Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekly Astrology April 8th to April 14th, 2013

Monday: Pisces to Aries Moon

The morning may be slow starting with a void of course time in Pisces, not the most speedy sign in the first place. It would be common to lose ourselves in emotional waters, daydreams, and time. Check the calendar and be prepared not to miss something you can't make up easily!  It's a creative time and a good day to meander, putt about the house and sort things out without needing to finish.  People will connect and even appear out of nowhere today. If you've been missing someone's contact, give a call. Emails and texts will be more easily overlooked. The Moon in Aries from 3:02 pm on brings a different rush of energy and in getting ready for Wednesday's New Moon, there are things to be done and responded to.  A bit of urgency sets in tonight and lasts through tomorrow. Try to be prompt but not pressured. Take your time but don't let things fall by the wayside. Pacing is the key to the next couple of days. Wear orange.

Tuesday: Moon conjunct Uranus in Aries

The destruction/recreation energy is in full swing today.  What do you need to let go, tear down, or say goodbye to in order to rebuild? Identify that and make  plan. There's no need to act in haste, so take the Moon Uranus pressure off yourself and think and plan then act tomorrow or later in the week.  It's a day to "sharpen your ax" for efficiency when the right time comes to chop that tree down. Also, decide what you will plant in it's place.  It's a great day to spring clean and rid yourself of things no longer useful or needed.  The Moon and Jupiter provide good dynamics for social or work related gatherings, networking and collaborating though the extroverts in the group will most likely take over.  The need for leadership is strong though. Impulsivity should be avoided though it might be tempting for Pisce with money, for Aries with personal declarations, for Aquarius to communicate and reply, and for Capricorn at home. Today's color is red.

Wednesday: New Moon in Aries

The New Moon today brings a strong urge for change. Everything new is the message of Aries Moon. Venus and Mars get things going for Aries personally, and in relationship matters for all of us.  If you've been holding back from someone or unsure of yourself in relationship, this is the New Moon that helps you make the shift.  It does not have to be today, but the next two weeks are a good time to sort things out with your partner or to begin or renew  relationship and start fresh.  You can't hold on to old things, unresolved feelings, or grudges and act with this cycle. There's a need to let go what's been holding you back and move forward with fresh energy.  This helps all signs but most directly impacts Aries and Libra in love relationships, Leo and Aquarius in relationships that need stronger, more honest and open communication or in long distance relationships, and Cancer and Capricorn in relationships at home or involving choices about career and co-habitation.  Capricorn may find a better place to live if that's a goal.  Taurus may feel quiet and private about what's going on this month and may wait a month to announce changes. Taurus Moon moves in at 11:22 pm EST.  Today's color is white.

Thursday: Taurus Moon opposite Saturn

Commitments, obligations and actions with long term effects are today's focus as Taurus Moon opposes Saturn. There's nothing frivolous about today's business so don't let the Neptune effect distract or fog your vision.  Go with tried and true, loyal friends, your most trusted advisors and strong judgment.  It's not a good day to take a risk that could have adverse consequences.  It is a good day for long term decisions you want to endure.  Take your time, be methodical, have direct contact and involvement and don't trust others to act on your behalf if it's not absolutely necessary.  The Moon works with Pluto for organization, an authoritative stance and a willingness to face realities and deal constructively.  Neptune might still point you in the direction of the escape hatch if you're faced with something tough, but I don't recommend it. You'll only have to prolong and repeat the process and may cause a grudge while you're at it. Show your responsible self.  Today's color is green.

Friday: Taurus Moon

The Taurus Moon is very solid for getting things done. This week and next are about launching and initiating.  Taurus provides longevity and commitment.  Make a good decision for yourself or give someone the answer they're waiting for if you are sure! There's no wavering or feeling on the fence. It's meant to be a decisive day.  The New Moon on Wednesday propelled us to this point and the wave will continue to build so act on your own time table, but today is great for starting new habits you want to last.  Romantically Taurus Moon favors Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn and Cancer for relationship decisions.  Business wise it might be a good day for Aries and Libra to form a partnership, accept a new job or do financial planning.  Tonight is suited for working or being with your closest friends rather than at bigger events.  Wear pink.

Saturday: Gemini Moon

The Moon moves to Gemini at 10:13 am. Today is meant to be social and since the Moon and Mercury harmonize near sunrise east coast time, we're bound to have last minute invitations or meet friends spontaneously.  The urge to get together, tell stories, catch up and laugh comes with this Gemini Moon.  The Moon squares Neptune so do be wary of someone who might not be honest or assumes an identity. Otherwise, entertain and be entertained! Get in touch with siblings, old and new friends.  Mercury moves to Aries at 10:37 pm and things we've been waiting for can wait no longer. We'll be asking for decisions and action on pending matters after tonight.  Wear yellow.

Sunday: Moon conjunct Jupiter

The Moon meets Jupiter making this a great day for opportunity and networking with others who share your profession or strong interests.  Jupiter brings knowledge, blessings and a worldly perspective.  Today explore something or somewhere new to you.  Venus spends her last day in Aries, so Aries take pleasure in Venus's favor. The planet of love and relationship has been working on new and renewed relationships for weeks and will settle into sensual and comfortable Taurus to start solidifying budding romances tomorrow.  Today's color is yellow.

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