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August 19th to 25th, 2013

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Monday: Aquarius Moon

The Full Moon is Tuesday night at 9:45 pm ET, 6:45 pm Pacific and in Aquarius again this month, like the one in July.  The Moon is opposite Mercury between now and Full Moon time and important topics come up for decisions, debate and some kind of new understanding. Compromise isn't going to easy to reach since the Moon and Mercury are in fixed signs, Leo and Aquarius. However, both signs indicate intelligent and reasonable methods that take community and what's best for the individual both into account. This is likely to be a day of big meetings, confronting problems and issues and looking for sensible outcomes that are not too extreme.  Venus helps with collaborations and couples, from Libra, and Saturn reminds us of the gravity of actions we are taking, from Scorpio.  Give decisions considerable thought and take advice from the more experienced into account.  Uranus and the Moon are bold and original, harmonizing from Aries and Aquarius.  Today will be a significant milestone day for some, and for others it will be the planning day for what's to be determined tomorrow or Wednesday. Line things up as well as possible. Set up for success. Make a long overdue decision.  Tonight is social though keeping your wits and good friends about you is the way to go, versus risk taking or solo ventures.  Today's color is turquoise.

Tuesday: Full Moon in Aquarius opposes Mercury in Leo

The Full Moon in Aquarius, the second this summer, can be a second chance at something you couldn't quite work out in July when Mercury had barely stationed direct.  This is a better time to make a move that impacts the entire group whether that's workplace, family, community organization, or neighborhood. Aquarius Moon is about banding together, getting behind common causes, finding people who share your goals and interests, and being scientific and creative at once.  This Full Moon has vision, and though it  might not be the easiest one for compromises, later you may see why a compromise is not what's called for. If you have an ideal, you'll likely stick with it rather than give in too much, though finding general consensus and course of action everyone can live with for now might be the answer (versus finding middle ground which is different!)  Activity wise, the Aquarius Moon rules the inventive, anything that's a team effort where everyone takes his/her strongest role, and things like design, architecture, photography, engineering and other planning. Finalize a plan or project.  It's a good, though maybe challenging day, to plan an event or performance.  It's worth working through but there may be communication issues and matters of strong difference of opinion all in the name of creating the best end result.  The Moon is void of course from Full Moon time, 9:45 pm ET until 12:43 am.  We are also impacted by Jupiter square to Uranus which can lead to sudden moves and disorient us. Keep your head on straight tonight in case of something unusual that needs to be noticed or dealt with. Today's color is white.

Wednesday: Jupiter square Uranus, Pisces Moon

The Pisces Moon harmonizes with planets, including even Saturn, a planet that can cause challenge or even indicate sadness or negativity in Scorpio. Yet, on this day past Full Moon, business that needs to be finalized and emotional situations that need resolving are mostly smiled upon with Neptune for ingenuity, Jupiter for growth, and Pluto adding a practical note.  Jupiter and Uranus are at a square though which throws another interesting and unpredictable aspect into this Full Moon time.  At the last minute someone may challenge a plan you thought was a done deal. Threat of a change or a challenge may be more likely than the actual change in outcome but still it can be disconcerting or seem like a big deal at first.  Aim for progress today. Don't try to hold someone back or resist the flow.  Be ready with plan B and have some flexibility with time.  This Pisces Moon relates to growth and fertility and is a good time to focus on the garden, landscape, fishing, planting, and harvesting.  Tonight find friends in good moods and be mellow.  Today's color is light blue.

Thursday: Sun in Virgo, Moon trine Mars

We move out of the Full Moon zone and the Sun changes signs. Babies born before 7:02 pm ET, 4:02 pm Pacific, are Leo and after that it's Virgo time!  The Moon is in Pisces and in harmony with Mars. The conditions are right for a good ebb and flow, physical and creative energy,  and willingness to be progressive and change.  Keep today simple, fun, easygoing, and creative. Being near water is favored, for example a trip to the beach or lake, a walk at the shore, or business related to boating, fishing or waterfront property.  Tonight the Moon is void of course from 9:38 pm until 3:13 am ET. It looks like a very mellow and flexible night to hang out, relax, and keep things simple and drama free.  Today's color is green.

Friday: Aries Moon, Mercury in Virgo

Mercury moves to Virgo, following the Sun's shift yesterday. Virgo energies put focus on health, wellness, and physical changes like reorganizing or arranging.  Virgo is a versatile sign in terms of pulling things together to create something new or find alternative purposes for things you weren't using.  Go through the closet or garage and see what you can find new uses for and eliminate what's just collecting dust.  The Moon in Aries opposes Venus in Libra and there's a tug between what's good for one and what works for both in partnerships and couples.  There could be some negotiating or mediating through an area of disagreement but it's a good time for that while Mercury and the Sun have a practical and changeable influence from Virgo.  Libra may need some down time or time to rethink a relationship or creative partnership now.  Aries also may need some recovery time from the Full Moon. Virgo,  you are very much in your element and in a good place to make decisions for the next few weeks while Mercury sharpens your mind and wits.  Taurus and Scorpio, this is a very good time to meet people and enjoy friendships. Today's color is orange.

Saturday: Moon conjunct Uranus, Sun conjunct Mercury

As the Sun meets Mercury and Uranus likely brings in a new rush of energy or information that increases the probability of important decisions and conversations today.  Leo and Aquarius experience this with business and money while home life and family things are on the table for Gemini.  The Moon conjunct Uranus may spark new ideas or feel unusually or inexplicably emotional, possibly for Taurus and Aries.  Capricorn could get an out of the blue work opportunity or have things go in a very different direction than expected, especially with career plans or situation.  The boss may quit today (or Monday!), and you may find yourself in charge by default. Another possibility is that Pisces finds out about a major change that impacts work and maybe relationship decisions that are related.  Today is full of interaction, news, a need to keep up, and increased probability of changes and decisions.  Venus squares Pluto and it's best to tread lightly with relationships and communication between partners since there might be just too much going on!  Tonight is highly social.  Today's color is red.

Sunday: Taurus Moon opposite Saturn, Mercury opposite Neptune

The Moon is void in Aries from 6:02 to 9:13 am and then in Taurus.  The Moon squares Mars early and some could wake on the wrong side of the bed this morning. Give each other space if needed. There's an independent, me first feeling in the early hours.  The Taurus Moon works well with Sun in Virgo for practical tasks, home cooking and enjoying natural surroundings.  Mercury in Virgo lends sensible, well thought out advice and a way with facts and figures.  Go over the budget or your finances or study.  Mercury opposite Neptune puts the practical and creative at odds and if you can use both sensibilities, that's best and can help avoid an argument or disagreement with someone who thinks differently for you as well.  The chance of debate increases tonight and the energy on both sides is stubborn so it is most likely to go nowhere, but if you need to speak your peace do that without expecting someone to give in.  Today's color is yellow.

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