Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekly Astrology April 15th to April 21st, 2013

Monday: Venus in Taurus

Venus moves to Taurus at 3:25 am. This is a sensual, earthy place in the zodiac for the planet of beauty and love.  This is when gardeners act on their inspirations and artists who work in multimedia or sculpt become enthralled with their projects.  Venus in Taurus is hands on with work and affectionate in relationship.  We're moving into a time of commitment and Venus in Taurus is loyal in love and passionate for lovers.  Aries begins a good period for seeking new work and more prosperity.  Leo enters a prime career time, and Pisces is ready for heart to heart communications with people dear to them.  Aquarius may want to improve home life or living situation in the weeks just ahead, and Virgo may feel called to places far away and books that take them places.  The Moon is in Gemini for most of the day, until 10:49 pm EST. Gemini Moon is busy and changeable. It's a good day for making social and business connections, especially before void of course time begins at 3:41 pm.  Today's color is light blue.

Tuesday: Cancer Moon

The Cancer Moon makes contact with 6 planets today so there's much more than one influence at work. Just remember Cancer Moon traits of sensitivity and sometimes defensiveness and act accordingly. People may tend to take things personally or misunderstand as the Moon and Mercury in Aries form a square this morning.  It might be necessary to work in your own self interests. Tonight in particular, you might find others to be reactive especially under stress or if pressed for something.  Uranus makes the evening unpredictable.  Move slowly rather than too fast with answers and reactions to avoid interpersonal problems. The Moon is also opposite Pluto which sometimes brings up our inner issues and fears. Today could become challenging and it's best to take your time and ask yourself if you're overreacting.  Tonight personal and family matters are at the top of the list.  Wear white.

Wednesday: Sun conjunct Mars in Aries

The Sun and Mars meet in Aries for high intensity emotions and actions. It's great if you can channel that into something productive from work to moving into a new field or path. Aries likes to initiate and move in new directions.  The downside to this meeting is potential confrontations and quarrels.  There's a bold, fiery effect with the Sun and Mars which is excellent for acting on passions yet difficult in cases where anger, resentment or other hard feelings are present.  The Moon is in Cancer, a very different influence so while one person will be energized today, another may feel like retreating and not dealing. Today's color is red.

Thursday: 2nd quarter Moon, Leo Moon

The Moon is void of course from 8:31 am to 11:13 am and at that time moves to Leo.  The Moon squares Mars, the Sun, and Venus indicating challenges to take action, make significant long term decisions, and be sensitive and hold high regard for relationships.  Loyalty and commitment are very important in all we do today.  Let people you care about know you're considering them as you make personal decisions.  The Leo Moon is also creative, resilient, and tends to see the bright side.  Tonight, Venus and Neptune align for making music, art and romance.  Wear purple today.

Friday: Leo Moon, Sun to Taurus

The Leo Moon urges action today. Uranus in Aries connects and puts new ideas in our midst. Suddenly moments of clarity come. Today's square to Saturn before sunrise could put a very stubborn spin on the day, but maybe that helps you stick with a plan and fulfill a responsibility you'll feel good about later (if not in the moment).  The Leo Moon favors extroverts and those with an optimistic attitude.  Try to go forward with something you feel strongly about.  Don't give up too easily today or tonight.  The evening has Leo Moon and Jupiter aligned which is good for the spirit and for socializing and learning. Events are nicely timed for a festive atmosphere.  Today's color is orange.

Saturday: Mercury conjunct Uranus

This is one of those day when "if you least expect it, expect it" applies astrologically. The meeting of Uranus and Mercury sparks news, communication you didn't expect quite now, and happenings that couldn't be predicted. The Moon is in Leo which helps us react in positive ways with hopeful attitudes. The Moon aligns with Mars and the Sun in Taurus so today is very strong and determined and that is how we'll tend to act. There's a sense of not giving up even if there's adversity.  The Moon moves to Virgo at 9:08 pm EST and Mars enters Taurus at 7:48 am. Mars in Taurus is less impulisve than Mars in Aries and more about endurance and stamina. Persevere in a tough relationship situation if you're Scorpio, a career move if you're a Leo, and with financial matters, Libra and Aries. Today's color is brown.

Sunday: Virgo Moon

The Moon is in Virgo. As much as you may want to be practical and get something accomplished, Mercury in Aries square to Pluto could bring news or feelings you weren't prepared for. This could be a distraction at minimum. Certain things may need to be said. The Virgo Moon today works best with some flexibility. Let perfectionism go and be realistic about what you can do and control as the Moon works with Saturn in Scorpio. Fulfill obligations without excuses to be  most in harmony with the day. Today's color is navy blue.

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