Friday, November 23, 2012

Weekly Astrology November 26th to December 2nd, 2012

Lunar Eclipse Wednesday and lots of Venus activity impacting love and partnership situations this week! A reading may help you navigate! It's also a great and often inexpensive gift for a friend. Email me and we'll set up the tarot or astrology read that fits you best. Readings with photos included for tarot available. Birthday readings come as mp3s! $25 and up.

Monday: Mercury retrograde ends, Venus conjunct Saturn in Scorpio

I first posted this day's forecast for yesterday! That is a very Mercury retrograde type error! Mercury stations direct  at 5:48 pm. (after what may have seemed like the longest retrograde ever with all this Scorpio action!) You can wait until tomorrow to make that decisions or begin that new venture, right? The Sun trine to Uranus in fire signs Sagittarius and Aries puts us in impetuous moods where we don't want to wait at all! New developments will be obvious. The feeling of something about to happen also prevails today. The Moon opposite Mercury on this day day means stubborn negotiations, doubtful compromise, and a confusing day for communication. Venus meets Saturn in Scorpio and we set the limits in relationship matters. You may have to be firm with someone you care a great deal about, for your own good and for theirs as well. Use discipline instead of being ruled entirely by emotion. This is a chance to change unhealthy patterns and get things under control.  Scorpio will feel a sense of responsibility and be deeply and personally affected by Venus and Saturn. There could be many mixed and extreme feelings that go along with that. Taurus will feel this in long term relationships and may have to be the one to put the brakes on.  Outside relationship life, Aquarius can harness this energy to make a very important and fortunate career move.  Leo, set boundaries clearly at home and improve relationships or the atmosphere there.  Pisces you have major life decisions and possibilities to consider as we approach the end of Mercury retrograde tomorrow and Wednesday's eclipse. The Moon is void of course from 7:57 pm for about 24 hours. We're ripe for a lunar eclipse Wednesday. Take your sweet time with everything. Today's color is yellow.

Tuesday: Mars conjunct Pluto

The Moon is void of course in Taurus on this day before Full Moon in Gemini.  Keep decisions and promises to a minimum.  Mercury is no longer retrograde but we'll be into eclipse action again and the changes are happening more rapidly with no more need to wait after today. Move as slowly as you like. Find excuses to delay things if that feels best. Be absolutely certain before acting in important things today. Mars meets Pluto in Capricorn which is dynamic and full of realism, can expose secrets or flaws, and gives us little choice but to admit what has to be done, like it or not.  This is, from my point of view, a very powerful conjunction and you might feel like you can intimidate or force your own will. Use your power carefully and with respect, particularly Capricorn, Cancer in partnership, and Scorpio with words and business dealings.  Aries, this is a huge meeting in your career sector. Use integrity. All of those suggestions are partly so things don't backfire!  Major shifts are occurring this season and this week. Recognize how much even positive change is coming with stress and anxiety and act accordingly, gently or at least without ill will.  The Moon moves to Gemini at 7:58 pm and squares Neptune and tonight we could be easily fooled or deceived by things that look different or better on the surface. Be careful where trust in concerned. Today's color is gray.

Wednesday: Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon in Gemini

The lunar eclipse in Gemini is exact at 9:46 am. It's an eclipse of movement, communication, and learning, and getting clarity around those types of things happens more quickly now that Mercury in Scorpio is direct.  Eclipses bring things into the forefront for rapi change.  Gemini is a changeable, mutable sign of the air element. Our minds are urged, if not forces, to open with this Full Moon. What we didn't want to look at or have the courage or wits to act on now demands attention.  Sagittarius will know this in relationship and partnerships. Gemini experiences this on a very personal level.  Pisces and Libra may suddenly have reason to change residence or even move further away.  Things that have been building hit saturation level now or in the two to four weeks ahead. Sooner rather than later will become our mantra.  Aquarius can have a sudden change in love life and/or luck that should be positive with Jupiter near this Full Moon. Regardless of how difficult eclipse news may be at first, Jupiter is in a good position for the most beneficial outcomes.  Venus has been active this week and today forms a sextile to Pluto, affecting Scorpio and Capricorn and Taurus, perhaps most, and relationship questions may be answered. Pluto in Capricorn and Venus in Scorpio emphasize affairs, secrets, agendas, and undercurrents in relationship however now they can be out in the light for resolution with a realistic, intuitive approach.  What you've known all along may become obvious today or very soon, finally. Wear white.

