Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 14th to 20th, 2013

This Saturday the 19th I'll be at Yogani Studios on W. Platt in Tampa for 90 minutes of astrology based yoga and an hour of fall readings for all participants!

This is RoZoYo! Join me there or tell your friends in the Tampa Bay area! Go to to register this week!

In Maine, RoZoYo is at Greener Postures Yoga on December 7th! See for updates!  

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Monday: Moon opposite Mars

 The Moon opposes Mars in Aquarius and Leo, fixed signs. Expect strong opinions to be broadcast and discussed. There's good reason to find community, work together, and gather around causes or plans with the Moon and Libra Sun in harmony. Maybe one or two people try to dominate, but the vision is there and the job gets accomplished. Let things roll off you if others insist things be done their way. The goal and the collaboration are the focus, after all. The Moon is void of course from 4:28 to 5:06 pm and then moves into Pisces. We feel dreamy, creative and seek fun escapes from the usual tonight. All in all, this is a nice day to be with other people sharing different experiences, from projects to film or music as long as there's not a point of contention in which case it will be strong and stubborn. Today's color is light blue.

 Tuesday: Mars in Virgo

 The Moon is in Pisces, square to Venus in Sagittarius. Relationships with Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces and Gemini may find things to debate and work through. The big question is how much freedom in a relationship is healthy and good? Scorpio and Aquarius may find this relates to business and work relationships too. Pisces Moon tends to bring out the giving and compassionate in us. Mars moves to Virgo where the planet of physical action gets going with the to do list, financial plans, analyzing stats and progress and motivating us to get everything organized and cleaned up. Not a bad idea on the brink of Mercury retrograde. Back up files and make duplicates and put them in safe places. Make sure you're on time and remember things like appointments and meetings. Today's color is green.

 Wednesday: Venus trine Uranus

 The Moon is void of course from 3:15 am to 9:16 pm ET in Pisces. Spaciness and forgetfulness may be more common than usual. Get lost in creative or pleasurable pursuits. Business may not go anywhere very quickly or clearly. If you need something done you may have to push through it, harnessing energy and focus. Time to vacation, play, work at what you love most, or spend time with people you care about is more in line with today's energy. Venus and Uranus shake things up with relationship surprises and unexpected collaborations and partnerships. Travel could be exciting or chaotic. Be ready for anything. Our sense of adventure and presence in the moment is essential today. The Moon moves to Aries at 9:16 pm. Going out, having fun, blowing off steam will be appealing. Be careful you don't go too far. Wear orange.

 Thursday: Aries Moon

 We're likely to find our edge, our brink or our threshold today as the Aries Moon and Uranus meet. This is a monthly conjunction, however today we are close to Mercury retrograde and already in the degrees Mercury will backtrack. In addition, we are closing in on the Full Moon of tomorrow and may already have gotten eclipse type news. The fire sign quality will tend to shake us initially, but events now however sudden may not be all bad. The Full Moon is a peak and the eclipse accelerates things. Women in our lives may announce changes and surprises and Aries and Libra are also strongly impacted or involved. Some shifts take adjustments but are good in the big picture. Try not to judge a breakup you hear of or a quick move someone makes. We'll see the effects of this eclipse for over a month and experience another in two weeks! Respond slowly. Buy time. Use words and statements with care and caution. Talk with most trusted friends to sort things out. This eclipse affects Capricorn home life, Pisces and Virgo financial matters, Libra love and relationship, and Aquarius travel and news. Today also features Venus in harmony with the Moon and relationships, new or renewed, are exciting and passionate. Do new things and get out of boring routines. Today's color is red.

 Friday: Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Aries

Listen to your sign's area of impact here:

 The Moon is Full at 7:38 pm ET and the 2-3 days prior and ahead are the eclipse zone. Watch your temper and your responses. What you don't want to do now is act too quickly. We are right at the start of Mercury retrograde and there's good reason to wait things out even if you feel urgency! The eclipse is basically supported by Mars. It is at a square, a challenging aspect, to Jupiter in Cancer, and family things and situations involving the mothers and other matriarchs in our lives come up. News from Mom could be surprising. Eclipses like this take us off guard with their events and news. Maintaining composure is a good plan. Try not to jump to conclusions that may turn out to be false. There's another solar eclipse in two weeks and we are in the midst of sudden shifts and more to be announced. Take it slow. Find your comfort zone. Be with supportive people and be sure to put yourself in a priority spot as far as what comes first or at least close! National and international news is likely to peak especially where conflict and leaders are concerned. Aries is the sign of face and head, war and courage, initiations and the child within. Today's color is white. 

Saturday: Taurus Moon, Mars opposes Neptune

 The Taurus Moon's earth quality may help ground us even with lunar eclipse changes and news swirling like the wind or feeling more like a hurricane! Doing practical work, tasks, outdoor planting or gardening, and getting physical workouts are good ways to manage stress or waiting. Neptune is opposite Mars in Pisces/Virgo. Daydreams and impractical plans pull in one direction and constructive ideas in the other. If you're not going to take action or help out, don't expect someone else to do it for you. We might have unrealistic expectations of ourselves or of someone else today. Virgo, you're in the mode to take over and it might be less frustrating for you if you do! There's a bit of laziness in the air added to Mercury nearly retrograde creating uncertainty. Keeping today simple and tackling one project that will be satisfying is probably a good bet! It's a good day to fish, plant and garden, and cook for the group! Today's color is brown.

 Sunday: Taurus Moon opposes Mercury and Saturn

 There's very stubborn opposition with the Moon across from Mercury and Saturn in Scorpio. Mercury retrograde begins officially first thing Monday morning and is already in action at a hot spot in Scorpio, making negotiating and communication very challenging. Mercury in Scorpio leans toward hiding feelings or information. Saturn is a tough influence too. If you are compelled to make an important decision, be certain you have all the right information and that you can change your mind. Sometimes business cannot wait, yet this is a very tricky time for anything of significance. On top of that, schedules may seem to fall apart. The upside is the Moon's harmony with Jupiter in Cancer. Family reunions, warm welcomes, and celebrations may turn out very well! Keep things low key and play nicely. Loyalty is supremely important with these aspects. It's better to stay out of any kind of conflict. Wear blue today.

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