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September 2 to 8th, 2013

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Monday: Leo Moon & Mars

The Leo Moon and Mars set the stage for competitive games. If you're an athlete, the game gets wild today and if you're a Leo or Scorpio you have the edge to be the MVP.  Everyone be cautious with the head, ruled by Mars/Aries. On a day like this, energy and adrenaline work overtime and speed can lead to injury.  Wear your helmet today, bikers too!  Fast pace, fun and games, performances and also arts events are favored today. Get friends together. It's worth going to the party! This is not a good day to isolate.  Even Virgo, who might feel more solitary, enjoys family time or a short trip out of town.  Saturn is at work in Scorpio, pushing for long term decisions and answers so there's a chance some business is waiting after Labor day festivities and a day off in the USA.  If this is a business day for you, Saturn may be pressing and exerting a heavy hand with tasks and health issues weigh heavily if you're waiting for answers.  The good news is there's no Mercury retrograde and Venus smiles at the Moon tomorrow. Try to enjoy the moment today and tap into Leo Moon optimism.  Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Leo Moon

The Moon aligns with Venus in Libra. Relationships including long term and brand new, friendships and family, and other connections with people thrive today.  Extroverted and open minded, the Leo and Libra energies make it a good day for an interview, first meeting, romantic date, conversation about forgiveness, and harmony in general. Aries gets a boost in committed relationship and potential opportunity to travel and explore a new interest.  Libra and Gemini are all about fun, friendship and lucky breaks. Leo may connect with siblings and can do some successful marketing and networking today.  Capricorn is favored to land a job or recognition and also in legal matters and joining of resources such as forming a business partnership or applying for a loan with a significant other.  This is a good day for any kind of socializing and mixing friendship or fun with business.  Cancer is favored with home and financial things today.  Aquarius focus is on love, learning and travel.  It's a good first day of classes since we'll meet people easily with these aspects. The Moon is v.o.c from 1:52 pm ET on, so important business and decisions, a change of schedule for example, are best timed before that. Then enjoy the afternoon and stick with usual routines. Today's color is purple.

Wednesday: Virgo Moon

At 6:43 am ET, 11:43 am for my UK friends, the Moon moves into practical, health oriented Virgo where the Sun and Mercury currently reside.  The New Moon is tomorrow and this is a very good day for talk or planning for what's next.  Get ready to start a new story for yourself. Prepare for lifestyle and routine changes, shop for seasonal items you need, and put dates on the calendar.  Saturn adds work ethic and a feeling of responsibility and Neptune is working for some romance and imagination.  Two very different influences like this can create good balance where you're less into over-thinking or completely goofing off. Take the edge off perfectionism, get something done you feel good about, and also enjoy something like a movie, music or date time.  Pluto leans us somewhat in the direction of getting work done at night too so build in a couple of hours of relaxation.  Tonight, rethink, plan and organize. Launches and new routines starting tomorrow are ideally timed! Today's color is black.

Thursday: New Moon in Virgo

The New Moon is in harmony with Jupiter in Cancer. The planet of joy, abundance & philosophy working with the New Moon encourages us to be open minded and open hearted and enjoy. The people dearest to us relate to Jupiter in the sign of family and home and this is a good time to heal relationships and spend happy times together.  For Capricorn, the significant love relationship is impacted most and it's a growth time for love and commitment.  The Virgo New Moon is a good time to clean house and replace outdated, shabby, weathered things with useful new ones. Getting life in order and making room for healthier routines, well managed schedules and orderly systems is favored.  Mercury is near the Moon, they'll meet tomorrow, and it's time for communication improvements. This can be technical such as a new phone or interpersonal such as overdue conversations or planning.  Get new things in place this week and weekend regardless of how your life needs more organization or upgrades.  Virgo Moon is practical and it's not time for frivolous purchases, though necessary items are well acquired now while Mercury is direct.  Today's color is white.

Friday: Moon conjunct Mercury in Virgo

This is a big day for meetings, well thought out changes, and improvements of all kinds as the Virgo Moon meets Mercury in this early phase of the lunar cycle. Our cars, phones, computers, and communication systems of all kinds should be a priority to have in working order, highly functioning, and if that's not the case it's a good time to fix or replace such things.  Even with the void of course Moon beginning at 6:10 am ET, Aries may find a work meeting very productive and work will be busy.  Leo, keep up with money matters and employment opportunities as this is a great time to land new work! Sagittarius, career plans, interviews, presentations and recognitions are favored for you.  Libra, keep plans quiet if that feels like the right idea for now.  Many announcements held back for a while will come now however, and it's a newsworthy day full of important communications and information. Keep up with messages and emails today. Opportunities are in the air.  It's also a good day for health appointments or advice before 3:12 pm ET.  The Moon moves to Libra then and going out tonight or having house parties or gatherings is favored. Get together with people tonight.  Partner up if you have to work. Today's color is brown.

Saturday: Libra Moon, Sun trine Jupiter

The optimistic combination of the Sun and Jupiter may override the strains or growing pains of the Libra Moon's squares and an opposition to Uranus in Aries.  Intellectual and organizational work is challenging today. Decisions may be difficult and information that needs to be sorted through or gathered, tedious.  The Sun sextile to Jupiter increases popularity and visibility for Virgo and Cancer and is favorable financially for Leo and Aquarius. Pisces, this boosts and highlights your love life! Keep justice and balance in mind with all you encounter and take on this weekend. Today's color is blue.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Venus

This is a very positive day for relationship and love as the Moon and Venus meet in Libra. The planet of harmony assists couples trying to work things out, enhances love and romance, and even helps with family and friendship. Gemini and Sagittarius enjoy meeting new people and being in social situations today. It's a great day for Cancer to entertain at home or make the place more beautiful and comfortable. Virgo may acquire a lovely new possession or gift.  Capricorn gets career vibes. Do anything that improves a relationship with Venus on your side today.  Make positive connections with both new contacts or friends and people you've known. The void of course Moon from 4:46 pm to 9:44 pm ET is a transitional time and enjoying relaxation and being with others is a good way to wind down before Sunday night's Scorpio Moon reminding us of obligations and things that have to be taken care of early this week.  Later night hours are work oriented.  Today's color is red.

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