Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly Astrology April 22nd to April 28th, 2013

Monday: Void of Course Moon in Virgo

Today is Earth Day and the Moon is in earth sign, Virgo. The void of course Moon is in effect from 2:02 am EST when the Moon squares Jupiter setting the stage for communication and possibly commuting challenges and altered plans.  How we communicate especially about expansion, changes, and philosophical and intellectual topics is very important today.  This action in the two Mercury ruled signs can lead to misunderstanding.  Versatile thinking and willingness to compromise and change even a stubborn attitude is favored.  Venus is opposite Saturn and in love relationships and other close partnerships this brings up serious matters.  Taurus and Scorpio host this action which also comes into play at Full Moon time Thursday.  Be willing to face a serious reality, listen to the other side of the story, and avoid using sarcasm or sharp tones with each other.  It could be challenging to just remain calm and cool today.  Take it easy on yourself and others as much as possible. The Virgo Moon struggles with perfectionism and expectations.  Tonight our minds might be scattered. Find relaxation. Wear pink.

Tuesday: Libra Moon

We're moving into Full Moon time and this one is a lunar eclipse. News may have already begun to break this week, related to Scorpio, Taurus, and Saturn ruled matters involving regrets, the elderly people in our lives, and disorders such as addiction and mental illness. The good news is that eclipses move energy more rapidly and these matters that have been stuck may hit breaking points that result in change, clarity, and long term decisions.  Today's Libra Moon is across from Uranus with an opposition and we may be taken by surprise.  Situations or relationships may feel unpredictable or imbalanced.  Though Full Moons call for answers, today might be a better day to wait it out and not react too quickly.  Hold onto your impressions, observe, hold back communication that could stir things up unnecessarily.  Tonight Mercury and Jupiter put us in the mood to share ideas and socialize.  Remain neutral if you're uncertain about any kind of conversation or decision.  Today's color is lavender.

Wednesday: Void of Course Moon in Libra

Another long void of course Moon today results in indecisive and uncertain energy for many of us. It's natural to be on the fence about something, and if the Full Moon is bringing pressure for answers, use the Libra method of stepping back, being objective and making lists of the pros and cons.  Consider both sides of the story.  Be careful what you believe without getting all the facts.  We can rush to judgment of other people on a day like this too, and that might be a mistake.  Mercury and Pluto align which can create gossip or expose secrets.  Privacy issues may be something to deal with this week.  Even inadvertently we could leak information, breach trust or make a less than stellar judgment call.  Take your time today. Put something off if you feel unsure.  Be fair.  The Sun and Neptune set us up for a potentially pleasurable evening in the midst of a serious Full Moon time.  Enjoy something from a good dinner to a great book or movie!  The night can include romance and creative expression.  This is good for writers, storytellers, and romantics!  The Moon will be Full at 3:57 pm tomorrow afternoon and it's full of surprises, news, and dramatic changes.  Wear blue today.

Thursday: Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, Full Moon

The lunar eclipse powers an already extreme Full Moon opposite Mars and in conjunction with Saturn. These are fixed signs, not known for compromise or giving in.  Saturn related matters require wisdom, sage advice and sharp judgment.  Matters of the elderly, real estate, mood disorders, addiction, & compulsions are some of the Scorpio Saturn issues coming to a peak.  The eclipse can bring sudden solutions, endings, and significant transitions.  Taurus relationships are impacted and Taurus and Scorpio should put extra effort to keep peace or avoid strained matters related to commitments, separation and partnership.  If you make any kind of decisions or take steps toward something today, be very sure since there's a long term effect in place.  If you commit to a positive new behavior or goal you should have the power of persistence on your side!  Leo, the eclipse is about family and real estate as well as home and you may make decisions or have changes thrust upon you in those areas.  Aquarius, this is a career Full Moon and you may be faced with a contract or other career opportunity that shifts your life.  Cancer and Capricorn, who you spend your time with and how you use your free time is a matter to consider. Place importance on this as you see how others affect your life. You might decide to change some of your social relationships or activities now because you feel they don't serve you well.  Today's color is white.

Friday: Full Moon, Moon opposite Venus

The Moon is void of course in Scorpio from 4:56 am on. The Full Moon & eclipse are in effect and Venus opposite the Moon continues the themes around commitment, loyalty and relationships.  This eclipse of extremes in Taurus and Scorpio, strong willed signs has an all or nothing effect. It will hard to hang in there with someone who doesn't give their all and with Saturn in Scorpio it could be work to fully commit and open your heart due to fears.  This is an important time to cross a threshold, see someone else's intentions clearly and state your own commitment to yourself to to a relationship or partnership.  What we value and are loyal to is the work of this Full Moon. It's also a good time to break a habit or addiction once and for all. Get the wise advice that can help if that applies.  Wear indigo blue today.

Saturday: Sagittarius Moon

The Moon moves into Sagittarius at 7:32 am EST and after a Full Moon Thursday, blowing off steam is in the forecast for the weekend.  Moving forward, breaking free, traveling and experiencing different things is favored today and tonight.  The Moon and Neptune square so trust and honesty could be questionable, but there's a dreamy, imaginative, adventurous streak too.  Today's color is red.

Sunday: Sagittarius Moon, Sun opposite Saturn

Ripples of Thursday's Full Moon and eclipse come with the Sun opposing Saturn. Thsi could feel like a full moon day.  Honest talk, news and changes as well as long term decisions, possibly as a result of the eclipse, are in the air now.  Try to be a forthcoming and open minded as possible.  Some of this may come as as surprise and there's a stubbornness that might have to be overcome.  The Moon opposite Jupiter in Gemini is geared toward the multiple possibilities we can consider in the midst of abig transtion time that will continue right into June with two more eclipses ahead.  Wear purple.

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