Thursday: Venus sextile Mars

Venus continues her work, focused quite a bit on love and relationship, with Mars also at work today. The female and male, yin and yang, reconciling opposites, in Scorpio and Capricorn (again!).  Seeing things from different yet compatible perspectives helps us be solution oriented today.  Cancer and Taurus across the zodiac from this action feels it in partnerships and long term relationships that have been in question.  At best, this increases emotional connection and romance. But considering all the aspects of this fall season, major problems are up for solving and figuring out whether to stick with or move on from r change relationships is a bigger deal than the goings on with happy, newly dating couples.  Mars is at work for progress. Venus in Scorpio can hang on lovingly or desperately. Finding some way of working this out is one idea today.  The Gemini eclipse means Gemini and Sagittarius as well as some Leos will be dealing with relationship eventfulness too. If you're unattached and this doesn't seem to apply to your world, the Gemini Moon today is a good time to weigh out options, pros and cons, study or write, apply for school or travel, and form productive business plans.  Wear gold.

Friday: Cancer Moon

The Moon was void of course since Wednesday evening after the eclipse and Mercury stationing direct earlier in the week. Expect there to be plenty of confusion to clear up now and plans put into action.  There are no more eclipse until spring. We'll be adjusting to the two in November for a good deal of time now and ahead.  The Cancer Moon that moves in at 8:55 am EST is intuitive, emotional, and concerned with security. This time the Moon aligns with Neptune and Saturn for very diverse influences. If you're finding your creative muse again or live as an artist, musician or craftsperson, the Neptune influence may drive your work and feel like a creative high.  One effect of Saturn in Scorpio with Cancer Moon is high motivation to settle unfinished business and move on.  You have to put effort in though, to get past these water sign tendencies to live in feelings and in the past.  This concentration in water signs increases intuition, dreams and metaphysical experiences for any sign of the zodiac.  Tune in.  It would be a great day to get a psychic reading or other spiritual guidance.  The Moon is also square to Uranus in Aries and we won't appreciate additional surprises that throw us off course.  If you're practicing being less reactive, your patience might be challenged if you're an Aries in regard to family and home matters and if you're a Capricorn with your significant other and family or household changes too.  Tonight really depends on what life is like for you now. It could be very romantic or full of close emotional talk and connection if you're a Pisces for example. Or it could be overly emotional and charged with anxiety from things you didn't expect now.  Either way, we're living in the world of feelings tonight. Wear blue.

Saturday: Moon opposite Pluto and Mars

The Cancer Moon opposes perceptive Pluto and warrior Mars.  This leads us to confront either other people who seem to be passive or keeping secrets or even parts of ourselves we're not too happy with.  Things we've bee quiet about or waiting on suddenly demand action.  Cancer Moon and Capricorn planets mean cardinal sign energy which instigates and indicates a pivotal time.  Turning points are likely today.  The Moon harmonizes with Venus & Mercury in Scorpio making tonight a very good date night with excellent potential for strong connection, romance and passion.  Conversation should come easily and could very well include unusual, spiritual and emotional content.  Today, like many other days this week, could be described as intense and powerful.  Today's color is red.

Sunday:  Void of Course Moon, Sun opposite Jupiter

The Moon is void of course after a trine with Mercury at 1:55 am EST until 8:57 pm.  The Sun in Sagittarius is opposite Jupiter in Gemini today, emphasizing big ideas, life philosophies, travel and moving beyond perceived limitations.  On a day like this we may waste time or it could look that way. In reality, we might not do much that can be measured yet we're settling into ways of thinking that change our values and even way of life.  If you don't know quite what to do with yourself today, pick up an interesting book on a topic you'd like to explore, meditate or spend time in nature and just let energy settle in.  The Sun opposite Jupiter can illuminate extremes and make exaggeration more likely or more obvious. Considering the extremes around you, decide what you yourself think and believe and act accordingly.  Align yourself with the side you strongly believe in or find a comfortable place in the middle. It's also a good day to just relax! The Moon moves to Leo tonight at 8:57 pm EST, and the night bubble with a certain excitement and the arrival of or anticipation of new news.  Today's color is purple.

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