Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Astrology April 1st to April 7th, 2013

Monday: Void of Course Moon, Sun trine Jupiter

The Moon is void of course until 1:35 am tomorrow. The Sagittarius Moon today inspires a sense of freedom. Making our own choices and schedules is preferred over other people's agendas.  If you have a plan that involves other people and you're managing it, you may need to alter due to lack of timeliness or commitment on someone's part.  We will also lean toward forgetful. Slack is required on all fronts today, yet there's optimism and friendliness with the Aries Sun trine to Jupiter.  Present and future possibilities seem hopeful and it's a good day to make a connection with someone who can help forward your plans.  New and innovative ideas guide us into more open territory.  Get plans in order for travel, studies, and endeavors you're hoping to begin soon. Tonight, create the space and time to do what you want, explore ideas through books or conversation and be out of the usual Monday routine. Wear yellow.

Tuesday: Capricorn Moon

There are a variety of influences adding both purpose and complexity to the day. Under a Capricorn Moon, with ambitions and goals to work for, Saturn chimes in with wisdom and maturity from Scorpio and Pluto adds a strong undercurrent of importance too.  Uranus throws a curve and this morning is about adaptation, maybe on a moment's notice or suddenly a reality sets in after a honeymoon period in a new situation.  Neptune can add a sense of illusion or disillusion but either way it may not be real. Watch out for perceptions that create anxiety or on the other end of the spectrum, too much optimism. Today is suited for defining what you need to work at, adjusting to new or ever changing situations in a practical way, and above all determining what's real so you can take the appropriate steps.  Don't believe everything you hear or the stories you tell yourself. Aim for realism, the here and now and goals for the future and ground in the work of achieving.  A variety of aspects overnight tonight may have you working overtime.  Today's color is black.

Wednesday: Capricorn Moon Void of Course

The 4th quarter Moon lands overnight and this is a time of reestablishing priorities.  The Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus makes us aware of potential obstacles or opinions out of line with our own. We're seriously contemplating and considering decisions even overnight so sleep could be affected or dreams may be part of the problem solving going on subconsciously.  The Moon is void of course from 6:35 am EST on.  Mars in Aries is the planet with the last word at that time and we'll want to act on our concerns and plans and not let anything get in the way today.  Try to use well thought out plans and a method even amidst any madness.  Capricorn Moon is a good time to catch up on things.  Make simple decisions, repairs, and take on routine work and projects.  It's good to be busy and productive, and if not do physical workouts as an outlet for Capricorn earth sign energy.  Tonight the Moon remains void of course and is good for getting work done or easygoing social plans. Wear gray.

Thursday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon is in Aquarius from 4:41 am on, in contact with Uranus and Saturn. One connection is all about innovation, invention and out with the old and outdated.  Saturn however pulls the reigns in a bit from Scorpio, reminding us not to throw out the baby with the bathwater as the saying states.  Be mindful and thoughtful in the midst of exciting changes and possibilities.  Keep feelings in mind above all since Saturn in Scorpio can worry, hold a strong grudge and do anything not to let go.  The Aquarius Moon and Uranus create rushes of enthusiasm and also the unanticipated,  and impact Cancer career and finances, Leo relationship and travels, Aquarius friendships and other networks of people, and Capricorn home and money matters.  Tonight is good for either work or socializing. Wear turquoise.

Friday: Aquarius Moon

The Moon works with Jupiter, the Sun, Venus and Mars.  The effect is optimistic, full of opportunity and action oriented.  We're in the last lunar phase so it's a productive time to rethink things and prepare for a new course.  Jupiter in Gemini for intelligence, Venus in Aries for passion, Mars in Aries for steps forward and the Aquarius Moon provides the vision. Act on something that means a lot to you today. Both day and evening are good for social events, conferences, and community thinking and work. Wear red.

Saturday: Pisces Moon conjunct Neptune

The Moon moves to Pisces at 9 am EST and meets Neptune. Today's focus is spiritual and creative.  Immerse in your own artistic or expressive medium or attend events where art, music or film are celebrated.  Pisces Moon is giving and compassionate.  Intuition is strong.  The downside is we could be misled by people or things that look good on the surface but have a different undertone.  Be a little bit wary. Tune in. Give attention to pets, older people, and others who may need extra care. Wear light blue.

Sunday: Pisces Moon

Venus and Mars meet in Aries overnight. For relationships this is either passionate or leans to the volatile side. Be careful to avoid pointless arguments or blow ups. It's fiery energy and in newer and renewed relationships, things may feel great. Aries is the warrior and we'll go for what we want and in some cases be demanding and in others just show enthusiasm for the next steps.  The Moon is in Pisces for more of what was in yesterday's forecast with an even more changeable streak as the Moon squares Jupiter, shifting our perspectives.  It may be easy to see two sides of a situation and therefore be hard to settle or decide.  Today's color is green.

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