Friday, September 6, 2013

September 9th to 15th, 2013

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Monday: Mercury to Libra, Mars square Saturn

Mercury's move to Libra at 3:07 am ET brings attention to anything requiring a final and fair decision in the next few weeks. It's also significant because Mercury will be retrograde beginning October 21st and we want to take care of anything on a time line well before then. Legal situations, settlements, business agreement that involved partnership and disputes or major decisions for couples are among matters likely to activate now. Keep justice strong in your mind and key in your vocabulary. Sharing, equality, and balance are Mercury's work this month. Saturn and the Moon have their monthly conjunction in Scorpio and Mars throws a square from Leo into the mix. This is fixed, stubborn energy and stubborn negotiation skills are required today. A stalemate is a possibility and with Mars and Saturn square, a fight or battle of wills is probably not worth. Standing ground and then walking away so everyone can sit with the problem for a while is the better plan. The Scorpio Moon influences those highly organized, ambitious and even bullheaded today. Strong persistence is likely. The Moon and Pluto align this afternoon and undercurrents and intuition heightens. This is a Monday full of intensity. Today's color is red.

Tuesday: Moon trine Jupiter

Settlements and agreements are more likely today as Jupiter in Cancer points out areas for growth and the positives of giving in a bit in the name of progress. The Scorpio Moon works with Jupiter and the Sun, two optimistic influences, increasing resilience, nurturing, and creativity. It should be easier to find that soft point where flexibility and understanding come into play amidst strong emotions and sensitive situations. Business, personal, health, and travel are all positively influenced by Jupiter and the Sun. Make a move. Find some support. It's Venus's final night in Libra, with Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini favored for love, romance, friendship, partnership and social plans. Today's color is indigo blue.

Wednesday: Venus in Scorpio, Sagittarius Moon

 Venus moves to Scorpio at 2:16 am and the Moon moves to Sagittarius about 30 minutes later. Venus in Scorpio is passionate and can be possessive. We mean business about who and what we love and feel passion for now. At the extreme, Venus can be obsessive here. But if you're entering a relationship and loving the new chemistry and wanting to be together all the time, the conditions might feel just right. Venus in Scorpio is about commitment for Taurus who may take it to the next level, attraction for Scorpio and Cancer, and Capricorn romance will thrive too especially if it's a friendship turning to love. The Sagittarius Moon works with Mars, Uranus and Mercury for spontaneous moves, travels and initiating plans. It's an interesting day to be traveling, on a field trip of some kind and experiencing something new. Seeing things with new eyes makes sense today and tonight. Go a bit out of your comfort zone. Bust boredom. Today's color is purple.

Thursday: Sagittarius Moon 2nd quarter

The Sagittarius Moon squares the Virgo Sun. Both are mutable signs, heralding change. Going for progress generally makes us feel best at 2nd quarter Moon time. Sagittarius Moon brings a philosophical slant and we'll notice people discussing their ideals and beliefs as part of decision making and conversations. Sorting things out and analyzing will be common today, but not to the point of not acting. Sag Moon is about action and even taking a risk with something unknown or uncertain. The Sun in Virgo is a reminder to be safe and keep some practical considerations and both favor the ability to change your mind or plan later on. Take actions that can be adjusted as needed. Get out of your usual neighborhood or office and see a new point of view. The afternoon is particularly good for a break in routine with the void of course Moon starting at 1:08 pm ET, 10:08 am Pacific. Tonight be cautious around high risk behavior and people who throw caution to the wind. Enjoy but stay grounded and aware. Today's color is green.

Friday: Capricorn Moon

The Moon moves to Capricorn at 5:56 am. There's a good, strong and maybe serious work ethic and ambition at work as the Moon aligns with Pluto, Venus, Neptune, Saturn and squares Mercury. We'll do what we have to in order to accomplish, feel successful and get tasks out of the way. Capricorn is an earth sign for sensible, calculated action. It's a very solid business day with not too much sentiment and enough objectivity. Anything on the agenda is favored for action. Meetings and conversations might be a bit tense, yet the chance of agreements is still present and remember with Mercury in Libra it's all about fair resolutions. Work and decent financial aspects for Leo and Sagittarius. Relationship agreements for Cancer and a day for Virgo to explore possibilities and maybe make decisions especially about education or travel. Capricorn is at the center of the activity today. Tonight is good for dates and socializing with the Moon and Venus in harmony. Dinner is good, club going is not as stylish tonight. A work out for both body and mind is practically a given day or night. Wear navy blue.

Saturday: Capricorn Moon, Venus trine Neptune, Mercury square Pluto

Quite a bit going on in terms of different influences at work. Negotiating and making intentional and practical decisions is the work of Mercury and Pluto. Some of that will be in long standing situations with past influences at work. Instinct and intuition are heightened. Pay attention to that little inner voice. Agree only if things feel right and be careful about the conditions and terms. It is a day for resolving and fixing, but strong judgment is important and so is the gut feeling! Venus and Neptune are all about romance and love and it's an sexy date night especially for Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and Cancer. This is also a great influence for creative flow! At 7:17 pm ET the Moon moves void of course until 8:18 am. Put off shopping or committing for half a day. Today's color is light blue. Sunday: Aquarius Moon The strong willed Aquarius Moon moves in and squares Venus and Mars in Scorpio. It's a very idealistic and stubborn day. The Moon favors collaboration but that does not include compromise today. Our vision of how we want things will be hard to break or bend. Work on what you feel strongly about. Spend time with people who have common vision for the most peaceful and productive day. Allow others their opinions. It's not a great day to debate. Listen and leave it alone. Today's color is silver.

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