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August 26th to September 1, 2013

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Monday: Sun opposes Neptune, Venus opposes Uranus

For A Taurus Moon day, this one is unusual with potential for sudden, extraordinary, or stunning events.  The Moon in Taurus combines forces with Pluto and Jupiter giving the stable influence, favoring abundance and business ventures.  Do pitch your product, go for a great account, client or sale.  In business and other work, today could easily provide a bonus of some kind.  Go all out to make it happen.  Aries, Aquarius, Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, Libra and Gemini all have different aspects favoring money, career, work, and earning potential today. The unusual surrounds relationships with Venus and Uranus  opposite in Libra and Aries leading to sudden changes of feeling or attitude toward love, romance, dating, and other partnerships. Status changes may be announced abruptly, either the joining of forces or the separations.  It can truly go either way, and fast.  Libra and Aries in personal, committed relationships, Gemini and Sagittarius in friendships and romantic alliances and Pisces where private or secret affairs are present.  The Sun is opposite Neptune also, and this has a very idealistic, possibly unrealistic influence, so try to tell yourself and anyone else important the truth.  Today has some super creative aspects too and is good for chefs, fishermen and women, farmers, and others who work with nature and the earth.  Today's color is pink.

Tuesday: Mars in Leo, Venus square Jupiter

The Moon is in Taurus, continuing some of yesterday's effects, so do read Monday even if today is Tuesday! Mercury and Saturn lead to significant meetings, discussions and conversations meant to yield long term decisions and results.  Don't take anything with a grain of salt. People will mean what they say and expect what they ask for today. Venus, yesterday's planet of interest, planet of harmony and relationship, squares Jupiter in Cancer today. Can you in grow in the relationship you're in? That is a big question on minds now.  Venus in Libra wants partnership and balance and Jupiter in Cancer strives for something you can count on. In your relationship you may feel the need to be "airtight" now, in other words, not let anything or anyone's influence leak in like a breach of security.  Keep your love life between the two of you now. Some affairs discovered this week will be confronted now and with Venus in Libra it's one on one and balanced or nothing. With this square, especially where families and children are involved, there is no room for flirtation or a "leak" this week. Status changes and discussions continue. The Moon is void only for 10 minutes and moves to Gemini at 7:08 pm ET, 4:08 pm Pacific.  Gemini Moon makes for an entertaining night out, with friends, or at group meetings.  It's a talkative, sociable influence. Mars moves into Leo at 10:05 pm. The focus of Mars goes to activities involving the kids, performers and entertainment, and one last blast of vacation time in the next several weeks.  Mars in Leo is all about sports, games, arts events, and being on stage and in the audience.  Start a new production soon! Scorpio and Leo are favored for the big roles.  Today's color is red.

Wednesday: Gemini Moon, 4th Quarter

It's the 4th quarter Moon and during this lunar phase consider what to let go of. That could be an idea that's just not panning out, an expectation or a project that you need time away from to go back fresh at a later time. It could be a grudge or a relationship as well.  The Moon in Gemini often focuses us on the many considerations or problems and it's a time we need some stress relief in the form of either talking, writing, or exercising.  All three might be best if you have a lot on your mind!  There are 3 squares to the Moon which means many of us will be stressing, multi tasking or just working hard to make things work!  Mercury trine to Pluto helps with the meetings, talks, and organization of plans.  It's worth the effort to try and progress, convince or build some confidence today. Exercising the body helps take some of that activity out of the head where it can build up! This is a reconsideration and flexible planning time. Be will ing to adjust as needed to take some pressure off. Tonight people will be full of themselves, outgoing, maybe a bit extreme and if you need down time, stay home.  The Moon acts with Uranus and Venus and some the week's news around couples perks up again. Cancer needs the down time.  Gemini  and Aquarius need people, more likely.  Aquarius will enjoy combining work with socializing.  Today's color is blue.

Thursday: Void of course Moon in Gemini

The Moon is void of course, in transition, all day long.  If you feel like you're waiting, heading in a direction going nowhere or just laying low, you're feeling the void of course Moon. Waiting is better than acting too quickly today.  Our judgement sees better hours.  Do routine work, have quiet conversations and avoid gossip. It's the kind of day you can say something and be misquoted or the word may get around in a way that isn't beneficial to you.  Flexible travel with no strict timetable or plenty of time is a good way to spend the day. Hanging with brothers, sisters, or close friends is another Gemini Moon time thing. Writers and teachers may like having time and space to work without too many distractions.  Tonight is good for blowing off steam with friends. Yellow is today's color.

Friday: Cancer Moon

Cancer Moon moves in for the weekend, family oriented and with potential for opening up new options! The Cancer Moon arrives at 7:33 am ET and lasts into Sunday.  All elements are in harmony today including Mercury in Virgo with Jupiter in Cancer, a trend that continues tomorrow around family and household harmony, problem solving, expansion plans or house buying and searching. It's a nice weekend to be moving to a new place and getting settled. Or you might clean and reorganize your current space and do the same in relationships at home. Clean it all up and start fresh now! The Sun sextile to Saturn in Virgo/Scorpio adds to the organizational vibe and brings focus on priorities. Put stars on the to do list and take care of those things, even if they are the big ones, first.  Serious statements will be made today. get your life in order and mean what you say even to yourself.  This is a much better shopping day than Saturday or Sunday and since it's moving and back to school time, timing is everything. Today's color is white.

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Saturday: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Cancer

Void of course Moon begins at 7:33 am ET. It's not the best shopping weekend. Save all receipts. The Moon's harmony with Mercury is great for problem solving with practical agreements, especially with family members and a meeting with lucky Jupiter helps moods, points at possibilities and makes it a good night for a house party or gathering for dinner.  This is a good day for both taking care of tasks and business and also enjoying time with people you love and have good times with. Venus and the Moon don't quite see eye to eye tonight but it takes more than one perspective to get the whole picture. Try listening to a partner or best friend's point of view with objectivity. Today's color is purple.

Sunday: Moon in Leo

The Moon is void of course in Cancer.  Take it easy, slow and gentle.  Moods may swing a bit. take advantage of the ability to shift or alter your own or someone else's mood for the best! Work at home repairs, cleaning and making things comfortable or cooking! It's a domestic type day.  The Sun trine Pluto is good for social times, exchanges of ideas, and doing rather than just talking about it! Act on plans! The Leo Moon  moves in at 8:01 pm ET.  and it's a good night for being with friends, at events or rehearsing and learning.  Today's color is gold.

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