you really wanted to see this season.  Today's color is blue.

Saturday: Mars sextile Saturn

Mars and Saturn interact in Virgo and Scorpio. Trying to get organized and activated for whatever's been sitting waiting for attention is some of this duo's work.  Physical and practical work and aiming to take care of health related matters is favored.  Mercury is retrograde, but simple things can be taken on without that excuse. Make repairs, adopt a healthy plan and try it out, reorganize and systematize for efficiency. These two could make some of us argumentative or edgy too, so approach things with care. Mercury and Neptune are  in highly creative mode, and Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces are beneficiaries of that angle and may also enjoy romantic times this weekend.  The Moon is in Aquarius, known for blending logic and a serious mind with creativity. There's room for both today and personality and circumstances will drive the mood and activities of the day. Scorpio may be recognizing the reality of matters and Libra may be doing that in the work and financial sense.  Today's color is silver.

Sunday: Mercury Direct 4:12 pm ET

The Moon is void of course and Mercury stations direct. Keep all business to a minimum and save decisions. Anything that can wait a day or three is worth pushing off a little bit.  The 2nd quarter Moon, a square to the Sun, is a milestone in the month and means a good deal as we move into the first days out of the retrograde and clean up messes and confusion and get productive with changes occurring and Full Moon deadlines.  Plan for action you can take later in the week when there's more information or clarity.  Take today off if you can.  Relaxation and flexible plans rule. Pisces Moon arrives at 9:36 pm ET. Today's color is light blue.

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